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1952 and began
The I. A. P. A. found itself driven from journalism into politics as it did its best to bring about the downfall of the Castro Government and the return of the Cuban press to the freedom it knew before Batista's dictatorship began in 1952.
Fearless Fosdick — and Capp's other spoofs like " Little Fanny Gooney " ( 1952 ) and " Jack Jawbreaker "— were almost certainly an early inspiration for Harvey Kurtzman's Mad Magazine, which began in 1952 as a comic book that specifically parodied other comics in the same distinctive style and subversive manner.
The prototype weapon began unpowered flight-tests in 1947, and made its first aerial interception in 1952.
Cable television in Canada began in 1952 with community antenna connections in Vancouver and London, Ontario ; which city is first is not clear.
Campbell began his speed record attempts using his father's old boat Bluebird K4, but after a structural failure at on Coniston Water, Lancashire in 1951, and the death of John Cobb, who was killed in 1952 trying to break the water speed record, he decided that he would develop a new boat.
In 1952 he began a teaching career as a political theorist, first at Columbia University, then at Harvard University, then at Brandeis University from 1958 to 1965, where he taught philosophy and politics, and finally ( by then he was past the usual retirement age ), at the University of California, San Diego.
In 1952 Pei and his team began work on a series of projects in Denver, Colorado.
Lewis began hosting telethons to benefit MDA in 1952.
A provincial tour of Pagan in the Parlour began in September 1952 and it appeared that the play would be a hit.
After a period of seclusion and fasting Meher Baba ended the New Life in February 1952 and once again began a round of public appearances throughout India and the West.
Debuting in August 1952 ( cover date October – November ), Mad began as a comic book published by EC, then located in lower Manhattan at 225 Lafayette Street.
Research into fusion for military purposes began in the early 1940s as part of the Manhattan Project, but this was not accomplished until 1951 ( see the Greenhouse Item nuclear test ), and nuclear fusion on a large scale in an explosion was first carried out on November 1, 1952, in the Ivy Mike hydrogen bomb test.
Another annual tradition that began in West Berlin ( in 1952 ) and was re-routed into the east via Potsdamer Platz following German reunification is the Weihnachtszug ( Christmas train ).
These began in 1952, when the government was still based in Busan due to the ongoing war.
Around 1952 Norman MacLeod at his company the Explosive Research Corporation began working on the concept of a small directional mine for use by infantry.
Television in Venezuela began in 1952 when the dictator Marcos Pérez Jiménez launched the state channel Televisora Nacional, making Venezuela the ninth country in the world to have television.
In 1952 he began to apply quantum mechanics to the analysis of the reaction between Lewis acid and base molecules.
Succeeded in 1952 by his son Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, Bhutan began to slowly emerge from its isolation and began a program of planned development.
The first organized international competitions for athletes with a physical disability ( not deaf ) began in 1952, when the first international Stoke Mandeville Games were organized for World War II veterans.
In 1952 the army began using the term CONEX, short for " Container Express ".
Nimoy's film and television acting career began in 1951, but after receiving the title role in the 1952 film Kid Monk Baroni, a story about a street punk turned professional boxer, he played more than 50 small parts in B movies, TV shows such as Perry Mason, and Dragnet, and serials such as Republic Pictures ' Zombies of the Stratosphere ( 1952 ).
The modern era of the NCAA began in July 1952 when its executive director, Kansas City, Missouri native Walter Byers, moved the organization's headquarters from the LaSalle Hotel in Chicago ( where its offices were shared by the headquarters of the Big Ten Conference ) to the Fairmount Building at 101 West 11th Street in Downtown Kansas City.

1952 and freelance
Gregory Allyn Palast ( born June 26, 1952 ) is a New York Times-bestselling author and a freelance journalist for the British Broadcasting Corporation as well as the British newspaper The Observer.
Friedan continued to work after marriage, first as a paid employee and, after 1952, as a freelance journalist.
John Graham Kettley ( born 11 July 1952 in Halifax, West Yorkshire ) is a British freelance weatherman.
Beginning as a freelance artist at Charlton Comics in 1952, Giordano contributed artwork to dozens of the company's comics, including such Western titles as Annie Oakley, Billy the Kid, and Wyatt Earp, the war comic Fightin ' Army, and scores of covers.
In July 1951 she resumed her freelance career, and in the autumn of 1952 the composer Benjamin Britten asked her to come to Aldeburgh, Suffolk, to help with his opera Gloriana.
Bronisław Wildstein ( born June 11, 1952 in Olsztyn, Poland ) is a former Polish dissident, a journalist, freelance author and, from May 11, 2006 to February 28, 2007, he was the CEO of Telewizja Polska, state-owned television.
Judith Levine ( born 1952 ) is an American author, journalist, civil libertarian and co-founder of the National Writers Union, a trade union of contract and freelance writers, and No More Nice Girls, a group dedicated to promoting abortion rights through street theater.
He began his broadcasting career with the South African Broadcasting Corporation, but emigrated to England in 1952, and spent a year as a schoolmaster before becoming a freelance radio and television broadcaster.
In 1952, while continuing to freelance for Magazine Enterprises, Ayers began a long freelance run at Atlas Comics, the 1950s forerunner of Marvel Comics.

