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1995 and Matthew
* 1995: Young Ivanhoe, a 1995 television series directed by Ralph L. Thomas and starring Kristen Holden-Ried as Ivanhoe, Rachel Blanchard as Rowena, Stacy Keach as Pembrooke, Margot Kidder as Lady Margarite, Nick Mancuso as De Bourget, and Matthew Daniels as Tuck.
Chris Matthew Sciabarra discusses Rand's ideas and theorizes about their intellectual origins in Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical ( 1995 ).
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, starring Renée Zellweger and Matthew McConaughey, was released in 1995.
* Matthew, H. C. G. Gladstone, 1809 – 1874 ( 1988 ); Gladstone, 1875 – 1898 ( 1995 ) excerpt & text search vol 1
In 1995, Aniston and her Friends co-star Matthew Perry shot a 60-minute instructional video for the release of Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 95.
* Matthew Maguire, Phaedra ( 1995 ), an English play
* From 1995 onwards, the character of The Girlfriend in Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake is thought to be based on, or has similarities to ( in terms of her acceptance by the rest of the Royal Family ) the Duchess.
Together, they have one son whom they adopted on June 20, 1995, Matthew Jay Povich.
* 1995 – Gold, Coxless Pair ( with Matthew Pinsent )
The couple have two sons: Edward Matthew Lowe ( b. 1993 ), and John Owen Lowe ( b. 1995 ).
* A Roman Encyclopedia by Matthew Bunson, 1995 Oxford Paperback Reference
Hackers is a 1995 American thriller film directed by Iain Softley and starring Angelina Jolie, Jonny Lee Miller, Renoly Santiago, Matthew Lillard, Lorraine Bracco and Fisher Stevens.
Soho House, Matthew Boulton's home ( from 1766 until he died in 1809 ) in Handsworth, Birmingham, England, is now a museum ( opened in 1995 ), celebrating his life, his partnership with James Watt and his membership of the Lunar Society of Birmingham.
* November 9-Emmett Matthew Hall, jurist, civil libertarian and Supreme Court justice ( d. 1995 )
Jay Lane was added on drums and Matthew Kelly on guitar and harmonica in 1995.
The first one is the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece ( GOC ), the second are generally known as " Matthewites " as they derive from Archbishop Matthew, and the third and smallest are called the Makarians ( formerly called the Lamians ) who broke off from the GOC in 1995.
The hosts were Bruce Forsyth ( 1988 – 1990 ), Matthew Kelly ( 1991 – 1995 ), and Darren Day ( 1996 – 1997 ).
Heralded as Iced Earth's heaviest album, Burnt Offerings was released on April 14, 1995, and was the band's first album to feature drummer Rodney Beasley and vocalist Matthew Barlow.
In chronological order, the presiders of the organization have been: Robert C. Lawson, 1919 – 1961 ; Hubert J. Spencer, 1961 – 1973 ; William L. Bonner, 1973 – 1995 ; Gentle Groover, 1995 – 2001 ; James I. Clark, Jr., 2001 – 2007 ; and Matthew Norwood, 2007 – Present.
He is probably best known for his starring role as Detective Matthew Sikes in the television series Alien Nation ( 1989 – 1990 ), which was followed by the TV movies Alien Nation: Dark Horizon ( 1994 ), Alien Nation: Body and Soul ( 1995 ), Alien Nation: Millennium ( 1996 ), Alien Nation: The Enemy Within ( 1996 ), and Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy ( 1997 ).
The first performances of Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake – which uniquely included an all-male cast of swans – took place in the main house in November 1995, before embarking on a UK tour then playing in the West End.
In 1995 he survived controversy when he was caught and admitted to smoking marijuana with teammates Matthew Hart and Dion Nash while on tour at their hotel.

1995 and Bernstein
It was written, starting December 1995, by Daniel J. Bernstein as a more secure replacement for the popular Sendmail program.
Bernstein earned his bachelor's degree in mathematics from New York University ( 1991 ) and has a PhD in mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley ( 1995 ), where he studied under Hendrik Lenstra.
