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addition and access
In addition, the border with Turkey is closed, making access to sea ports difficult and transportation logistics challenging to a country largely dependent upon imports.
In addition to his personal recollections, he had access to the records of Henry Chadwick, the game's first statistician and archivist.
In addition, Ampère used his access to the latest mathematical books to begin teaching himself advanced mathematics at age 12.
In addition, to load a texture, a PCI graphics card must copy it from the system's RAM into the card's framebuffer, whereas an AGP card is capable of reading textures directly from system RAM using the graphics address remapping table, which reapportions main memory as needed for texture storage, allowing the graphics card to access them directly.
In addition to Egyptian programming, the Middle East Broadcast Company, a Saudi television station transmitting from London ( MBC ), Arab Radio and Television ( ART ), Al-Jazeera television, and other Gulf stations as well as Western networks such as CNN and BBC, provide access to more international programs to Egyptians who own satellite receivers.
This is in addition to providing literature, sales documents and email access.
Since its reformation under private law in 1994, Deutsche Bahn AG ( DB AG ) no longer publishes details of the tracks it owns ; in addition to the DBAG system there are about 280 privately or locally owned railway companies which own an approximate 3, 000 km to 4, 000 km of the total tracks and use DB tracks in open access.
In addition, the Portuguese merchants gained access to the interior via the Sénégal and Gambia rivers which bisected long-standing trans-Saharan routes.
In addition, the millimeter-wave WPAN allows very high data rate over 2 Gbit / s applications such as high speed internet access, streaming content download ( video on demand, HDTV, home theater, etc.
In addition, DOS programs would not be allowed to access or modify data and code segments that did not belong to them as they could in real mode.
In addition, passing actual data to the server and back may incur extra copying overhead, while in a monolithic system the kernel can directly access the data in the client's buffers.
In addition, the Soviets provided Germany with access to the Northern Sea Route for both cargo ships and raiders ( though only the commerce raider used the route before the German invasion ), which forced Britain to protect sea lanes in both the Atlantic and the Pacific.
In addition, UIU also offers a full on-line Master of Business Administration program with global access for students, as well as study abroad opportunities.
A URL is a URI that, " in addition to identifying a resource, provides a means of locating the resource by describing its primary access mechanism ( e. g., its network location )".< ref name =" RFC 3986 "> Tim Berners-Lee, Roy T. Fielding, Larry Masinter.
In addition to consumer network electronics, U. S. Robotics ( USR ) was a well-known manufacturer of a highly-regarded dialup access server, the " Total Control Hub ", rebadged by 3Com as the " Total Control 1000 ", based largely on its Courier modem technology.
Features significantly increased with 11i v2, with the addition of kernel-based intrusion detection, strong random number generation, stack buffer overflow protection, security partitioning, role-based access management, and various open-source security tools.
In addition, Biblica ’ s Scripture online provides access to God ’ s Word in 26 languages to more than 85 million people per month.
File servers may also be categorized by the method of access: Internet file servers are frequently accessed by File Transfer Protocol ( FTP ) or by HTTP ( but are different from web servers, that often provide dynamic web content in addition to static files ).
In addition the Mitsubishi. com Committee exists to facilitate communication and access of the Mitsubishi brand through a portal web site.
In addition to the privatization of Japan Post ( which many rural residents fear will reduce their access to basic services such as banking ), Koizumi also slowed down the LDP's heavy subsidies for infrastructure and industrial development in rural areas.
In addition to being non-volatile, flash memory offers fast read access times, as fast as dynamic RAM, although not as fast as static RAM or ROM.
In addition it can be difficult to allow access to the results of the archaeological research as underwater sites do not provide good outreach possibilities or access for the general public.
In addition, digital art may be exchanged and appreciated directly on a computer screen in gallery situations or simultaneously in every place on the globe with access to the web.
In addition, funding was provided for the establishment of community health centers to expand access to health care, while major amendments were made to Social Security in 1965 and 1967 which significantly increased benefits, expanded coverage, and established new programs to combat poverty and raise living standards.

addition and Kryptonian
The super-advanced technology of its Kryptonian inhabitants gave the denizens of Argo City the ability to construct a life-sustaining dome that allowed them to survive for several years, in addition to building a lead shield that protected their city from the Kryptonite radiation of their asteroid.
In addition, he was extremely resistant to all forms of harm, and could fire energy bolts from his brain which were powerful enough to incapacitate a Kryptonian or Daxamite with a single hit.

