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July and 1879
Alfred Habdank Skarbek Korzybski () ( July 3, 1879 – March 1, 1950 ) was a Polish-American philosopher and scientist.
On 14 July 1879, another feast took place, with a semi-official aspect ; the events of the day included a reception in the Chamber of Deputies, organised and presided over by Léon Gambetta, a military review in Longchamp, and a Republican Feast in the Pré Catelan.
In July 1879 a separate ' Torpedo Engineer Corps ' was created dealing with torpedoes and mines.
Their publishing company, Watch Tower, and official position magazine, The Watchtower, have asserted: " Ever since The Watchtower began to be published in July 1879 it has looked ahead into the future ... No, The Watchtower is no inspired prophet, but it follows and explains a Book of prophecy the predictions in which have proved to be unerring and unfailing till now.
William Allen ( December 18 or 27, 1803 – July 11, 1879 ) was an Democratic Representative, Senator and 31st Governor of Ohio.
The first was presented to him by Lord Fitzhardinge at Lord's on 22 July 1879 in the form of a marble clock, two bronze ornaments and a cheque for £ 1, 458.
* The Anglo-Zulu War lasted from 11 January 1879 to 4 July 1879.
* July 8 – Grace Coolidge, wife of United States President Calvin Coolidge ( b. 1879 )
* July 11 – King Baggot, American actor ( b. 1879 )
* July 13 – Alla Nazimova, Russian actress ( b. 1879 )
* July 28 – Otto Hahn, German chemist, discoverer of nuclear fission, Nobel Prize laureate ( b. 1879 )
* July 8 – Thomas Meighan, American actor ( b. 1879 )
* July 22 – Janusz Korczak ( pen-name of Henryk Goldszmit ), Polish-Jewish children's author, pediatrician, and child pedagogist ( born 1878 or 1879 ) ( d. 1942 )
Carte persuaded Gilbert and Sullivan that when their original agreement with the Comedy Opera Company expired in July 1879, a business partnership among the three of them would be to their advantage.
On 31 July 1879, the last day of their agreement with Carte, the directors of the Comedy Opera Company attempted to repossess the Pinafore set by force during a performance, causing a celebrated fracas.
Sullivan, as had been arranged with Carte and Gilbert, gave notice to the partners of the Comedy Opera Company in early July 1879 that he, Gilbert and Carte would not be renewing the contract to produce Pinafore with them and that he would be withdrawing his music from the Comedy Opera Company on 31 July.
* Pitikwahanapiwiyin ( Pîhtokahânapiwiyin-‘ Poundmaker ’, Chief of the River Cree, born about 1842 in the North Battleford Region in Saskatchewan ; son of Sikakwayan (‘ Skunk Skin ’), an shaman of the Assiniboine and a Franco-Canadian Métisse, the sister of Chief Mistāwasis (" Big Child "), Chief of a band consisting of Plains River Cree ( Sīpīwininiwak-paskwāwiyiniwak ), Woods River Cree (‘ Sīpīwininiwak-sakāwiyiniwak ’), Western Woodland Cree ( Sakāwiyiniwak ) and Nakoda ( Stoney ), was adopted in 1873 by the Siksika chief Crowfoot as son, lived several years by the Blackfeet-name Makoyi-koh-kin (‘ Wolf Thin Legs ’) under the Siksika, returned to the Cree, became counselor of the Chief Pihew-kamihkosit (‘ Red Pheasant ’), was involved in the negotiations for the Treaty 6 in 1876 and went in 1879 in the Poundmaker reservation, later he participated in the siege of Battleford and the Battle of Cut Knife, died 4 July 1886 in Blackfoot Crossing, Alberta )
* Papewes ( Papaway-‘ Lucky Man ’, Chief of the Plains River Cree ( Sīpīwininiwak-paskwāwiyiniwak ), born in the late 1830s near Fort Pitt, was in the 1870s a leader of Mistahimaskwa ´ s Plains River Cree, as the bison disappeared, signed along with Little Pine on the 2nd July 1879 for the 470 members of his tribal group an annex to the Agreement No. 6 at Fort Walsh, in vain he asked for a reserve in the Cypress Hills and the Buffalo Lake, so many members went back to Mistahimaskwa (" Big Bear ") or joined Minahikosis (" Little Pine "), Papewes asked 1884 in vain a reserve adjacent to the reserves of Pitikwahanapiwiyin (' Poundmaker '), Minahikosis and Mistahimaskwa, during the rebellion of 1885 were the two groups of Papewes and Minahikosis scattered and some of their members fled in the U. S., 1886 settled the remaining members of the two groups in the Little Pine's reserve died 1901 nahe Fort Assiniboine, Montana )
In 1879, on July 4 and 6, the palace of the ( then ) Governor General, the principal administrative and municipal offices and many of the other public buildings were destroyed by fire, and the government archives, the library and the museum of the Siberian section of the Russian Geographical Society were completely ruined.