1952 and work
This was a crippling blow to Berg's self-confidence: he effectively withdrew the work, which is surely one of the most extraordinarily innovative and assured first orchestral compositions in the literature, and it was not performed in full until 1952.
In 1952 Wollheim left Avon to work for A.
One specific type of sequential design is the " two-armed bandit ", generalized to the multi-armed bandit, on which early work was done by Herbert Robbins in 1952.
Hayek's time in Monakow's lab, and his deep interest in the work of Ernst Mach, inspired Hayek's first intellectual project, eventually published as The Sensory Order ( 1952 ).
In 1990, the actor underwent an angioplasty, which kept him from work for a while, although he found time for Narrow Margin — a remake of The Narrow Margin ( 1952 ).
Pei's designs echoed the work of Mies van der Rohe in the beginning of his career as also shown in his own weekend-house in Katonah in 1952.
Her work at Jericho, from 1952 until 1958, made her world famous and established a lasting legacy in the archaeological methodology of the Levant.
From 1952, Philby struggled to find work as a journalist, eventually – in August 1954 – accepting a position with a diplomatic newsletter called the Fleet Street Letter.
Dr. Tammelin was also conducting research on this class of compounds in 1952, but for obvious reasons he did not publicize his work widely.
The piece caused an uproar, and the performance had to be halted: a complete performance of the work was not given until 1952.
* D. V. Gundappa translated the work into Kannada as a collection of poems titled " Umarana Osage " in 1952
Best reference on Sahrawui population ethnography in the Spanish colonial era is the work of Spanish anthropologist Julio Caro Baroja, who in 1952 – 53 spent several months among native tribes all along the then Spanish Sahara.
In 1952 she work in Argentina, in the film La Pasión Desnuda, directed by Luis Cesar Amadori.
UNESCO awarded him the first Kalinga Prize in 1952 for his work in popularizing scientific knowledge, and he was elected a Foreign Member of the Royal Society on 23 April 1953.
William Vickrey, winner of the 1996 Nobel Prize for his work on " moral hazard ", is considered one of the fathers of congestion pricing, as he first proposed it for the New York City subway system in 1952.
" And in 1952, two years after Korzybski died, American skeptic Martin Gardner wrote, " work moves into the realm of cultism and pseudo-science.
A theme from his 1717 opera Camille was used as the basis of the collaborative work La guirlande de Campra by seven French composers, written in 1952.
There was a gap of seven years — a long silence for Remarque — between Arch of Triumph and his next work, Spark of Life ( Der Funke Leben ), which appeared both in German and in English in 1952.
O ' Brien subsequently went to work for Cooper at the new Cinerama corporation with plans to do a remake of King Kong using the new wide-screen techniques but ended up contributing a matte for the travelogue This Is Cinerama ( 1952 ) when this project also fell through.
She was created a Commander of the Order of the British Empire ( CBE ) in 1952, and raised to Dame Commander ( DBE ) in 1960, an award which was partly for her charity work, largely unnoticed, which she carried on until her death, often for small and rather obscure charities rather than the grand ones which would have given her more publicity.
IIT experienced its greatest period of growth from 1952 to 1973 under President John T. Rettaliata, a fluid dynamicist whose research accomplishments included work on early development of the jet engine and a seat on the National Aeronautics and Space Council.
In 1952, Dermatology was greatly advanced by Dr. Norman Orentreich's pioneering work in hair transplantation.
Mark Stephen Evanier ( born March 2, 1952 ) is an American comic book and television writer, particularly known for his humor work.
Hal Foster was recognized for his work on the strip with the Banshees ' Silver Lady award in 1952, followed by the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award in 1957, their Story Comic Strip Award in 1964, their Special Features Award in 1966 and 1967, the Gold Key award in 1977, and the Elzie Segar Award in 1978.

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