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Empty and Nest
* Empty Nest ( 1994 ) – Shelby in episode: " The Courtship of Carol's Father "
* November 13 – Richard Mulligan, American actor ( Soap and Empty Nest ) ( d. 2000 )
* Mendelsohn, D. " Empty Nest, Abandoned Cave: maternal anxiety in Achilleid 1 ", ClAnt 9. 2 ( 1990 ), 295 – 308.
( Rose's portrayer, Peggy Rea, had previously guest starred as a landlady in season 7's " The Empty Nest " episode.
Additional characters in popular culture include " Emily " from the television series Empty Nest, " Donna ," from the television series Judging Amy, " Judy Maxwell ," from the film, What's Up, Doc ?, " Brooke ," from The L Word, Season 4, " Catherine ," the serial bride in the film noir release, Black Widow and " Helen Bishop ", the divorcee neighbor from Mad Men.
Cartwright has appeared on camera in numerous television shows and films, including Fame, Empty Nest, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Flesh & Blood, Godzilla and 24.
* Craig Stark is an actor and filmmaker who has appeared on the TV series Empty Nest, Paradise, and Booker.
Even though Acting Sheriff and the other projects were considered " dead dogs " by some, Disney presented ZEBRAS as a way for the public to buy into programming Walt Disney Television that was started in October 1988 and profiting from possible hits similar to Blossom, Golden Girls, and Empty Nest.
Eight neighbors were referenced over the show's run ; one of them ( The Westons ) evolved into a spinoff of its own, Empty Nest.
His late wife's name was revealed to be Libby when the Westons were spun off into Empty Nest.
Her career, although thoroughly explored in Empty Nest, was never mentioned in The Golden Girls.
The initial concept of the Empty Nest series appeared in an episode of Season 2 entitled Empty Nests, however, the neighbors were named George and Renee Corliss, portrayed by Paul Dooley and Rita Moreno.
* Empty Nest ( 1989 )
Richard Mulligan ( November 13, 1932 – September 26, 2000 ) was an American television and film actor best known for his role as Burt Campbell in the 1970s sitcom Soap and later as Dr. Harry Weston on The Golden Girls and its spin-off Empty Nest.
His best-known roles in television were as Burt Campbell in the sitcom Soap, for which he won a Best Actor Emmy Award, and as Dr. Harry Weston in the NBC series Empty Nest, a spinoff of The Golden Girls.
Empty Nest ran for seven seasons, and Mulligan won a Best Actor Emmy Award as well as a Golden Globe Award for his performance.
* Kristy McNichol in Empty Nest
Elsewhere, Night Court, Hunter, Highway to Heaven, Matlock, Remington Steele, A Different World, 227, and Empty Nest.
In other cases, however, an episode of the parent show may also focus on one or more guest characters who have not previously appeared in the show ; for example, the backdoor pilot for the television sitcom Empty Nest was an episode of The Golden Girls, which relegated that show's regular stars to supporting characters in an episode devoted to new characters who were introduced as their neighbors.
Feedback on the episode resulted in Empty Nest being extensively reworked before its debut ; while the " living next to the Golden Girls " setting was retained, the series ended up featuring different characters than the original Golden Girls episode.
In addition, White reprised her Rose Nylund character in guest appearances on the NBC shows Empty Nest and Nurses, both of which were set in Miami.
He has also appeared in Beverly Hills, 90210, Clueless, Wings, Blossom, JAG, The Golden Girls, Touched by an Angel, Herman's Head, Time Trax, 7th Heaven, Empty Nest, Girlfriends, CBS Schoolbreak Special and ABC Weekend Specials.
Chipper Lowell is an Award-winning visual and variety comedy comedian who has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Disney Channel, General Hospital, Empty Nest, Show Me The Funny, America's Funniest People, Shades of L. A., The Art of Mime, and the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon.