On July 19, 1879, Holliday and his business partner, former deputy marshal John Joshua Webb, were seated in their saloon in Las Vegas, New Mexico when former U. S. Army scout Mike Gordon got into a loud argument with one of the saloon girls whom he wanted to take with him.
Before proceeding to Bulgaria, Prince Alexander paid visits to the Tsar at Livadia, to the courts of the great powers and to the sultan ; a Russian warship then conveyed him to Varna, and after taking the oath to the new constitution at Turnovo ( 8 July 1879 ) he went to Sofia.
Beginning in July 1879 he began publishing a monthly religious journal, Zion's Watch Tower and Herald of Christ's Presence.

July and Post
On July 14, 2010, a spokesperson for MTV Networks informed a New York Post reporter that Mike Judge is creating a new Beavis and Butt-Head series, that Judge will reprise his voice-acting roles for the show, and that the animation will be hand-drawn.
*" Port Of Missing Ships Claims 3000 Yearly ", The Washington Post, July 10, 1921.
*" Search Continues For Vessel With 55 Aboard In Caribbean ", The Washington Post, July 6, 1963.
*" Body Found In Search For Fishing Boat ", The Washington Post, July 7, 1963.
* Kenya Ivory, Rhino Horn Seizure Tops 660 Pounds by Tom Odula, The Huffington Post, July 14, 2009
In July 1881 the first telephone circuit in Istanbul was established between the Ministry of Post and Telegraph in the Soğukçeşme quarter and the Postahane-i Amire in the Yenicami quarter.
* July 1 – The Postmaster-General's Department is disaggregated into the Australian Telecommunications Commission ( trading as Telecom Australia ) and the Australian Postal Commission ( trading as Australia Post ).
* July 26 – The Second Continental Congress appoints Benjamin Franklin to be the first Postmaster General of what later becomes the United States Post Office Department.
* July 14 – CIA leak scandal: Washington Post columnist Robert Novak publishes the name of Valerie Plame, blowing her cover as a CIA operative.
In July 2009, while undergoing radiation therapy, he was interviewed by the Washington Post: " I recovered very quickly after my surgery, and I've been hoping that my better-than-average constitution will keep the worst effects of radiation at bay.
Belonging to AT & T as part of a multi-national agreement between AT & T, Bell Telephone Laboratories, NASA, the British General Post Office, and the French National PTT ( Post Office ) to develop satellite communications, it was launched by NASA from Cape Canaveral on July 10, 1962, the first privately sponsored space launch.
On 14 July 2006, he had a son, Jean, with French-Cambodian Helene Bizot ( not to be confused with Hélène Bizot ), according to the issue 3089 ( 31 July 2008 ) of Paris Match and the Phnom Penh Post.
On July 24, 1920, the Boston Post printed a favorable article on Ponzi and his scheme that brought in investors faster than ever.
On July 26, the Post started a series of articles that asked hard questions about the operation of Ponzi's money machine.
A rich source of information on Lumumba, including a reprint of Stephen R. Weissman's 21 July 2002 article from the Washington Post.
* " Seeing a Future Along Old Tracks " Sowers, Scott, Washington Post, July 8, 2006, Page F01
It replaced the cabinet-level Post Office Department with the independent Postal Service on July 1, 1971.
In July 2010 the Washington Post named Clay county the unhealthiest county in Kentucky, and one of the unhealthiest in the Nation, The county has a high obesity rate
Marconi, in July 1924, entered into contracts with the British General Post Office ( GPO ) to install high speed shortwave telegraphy circuits from London to Australia, India, South Africa and Canada as the main element of the Imperial Wireless Chain.
The Post Office opened 1 June 1856 although known as Belvoir until 26 July 1869.
One of his Future History stories, it was first published in The Saturday Evening Post in the July 26, 1947 issue and later reprinted in The Green Hills of Earth ( and subsequently The Past Through Tomorrow )..
" The Washington Post, 27 July 1996.

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