Other examples include Vaughan Williams ' Songs of Travel, Samuel Barber's Hermit Songs ( 1953 ) and Despite and Still, and Songfest by Leonard Bernstein, Hammarskjöld Portrait ( 1974 ), Les Olympiques ( 1976 ), Tribute to a Hero ( 1981 ), Next Year in Jerusalem ( 1985 ), and A Year of Birds ( 1995 ) by Malcolm Williamson, Honey and Rue by André Previn ( composed for the American soprano Kathleen Battle ) and Raising Sparks by James MacMillan ( 1997 ).
The case was first brought in 1995, when Bernstein was a student at University of California, Berkeley, and wanted to publish a paper and associated source code on his Snuffle encryption system.
Notable productions were Lulu ( 1962 ; conducted by Karl Böhm, staged by Otto Schenk, designed by Caspar Neher, starring Evelyn Lear ), Haydn's Orfeo ed Euridice ( 1967 ; conducted by Richard Bonynge, staged by Rudolf Hartmann, with Nicolai Gedda, Joan Sutherland ), Fidelio ( 1970 ; conducted by Leonard Bernstein, staged by Schenk, with Gwyneth Jones, James King ), Il ritorno d ' Ulisse in patria ( 1971 ; conducted by Nikolaus Harnoncourt, staged by Federik Mirdita ), L ' elisir d ' amore ( 1973 ; conducted by Silvio Varviso, staged by Schenk, with Nicolai Gedda, Reri Grist, Eberhard Wächter ), Die Fledermaus ( 1975 ; conducted by Mstislav Rostropovich, staged by Michael Kehlmann, with Wiesław Ochman, Reri Grist, Elizabeth Harwood, Waldemar Kmentt ), La clemenza di Tito ( 1976 ; conducted by Julius Rudel, staged by Mirdita, with Werner Hollweg, Teresa Berganza, Arleen Augér, Edda Moser ), Fierrabras ( 1988 ; conducted by Claudio Abbado, staged by Ruth Berghaus, with Thomas Hampson, Karita Mattila, László Polgár ), Die Entführung aus dem Serail ( 1989 ; conducted by Harnoncourt, staged by Ursel Herrmann, Karl-Ernst Herrmann ), Don Giovanni ( 1990 ; conducted by Abbado, staged by Luc Bondy, with Ruggero Raimondi, Karita Mattila, Marie McLaughlin, Cheryl Studer ), Le nozze di Figaro ( 1991 ; conducted by Abbado, staged by Jonathan Miller, with Ruggero Raimondi, Marie McLaughlin, Cheryl Studer ) and the world premiere of Adriana Hölszky's Die Wände ( 1995 ; conducted by Ulf Schirmer, staged by Hans Neuenfels ).
* Louis Bernstein ( 1994 – 1995 )
Bernstein first joined ESPN in 1995 as its Chicago Bureau Chief, where she covered Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls record-setting championship run ( 1996 – 98 ).
* Shura Cherkassky ( 1909 – 1995 ): Solo piano works by Chopin, Mussorgsky, Berg, Bernstein, Brahms, Schumann, Beethoven, Liszt, Stravinsky, Grieg and Rachmaninoff ( 6CD Set ) ( NI 1733 )
* Shura Cherkassky ( 1909 – 1995 ): Solo piano works by Chopin, Mussorgsky, Berg, Bernstein, Brahms, Schumann, Beethoven, Liszt, Stravinsky, Grieg and Rachmaninoff ( 7CD Set ) ( NI 1748 )
* " Squash ( Mr. Bernstein )" in Victor / Victoria ( 1995 ) ( originated role )
Under the leadership of Beverly Taylor until 1995, HRC membership increased dramatically, and the Chorus continued to prosper under the direction of Jeffrey Bernstein during the 1995 – 96 season.
* 1995: Bernstein: “ Mambo ” from West Side Story: John Adams in The Chairman Dances ; Aaron Jay Kernis in New Era Dance ; David Schiff in Stomp ; Libby Larsen in Collage-Boogie ; John Harbison in Remembering Gatsby ; Michael Torke in Charcoal, Robert Moran in Points of Departure ; Dominick Argento in “ Tango ” from The Dream of Valentin ; Michael Daugherty in Desi ; Christopher Rouse in Bonham ( Decca )
David also produced the 1995 album The Songs of West Side Story, which benefited the school founded in Nashville by one of his mentors, Leonard Bernstein, but which did not open until shortly after Bernstein's death.
