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1988 and Solid
Pre-dating Ninja Tune is the radio show Solid Steel, which Coldcut set up in 1988.
Solid form for NSW in 1988 – 89 resulted in Taylor's selection for his Test debut in the Fourth Test against the West Indies at the SCG, replacing middle-order batsman Graeme Wood.
As his medical insurance had been canceled in 1988, Norman sold Solid Rock to help pay for his medical bills.
In 1978, Dr. Jackson became part of the Scattering and Low Energy Physics Research Department, and in 1988 she moved to the Solid State and Quantum Physics Research Department.
* TVB Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Award Most Popular Male Singer 1988
This was the second hosting job Paramount hired Hall for, as he had just finished a three-year run as a co-host of Solid Gold in July 1988.
They would soon win their first musical awards, the 1988 Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards Presentation and 1989 RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards.
The song " Close Proximity " won the Jade Solid Gold Award in 1988 and was among one of the popular songs in Hong Kong for that year.
The last appearance of the Solid Gold Dancers in media was not on Solid Gold itself, but rather in the 1988 motion picture Scrooged.
The movie, which premiered in November 1988, was scripted and filmed before Solid Gold was officially cancelled.
* In the 1988 film Scrooged, there is an episode of Solid Gold played on a TV.
* Solid Gold ( TV series ), an American syndicated television series that ran from 1980 to 1988
In 1988, while working on his electric guitar LP On Solid Ground, which was released in 1989, Carlton was the victim of a random act of violence, shot in the throat outside Room 335, his private studio in Southern California.
Martti Mäntylä: " An Introduction to Solid Modeling ", Computer Science Press, ISBN 0-88175-108-1, 1988.
H. Chiyokura: " Solid Modelling with DESIGNBASE ", Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, ISBN 0-201-19245-4, 1988.
* Motown: Hot Wax, City Cool and Solid Gold ( 1986 ; updated in 1988 )
Final CKEY logoCKEY Key 590 logoOn January 1, 1984, CKEY flipped from its long running MOR format to soft rock / oldies as " Solid Gold CKEY ", and on June 20, 1988, the station became " Key 590 " with a full-blown oldies format.

1988 and Steel
Over two-thirds of the members, and all the serving MPs, of the Liberal Party joined this party, led first jointly by Steel and the SDP leader Robert Maclennan, and later by Paddy Ashdown ( 1988 – 99 ), Charles Kennedy ( 1999 – 2006 ), Sir Menzies Campbell ( 2006 – 07 ) and Nick Clegg ( incumbent ).
* David Steel 1976 – 1988
This was converted to a public limited company, British Steel PLC, and privatised in 1988.
British Steel was privatised in 1988 by the Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher.
" The European Steel Unions and the Steel Crisis, 1974-84: A Study in the Demise of Traditional Unionism ," British Journal of Political Science, Apr 1988, Vol.
* British Steel Corporation, 1988 Competition Commission report
The group released the album It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back in 1988, which performed better in the charts than their previous release, and included the hit single " Don't Believe the Hype " in addition to " Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos ".
Even more unusually, however, many of the solo songs on Maxinquaye featured little of Tricky's own voice: his then-lover, Martina Topley-Bird, sang them, including her reimagining of Public Enemy's militant 1988 rap " Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos ", while other songs were male-female duets dealing with sex and love in oblique ways, over beds of sometimes dissonant samples.
Pacesetter Steel became the first company to move into the park in 1988.
By 1914, the mine was sold to the Union Coal and Coke Company and later to Bethlehem Steel which continued to extract coal until 1988, when the main conveyor caught fire.
Steel ( 1988 ) adds weight to the idea, noting that the islanders pronounced the H with a " somewhat guttural quality ", making the sound they used for Hirta " almost " Kilta.
* Steel, Tom ( 1988 ) The Life and Death of St. Kilda, London, Fontana ISBN 0-00-637340-2
Six Bonanza novels have been published: Bonanza: One Man With Courage by Thomas Thompson ( 1966 ); The Ponderosa Spirit by Stephen Calder ( 1988 ); The Ponderosa Empire by Stephen Calder ( 1991 ); Bonanza: High Steel Hazard by Stephen Calder ( 1993 ); Bonanza: Felling of the Sons by Monette B. Reinhold ( 2005 ), and Bonanza: Mystic Fire by Monette B. Reinhard ( 2009 ).
David Martin Scott Steel, Baron Steel of Aikwood, KT, KBE, PC ( born 31 March 1938 ) is a British Liberal Democrat politician who served as the Leader of the Liberal Party from 1976 until its merger with the Social Democratic Party in 1988 to form the Liberal Democrats.
Steel was convinced the answer to these difficulties was a single party with a single leader, and was the chief proponent of the 1988 merger between the Liberals and the SDP.
Additional supplements included the Hand to Hand Combat System ( 1988 ), World War 2 Weapon Data Supplement ( 1988 ), Wild West Weapon Data Supplement ( 1989 ), Civilian Weapon Data Supplement ( 1987 ), Living Steel Power Armour Sourcebook ( 1991 ), Advanced Damage Tables ( 1987 ) and High Tech Weapon Data Supplement ( 1987 ) amongst others.
Dofasco owned and operated a number of subsidiaries, including National Steel Car, a Hamilton-based railway freight car manufacturer, from 1962 to 1994, and Algoma Steel, from 1988 to 1991, until union and financial difficulties ultimately forced Dofasco to divest the company.
* Steel Thunder 1988
Its original name was the U. S. Steel Building for many years before it was changed to USX Tower in 1988.
In the 1988 animated series Superman, the Man of Steel mentions that his father Jor-El was the creator of the Phantom Zone, which holds General Zod and his two Kryptonian companions.

