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January and 2010
File: Church in Tombua, Namibe, Angola. JPG | Church in Tombua, Namibe province, January 2010
However, during the January to September 2010 period, the sector experienced a 5. 2 percent year-on-year decrease, which according to the Civilitas Foundation is an indication of the unsustainability of a sector based on an elite market, with few products for the median or low budgets.
In 2010, the volume of services increased as much as 7. 4 percent from January to September, over the same period in 2009.
Industrial output was relatively positive throughout 2010, with year-on-year average growth of 10. 9 percent in the period January to September 2010, due largely to the mining sector where higher global demand for commodities led to higher prices.
Armenia's agricultural output dropped by 17. 9 percent in the period of January – September 2010.
Armenian exports to EU countries have skyrocketed by 65. 9 percent, making up more than half of all 2010 January to September exports.
The volume of Chinese-Armenian trade soared by 55 percent to $ 390 million in January – November 2010.
From January – September 2010, bilateral trade with the United States measured approximately $ 150 million, on track for about a 30 percent increase over 2009.
According to official Armenian statistics, it rose by 11 percent to $ 91. 6 million in January – November 2010.
In comparison between the January to October periods of 2010 and 2009, depreciation stands at 4. 7 percent.
Public swimming pool owners and operators must gear up for compliance with the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design with regard to existing swimming pools, wading pools and spas by January 31, 2013.
In January 2010, Grothendieck wrote a letter to Luc Illusie.
It was officially shutdown site by site starting at 00: 00 on January 2, 2010 after twenty-one years of service.
The 2009 Broadway revival with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angela Lansbury recorded a cast album on January 4, 2010 which was released on April 6.
Currently, there are three retired Associate Justices: Sandra Day O ' Connor, who assumed senior status on January 31, 2006, David H. Souter, who assumed senior status on June 29, 2009, and John Paul Stevens, who assumed senior status on June 29, 2010.
Mirvish Productions presented the earlier Stratford production at the Canon Theatre, Toronto, in December 2010 through January 2011.
" On January 1, 2010, the maximum amount of lead in " lead-free brass " in California was reduced from 4 % to 0. 25 % lead.
However, floating ice was additionally observed near Świnoujście harbour in January 2010.
A fourth license will be auctioned of by the government in January 2010.
In January 2010 Moody's followed with an upgrade of its rating perspective from " stable " to " positive.
For example, the ( discounted ) annual season ticket from London to Brighton ( standard 2nd class ) as of January 2010 costs £ 3, 280 for, while an annual DB ( German ) 100 BahnCard, which allows one year's travel on the entire German rail network, costs almost exactly the same ( 3800 Euros ).
The Booker Prize Foundation announced in January 2010 the creation of a special award called the " Lost Man Booker Prize ," with the winner chosen from a longlist of 22 novels published in 1970.
* The Iris Robinson scandal in which First Minister of Northern Ireland Peter Robinson stepped aside for six weeks in January 2010 following revelations of his wife ’ s involvement in an extramarital affair, her attempted suicide and allegations that he had failed to properly declare details of loans she had procured for her lover to develop a business venture.
In January 2010, he stated in an interview that his new film project is called Bruce vs. Frankenstein.

January and Coleman
* January 3 – Dabney Coleman, American actor
However, following the sale of club captain Andrew Procter to Preston North End in the January 2012 transfer window, the third-longest serving management team of John Coleman and Jimmy Bell departed for Rochdale.
" ( ABC Radio NSW Australia interview with Interviewer Chris Coleman on 18 January 2007 )
Coleman resigned on 16 January 2008.
Barkley served until the 107th congress ended on January 3, 2003, when he was replaced by Norm Coleman, who had been elected on November 5, 2002 to the term lasting from 2003 to 2009.
Restoration of city electrical power was delayed as a circuit breaker at the Coleman Substation had exploded on January 21 just before the ice storm hit.
His term ended on January 3, 2009, and after a six-month legal battle in which he lost each decision in the process, the Minnesota Supreme Court unanimously declared Franken the election winner by 312 votes ( out of over 3 million cast ) on June 30, 2009, prompting Coleman to concede.
Coleman filed a legal challenge of the results on January 6, a three-judge panel was seated.
In January 2009, Coleman became an adviser to and board member of the Republican Jewish Coalition.
However Coleman announced on January 17, 2010 that he would not run, saying " The timing on this race is both a bit too soon and a bit too late.
On January 22, 2007, Coleman, along with fellow Republican Senators John Warner and Susan Collins, joined Democrats in opposition to President Bush's planned troop increase in Iraq.
On January 7, 2009, Page was appointed by Chief Justice Eric Magnuson to select the three-judge panel that heard the election contest brought by Norm Coleman in the 2008 U. S. Senate election.
Elizabeth " Bessie " Coleman ( January 26, 1892 – April 30, 1926 ) was an American civil aviator.
Coleman was born on January 26, 1892 in Atlanta, Texas, the tenth of thirteen children to sharecroppers George, who was part Cherokee, and Susan Coleman.
On January 9th 2011 a test server was launched with the help of a former player who wished to remain anonymous. With the approval of Russel Ginns and some of the original development team, as well as Kevin D. Quitt ; Spencer Jerome ( The Architect Seademond ) with the help of Donald Butyen ( The Architect Fonos ) and Rachel Coleman ( The Architect Morelia ) revived the Castle and are maintaining the revived server as long as there is interest.
On 19 January 2012, Coleman was appointed team manager of the Welsh national team, as successor to Gary Speed.
After leaving Fulham, Coleman was appointed manager of Real Sociedad, but resigned in January 2008, citing differences with the incoming president, even though in his last twelve games he recorded only one defeat.
With the club in 5th place and having only lost once in its previous eleven games, Coleman resigned as manager on 16 January 2008, citing a divergence in vision for the club with newly elected President Iñaki Badiola.
In January 2012, Coleman announced that because of financial troubles at the club he would be quitting from his position as manager.
On 19 January 2012, Coleman was appointed team manager of the Welsh national team, as successor to his late friend Gary Speed.
In January 2012 Symons was appointed to the Wales national football team coaching staff under team manager Chris Coleman
Iain Coleman ( born 18 January 1958 ) was the Labour Member of Parliament for Hammersmith and Fulham in London from 1997 to 2005.
On 24 January 2012, Accrington Stanley manager, John Coleman was confirmed as the successor to Steve Eyre and left his club for whom he had been with for more than a decade.

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