addition and technology
In addition, there are many areas of the human situation besides the impact of science and technology which are examined, for science-fiction dystopias often extrapolate political, social, economic tendencies only indirectly related to science and technology.
In addition to its professional staff, the SIG is supported by its more than 16, 500 member companies who participate in the various working groups that produce the standardization documents and oversee the qualification process for new products and help to evangelize the technology.
In addition, as technology progresses, the availability and number of a particular slot type may be limited in terms of what is currently offered by motherboard manufacturers.
" In addition, the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs states as some of its jurisdictional goals: " export controls, including nonproliferation of nuclear technology and nuclear hardware ; measures to foster commercial intercourse with foreign nations and to safeguard American business abroad ; international commodity agreements ; international education ; and protection of American citizens abroad and expatriation.
In addition, DARPA began to pursue new concepts for small, lightweight satellites ( LIGHTSAT ) and directed new programs regarding defense manufacturing, submarine technology, and armor / anti-armor.
In addition, Astra has interests in financial services ; heavy equipment, mining and energy ; agribusiness ; information technology ; infrastructure and logistics.
Some of the prominent landmarks on the engineering side include the Blue Earth Workshop — which, in addition to being among the foremost centres of learning techniques in workshop technology, also has the dubious distinction of having been used by students affected by the naxalite violence to manufacture blow guns, the “ gachchtola ”, the “ jheel paar ”, ashirwad canteen ( now converted into the SURUCHI canteen ), the windmill and the “ green zone ”.
In addition, both large and small companies work in R & D to explore MEMS technology.
As We May Think also predicted many kinds of technology invented after its publication in addition to hypertext such as personal computers, the Internet, the World Wide Web, speech recognition, and online encyclopedias such as Wikipedia: " Wholly new forms of encyclopedias will appear, ready-made with a mesh of associative trails running through them, ready to be dropped into the memex and there amplified.
In addition, IBM once made a deal with Commodore to license Amiga technology for OS / 2 2. 0 and above in exchange for the REXX scripting language.
In addition to university education, many companies sponsor internships for students wishing to pursue careers in information technology.
A recent addition to professional tennis has been the adoption of electronic review technology coupled with a point challenge system, which allows a player to challenge the line ( or chair ) umpire's call of a point.
In addition to gap in farming system technology and knowledge, some large wheat grain producing countries have significant losses after harvest at the farm and because of poor roads, inadequate storage technologies, inefficient supply chains and farmer's inability to bring the produce into retail markets dominated by small shopkeepers.
DDC executives collaborated extensively with leaders in education, health and technology in addition to planners and architects to create the vision and operating policies for the town.
In addition to treating cutaneous and subcutaneous tumors, there have been attempts at using this technology to treat prostate, lung, kidney and liver cancer in humans.
In addition, sonar technology gave an edge to catching and detecting fish.
The USS Defiant, introduced in the third season of Deep Space Nine, was said to use ablative armor in addition to shields ; this technology also appeared in the alternate time line of the early 25th century shown in the Star Trek: Voyager series finale " Endgame ", where it withstood repeated assaults by Borg weaponry and tractor beams.
In addition to creating effective technology, TIDES aims to develop methods for porting these capabilities rapidly and inexpensively to other languages, including languages having severely limited linguistic resources.
In addition to compositions written specifically for video games, the advent of CD technology allowed developers to incorporate licensed songs into their soundtrack ( the Grand Theft Auto series is a good example of this ).
In addition, the eye and the visual system can be routinely and easily monitored for visual function and retinal structural changes after injections with noninvasive advanced technology, such as visual acuities, contrast sensitivity, fundus auto-fluorescence ( FAF ), dark-adapted visual thresholds, vascular diameters, pupillometry, electroretinography ( ERG ), multifocal ERG and optical coherence tomography ( OCT ).
In addition, miniaturized computer technology and improved batteries allowed the development of a new type of machine — the autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner.
In addition to speed enhancements, TallyGenicom was also known for other important innovations, adding unique features to line matrix technology.
In addition to interest in information technology, a number of small-to medium-sized companies have been formed to develop and market highly specialized technology solutions.

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