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1971 and starred
In 1971, Trumbo directed the film adaptation of his novel Johnny Got His Gun, which starred Timothy Bottoms, Diane Varsi, Jason Robards and Donald Sutherland.
In 1971, after the success of a TV movie named The City, where Quinn played Mayor Thomas Jefferson Alcala, he starred in the single-season ABC television series entitled The Man and the City.
He starred in the ABC television series The Smith Family between 1971 and 1972.
She starred in a string of above average and successful comedies starting with There's a Girl in My Soup ( 1970 ), $ ( 1971 ), and Butterflies Are Free ( 1972 ).
In 1971, he starred in another show, Porky Pig and Friends.
In 1985 Smiffy has appeared in two spin-off strips the first called Says Smiffy, which ran from 1971 – 1972, and the second called Simply Smiffy, which ran from 1985 – 1987, where he starred alongside his brother Normal Norman.
Steiger also starred in the film version of Kurt Vonnegut's play Happy Birthday, Wanda June ( 1971 ).
From 1971 to 1986, she had a long-term relationship with actor Timothy Dalton, with whom she had starred in the film Mary, Queen of Scots.
Expresso Bongo, Staircase and Amadeus were filmed with other actors, but Scofield starred in the screen versions of A Man for All Seasons ( 1966 ) and King Lear ( 1971 ).
In 1971, Sonny and Cher starred in their first television special, The Nitty Gritty Hour, a mixture of slapstick comedy, skits, and live music.
Harris starred in the Man in the Wilderness in 1971, Juggernaut in 1974 ( a British suspense movie about the hijacking of an ocean liner ), in 1976 in The Cassandra Crossing, along with the actresses Sophia Loren and Ava Gardner, and in a B-movie, Orca, in 1977.
In 1971, Coburn starred in the spaghetti western Duck, You Sucker !, directed by Sergio Leone, as an Irish explosives expert and revolutionary who has fled to Mexico during the time of the Mexican Revolution in the early 20th century.
Gere first worked professionally at the Provincetown Playhouse on Cape Cod in 1971 where he starred in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.
Peter Lawford starred in a television movie, Ellery Queen: Don't Look Behind You, in 1971.
In the following years, she starred in Fahrenheit 451 ( 1966 ), Far from the Madding Crowd ( 1967 ), Petulia ( 1968 ), McCabe & Mrs. Miller ( 1971 ), Don't Look Now ( 1973 ), and Heaven Can Wait ( 1978 ).
Christie also starred in The Go-Between ( 1971 ), Don't Look Now ( 1973 ), and Demon Seed ( 1977 ).
The show starred actress and singer Diahann Carroll, and ran for 86 episodes on NBC from September 17, 1968 to March 23, 1971.
Jeremy Gelbwaks ( born May 22, 1961 ; Los Angeles, California ) was a child actor who starred in the television series The Partridge Family from 1970 to 1971.
Johnson also starred in the 1971 episode of " Rod Serling's Night Gallery " entitled " The Flip-Side of Satan.
In 1971, Midler starred in the first professional production of The Who's rock opera Tommy, with director Richard Pearlman and the Seattle Opera.
In 1971, she starred in The Anderson Tapes ( with Sean Connery ), The Burglars, and Such Good Friends, receiving a Best Actress Golden Globe nomination for the last performance.
In 1971, Field starred in Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring with David Carradine and a soundtrack by Linda Ronstadt.
Two movies in which he had starred, 200 Motels and Blindman, had been released at the end of 1971, and before starting on this one, he had just finished work on his directional debut, the T. Rex documentary Born to Boogie.
In 1971 he launched his eldest son Randhir Kapoor in Randhir's acting and directorial debut Kal Aaj Aur Kal which also starred Raj's father Prithviraj Kapoor as well as Randhir's would-be-wife Babita.
In 1971 he made a cameo appearance in Bunny O ' Hare, which starred Bette Davis and Ernest Borgnine.

1971 and Tsar
Nicholas and Alexandra is a 1971 biographical film which tells the story of the last Russian monarch, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, and his wife, Tsarina Alexandra.
She then appeared a year later in the 1971 biographical film Nicholas and Alexandra, in which she played Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna of Russia, second eldest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II.

1971 and Nicholas
* 1971Nicholas Brendon, American actor
The second director ( 1960 to 1971 ) was Nicholas U. Mayall.
She was portrayed by Irene Worth in the 1971 film Nicholas and Alexandra,
In 1971, the " Point / Counterpoint " segment was introduced, featuring James J. Kilpatrick and Nicholas von Hoffman ( later Shana Alexander ), a three-minute debate between spokespeople for the political right and left, respectively.
Kirk R. Bennett DOB Oct, 26th 1971 Father of Nicholas R. Bennett DOB April 7, 1993, Angelo D. Bennett DOB Jan. 25th 1995 and Alexi M. Bennett DOB Jan. 25th 1995 Kirk is the only son of the Barbara A. Bennett ( Caruso ) and the Late Claude D. Bennett who passed on March 13, 2007.
* Nicholas and Alexandra ( 1971 )
* Nicholas and Alexandra ( 1971 )
Other major roles have included parts in the films, Nicholas and Alexandra ( 1971 ), The Day of the Jackal ( 1973 ), The Thirty Nine Steps ( 1978 ), Masada ( 1981 ) and Cry Freedom ( 1987 ).
In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Baker was part of Laurence Olivier's National Theatre company and had his first big film break in 1971 with the role of Rasputin in the film Nicholas and Alexandra ( after Olivier recommended him for the part ).
What a Lovely War ( 1969 ), Nicholas and Alexandra ( 1971 ), Mary, Queen of Scots ( 1971 ) and Young Winston ( 1972 ).
Nicholas Brendon ( born April 12, 1971, as Nicholas Brendon Schultz in Los Angeles, California ), is an American actor best known for his character Xander Harris in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer ( 1997 – 2003 ).
Nicholas Brendon was born Nicholas Brendon Schultz on April 12, 1971 in Los Angeles, three minutes after his identical twin brother, Kelly Donovan.
Following demographic shifts, St Peter's and St Margaret's were recombined into a joint parish in 1953 and in 1971 the parish of St Nicholas with St Clement was absorbed into it.
Her first film role was in 1971, in Nicholas and Alexandra, and she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress, the BAFTA and the Golden Globe for her portrayal of the Empress Alexandra.
* Nicholas and Alexandra ( 1971 )
It became coeducational upon merger with St. Nicholas, a Capitol Hill girls ' school, in 1971.
Nick McCabe ( born Nicholas John McCabe, 14 July 1971 in St Helens, Lancashire ) is a musician best known as the lead guitarist of The Verve.
* Nicholas Groves Academical robes of Saint David's College Lampeter ( 1822 – 1971 ), University of Wales, Lampeter Special Publications ( ISBN 0-905285-68-9 ).
In 1971, Biggs ' eldest son, Nicholas, aged 10, died in a car crash.
# Nicholas and Alexandra ( 1971 )

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