This is the May 1995 version of the soundtrack and does not include the selections by Elmer Bernstein.
David E. Bernstein is Foundation Professor at the George Mason University School of Law in Arlington, Virginia, where he has been teaching since 1995.

1995 and wrote
" Even Thatcher herself wrote in her 1995 memoirs, which charted her beginnings in Grantham to her victory in the 1979 General Election, that she admired Attlee, writing: " Of Clement Attlee, however, I was an admirer.
Singer wrote the " Leipzig Declaration on Global Climate Change in the U. S ." in 1995, updating it in 1997 to rebut the Kyoto Protocol.
Amnesty International, referring to the Taliban offensive, wrote in a 1995 report:
Dobbs wrote two following books To Play the King and The Final Cut which were televised in 1993 and 1995 respectively.
Feral Faun wrote in 1995 that:
In Lewis's 2005 book Dean and Me ( A Love Story ), Lewis wrote of his kinship with Martin, who died in 1995.
Together they wrote an influential 1995 book The Major Transitions in Evolution, a seminal work which continues to contribute to ongoing issues in evolutionary biology.
In 1995 in the Journal of Black Studies, Zack Cernovsky wrote, " some of Rushton's references to scientific literature with respects to racial differences in sexual characteristics turned out to be references to a nonscientific semi-pornographic book and to an article in the Penthouse magazine's Forum.
( see video ) Amnesty International, referring to the Taliban offensive, wrote in a 1995 report:
" In the 1995 book America's Alternative Religions, published by the State University of New York Press, Baker wrote: " Although they prefer to be called Unificationists, they are referred to in the media and popularly known as ' Moonies '.
Jenkins wrote 19 books, including a biography of Gladstone ( 1995 ), which won the 1995 Whitbread Award for Biography, and a much-acclaimed biography of Winston Churchill ( 2001 ).
Sex, Lies, and Videotape was followed by a series of low-budget box-office disappointments: Kafka, a biopic mixing fact and Kafka's own fiction ( notably The Castle and The Trial ), written by Lem Dobbs and starring Jeremy Irons as Franz Kafka ; King of the Hill ( 1993 ), a critically acclaimed Depression-era drama ; The Underneath ( 1995 ), a remake of Robert Siodmak's 1949 film noir Criss Cross ; and Schizopolis ( 1996 ), a comedy which he starred in, wrote, composed, and shot as well as directed.
Amnesty International, referring to the Taliban offensive, wrote in a 1995 report:
In 1995, he wrote the book for the stage musical adaptation of Victor / Victoria, also starring Andrews.
In 1995 Adam Back wrote a version of the RSA algorithm for public-key cryptography in three lines of Perl and suggested people use it as an email signature file:
Sister and brother wrote very different memoirs about Bloomsbury, Angelica ’ s being Deceived by Kindness ( 1984 ) and Quentin ’ s Elders and Betters ( 1995 ).
Larry King wrote in the May 22, 1995, edition of USA Today, " My interview with Eastwood will air on ' Larry King Weekend ' ...
Ivan Moody wrote in 1995 Revelation.
" In the same magazine in 1995, Dave Henderson wrote: " It's not yet possible to be sacked for showing an affinity for Marillion, but has there ever been a band with a larger stigma attached?
Notably, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, himself an African American, wrote in Missouri v. Jenkins ( 1995 ) that at the very least, Brown I has been misunderstood by the courts.
EZLN spokesperson Subcomandante Marcos wrote a humorous letter in 1995 describing the EZLN bickering over what to do with a Guadalupe statue they had received as a gift.
Antoine Ruiz, from Université d ' Avignon ( France ) wrote a Masters Degree memoir entitled Redemption in Philip José Farmer's Riverworld in 1995.
In 1995, Birch Bayh, the primary sponsor of the amendment in the Senate, wrote that Section 4 should have been invoked.
Herschel Weingrod and Timothy Harris wrote a new script, and Universal offered Peter Jackson the director's position in 1995, but he chose to work on King Kong instead.

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