Empty and was
Another hit song associated with McLean ( though never recorded by him ) is " Killing Me Softly with His Song ", which was written about McLean after Lori Lieberman, also a singer / songwriter, saw him singing his composition " Empty Chairs " in concert.
* Empty Arms Hotel: Roy Clark as the head desk clerk at one of the few accommodations in all of Kornfield Kounty, who would pop up from behind the front desk after the bell was rung.
In " The Empty Child " ( 2005 ), the Doctor stated that the telephone is not connected to a telephone line, and in Logopolis ( 1981 ), the Master materialised his TARDIS around a normal police box while a police officer was using the telephone, causing the line to go dead.
John was a weak king, known as " Toom Tabard " or " Empty Coat ".
Though critics and viewers interpret meaning and mood in these cityscapes, Hopper insisted “ I was more interested in the sunlight on the buildings and on the figures than any symbolism .” As if to prove the point, his late painting Sun in an Empty Room ( 1963 ) is a pure study of sunlight.
In " The Empty House ", Holmes states that Moriarty had commissioned a powerful air gun from a blind German mechanic ( one Mr. von Herder ), which was used by his employee Colonel Sebastian Moran.
* In the BBC Radio November 4, 1992 broadcast of " The Final Problem " and the February 24th 1993 broadcast of " The Empty House ", Moriarty was played by Michael Pennington.
This was released shortly before Running on Empty, an Academy Award-nominated film starring River Phoenix, for which she was nominated for a Young Artist Award.
* The Empty Space: Every Friday the Students ' Union hosts a live music venue in The Empty Space, attended by students for free ( this was canceled in 2011 due to changes installed by the 69th Student Legislative Council ).
The Empty Saddle Monument, located at the crossroads of Dalhart, was constructed in 1940 at the request of Bobby Dycke, the wife of a ranch hand, to recognize the contribution of the XIT cowboys to the history of the region.
Townshend's solo breakthrough, following the death of Who drummer Keith Moon, was the 1980 release Empty Glass, which included a top-10 single, " Let My Love Open the Door ".
In early 1989, Phoenix was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor ( as well as for a Golden Globe ) and received the Best Supporting Actor honor from the National Board of Review for his role in Running on Empty.
A studio album, Empty Rooms, was recorded with the same personnel, with Mayall's next bassist, former Canned Heat member Larry Taylor, playing bass in a duet with Thompson on " To a Princess.
When Burke arrived for his first recording session at the Atlantic Records studio at 1841 Broadway, Manhattan, New York on 13 December 1960, he was given four songs, including his first Atlantic release, " Keep the Magic Working ", which was a flop, and " Just Out Of Reach ( Of My Two Empty Arms )", a cover of a country song written and recorded by Virgil " Pappy " Stewart, that had been a minor hit for Faron Young in 1953 (# 10 C & W ), and later for Patsy Cline.
* Northern Alaska, despite its categorization on the front cover as part of the Empty Quarter, was listed in the aberrations section of the book.
Empty weight was only 40 kg more, as the wheel fairings had been removed.
Top speed was 423 km / h, range was 950 km while ceiling was reduced to 9, 000 m. Empty weight went from 1, 720 to 1, 850 kg, full weight from 2, 295 to 2, 425 kg.

Empty and revealed
" The Empty Child " revealed that the cupboard could be opened and the telephone accessed from the exterior, but that this device is non-functional because it is not connected to any telephone lines.
Moriarty died when he fell off the Reichenbach Falls while Holmes, as revealed in " The Empty House ", only faked his death to make the few remaining Moriarty henchmen expose themselves.
As in " The Adventure of the Empty House ", it is revealed that Holmes survives in this version, having used his brother's oxygen inhaler to survive the water at the bottom of the falls, but this is not learned until the final moments of the film.
In the final scene in the 2011 film Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, it is revealed that Holmes survives his encounter with Professor Moriarty ( the film is influenced by The Final Problem ), and has led to speculation that the untitled third installment to the film series will be partly influenced by The Empty House
" The Adventure of the Empty House " revealed that Holmes did not die after all, and recounted a secret history of three years in which Holmes had been wandering the world while everybody – including even his close friend Dr. Watson – believed him to be dead.
These are " The Final Problem ", in which Holmes apparently died along with Prof. James Moriarty, and " The Empty House ", wherein Holmes reappeared after a three-year absence and revealed that he had not been killed after all.
However, it is eventually revealed that following the events of the series, Sophia moves into the Shady Pines retirement home and becomes a cast member on Empty Nest for the remainder of that series ' run.

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