1988 and began
The current conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh ( NK ) began in 1988 when Armenian demonstrations against Azerbaijani rule broke out in both Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Supreme Soviet voted to secede from Azerbaijan and join Armenia.
It was only in the subsequent period, from 1977 through 1988, that the three firms began to export arms on a large scale.
In 1988, 7 ' den 77 ' ye ( From age 7 to 77 ), a TV show directed and presented by Manço began to run on TRT 1, the national TV channel of Turkey.
* System: privatization began in 1988 ; advanced telecommunications infrastructure ; modern system based on extensive microwave radio relay facilities ; fixed-line connections have dropped in recent years as mobile-cellular usage continues to increase, reaching a level of 85 telephones per 100 persons
The eventual successful project, organised by Eurotunnel, began construction in 1988 and opened in 1994.
While the CIA and MI6 and the People's Liberation Army of China financed the operation along with the Pakistan government against the Soviet Union Eventually the Soviet Union began looking for a withdrawal route and in 1988 Geneva Accords were signed between Communist-Afghanistan and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan ; under the terms Soviet troops were to withdraw.
During the interim, Mark Mothersbaugh began composing music for the TV show Pee-Wee's Playhouse, and released an elaborately packaged solo cassette, Musik for Insomniaks, which was later expanded and released as two CDs in 1988.
It then began to influence popular music in Europe, with songs such as " House Nation " by House Master Boyz and the Rude Boy Of House ( 1987 ) and " Doctorin ' The House " by Coldcut ( 1988 ) in the pop charts.
The wild, all-night parties were toned down significantly and in 1988, daughter Christie began to run the Playboy empire.
On April 19, 1988, Japanese telecommunications company NTT began offering nationwide ISDN services trademarked INS Net 64, and INS Net 1500, a fruition of NTT's independent research and trial from the 1970s of what it referred to the INS ( Information Network System ).
The Konix Multisystem began life in 1988 as an advanced Konix peripheral design intended to build on the success of the company's range of joysticks.
By 1988 the Reserve Bank of Australia began tightening monetary policy, and household interest rates peaked at 18 percent.
Beginning in the spring of 1988, the band began practicing in earnest, sometimes locking themselves in a room and jamming for hours on end.
In 1988 Limbaugh began broadcasting his show nationally from radio station WABC in New York City.
On August 1, 1988, after achieving success in Sacramento and drawing the attention of former ABC Radio President Edward F. McLaughlin, Limbaugh moved to New York City and began his national radio show.
The current Sixth Republic began with the last major constitutional revision in 1988.
After decades of planning, the realisation of the three-tier school system began in 1988 under the aegis of the Head of Education, Basil George, when the Prince Andrew School was opened for all pupils of 12 onwards.
With the end of the war in August 1988, Syria began a slow process of reintegration with the other Arab states.
Here he was able to witness from the inside the collapse of the Labor government following the economic and budgetary crisis which began in 1988.
The NAR began to break down when the Indian component withdrew in 1988.
Also in 1988, Nicks began work on a fourth solo album with British producer Rupert Hine.
It began during 1988 in Bergen, Norway, under the name Kalashnikov, that was used until 1989 ; from 1989 to 1990 was renamed into Uruk-Hai, and finally in 1991 was called Burzum.
SDLP leader John Hume, MP, identified the possibility that a negotiated settlement might be possible and began secret talks with Adams in 1988.
After fans noticed Mercury's increasingly gaunt appearance in 1988, rumours began to spread that Mercury was suffering from AIDS.
The company began to produce models with its own technology in 1988, beginning with the midsize Sonata.

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