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addition and all
In addition, they have been converted to Zen Buddhism, with its glorification of all that is `` natural '' and mysteriously alive, the sense that everything in the world is flowing.
Thus, there has come into being a situation in which the state must raise all of its own revenues and, in addition, must give assistance to its local governments.
In addition to the penalties provided in Title 18, United States Code, Section 1001, any person guilty of any act, as provided therein, with respect to any matter under this Title, shall forfeit all rights under this Title, and, if payment shall have been made or granted, the Commission shall take such action as may be necessary to recover the same.
Whoever, in the United States or elsewhere, pays or offers to pay, or promises to pay, or receives on account of services rendered or to be rendered in connection with any such claim, compensation which, when added to any amount previously paid on account of such services, will exceed the amount of fees so determined by the Commission, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than $5,000 or imprisoned not more than twelve months, or both, and if any such payment shall have been made or granted, the Commission shall take such action as may be necessary to recover the same, and, in addition thereto, any such person shall forfeit all rights under this Title.
It stipulates, in addition, that all amounts remaining as a result of imposing the `` ceiling '', and not used for insuring the `` floor '', be redistributed to those States still below their maximums.
In addition, Blue Cross coverage for all employees and their dependents was extended to provide the full cost of semi-private hospital accommodations.
In addition to all this, the Analog Brothers continue to make frequent appearances on each other's solo albums.
Territorial abbots follow all of the above, but in addition must receive a mandate of authority from the Pope over the territory around the monastery for which they are responsible.
In addition, Alaric forced the Senate to liberate all 40, 000 Gothic slaves in Rome.
In addition, many speech communities on the East Coast have existed in their present locations for centuries, while the interior of the country was settled by people from all regions of the existing United States and developed a far more generic linguistic pattern.
In addition to a library, Carnegie also bought the private estate which became Pittencrieff Park and opened it to all members of the public, establishing the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust to benefit the people of Dunfermline.
In addition Spencer though that as all intuitions grew they become evermore corrupted by the influence of power and money, eventually losing its “ original spirit, and sinks into a lifeless mechanism ”.
She makes the argument that grouping all people of African descent together regardless of their unique ancestral circumstances would inevitably deny the lingering effects of slavery within the American community of slave descendents, in addition to denying black immigrants recognition of their own unique ancestral backgrounds.
The University can rarely provide all the necessary training in first hand experience that an apprenticeship can, and therefore in addition to graduate level training the profession also tends towards encouraging conservation students to spend time as an intern.
In addition, ALADI is also open to all Latin American countries through agreements with other countries and integration areas of the continent, as well as to other developing countries or their respective integration areas outside Latin America.
In addition, if all human hemoglobin were free in the plasma rather than being contained in RBCs, the circulatory fluid would be too viscous for the cardiovascular system to function effectively.
" In addition to the lack of evidence, scientists cite the fact that Bigfoot is alleged to live in regions unusual for a large, nonhuman primate, i. e., temperate latitudes in the northern hemisphere ; all recognized nonhuman apes are found in the tropics of Africa and Asia ( although some smaller primates, such as Japanese macaques, are found in Asia up to the latitude of Northern California, and can cope with air temperatures to-20 ° C (- 4 ° F )).
In addition to Bonaparte himself, Louis Alexandre Berthier, Auguste de Marmont, Jean Lannes, Joachim Murat, Louis Desaix, Jean Reynier, Antoine-François Andréossy, Jean-Andoche Junot, Louis-Nicolas Davout and Dumas were all passengers on the cramped Mediterranean crossing.
In addition, the encouragement of initiative at all levels aided implementation.
In addition, all benzodiazepines are listed in Beer's List, which is significant in clinical practice.
In addition, Ethiopia had just begun to emerge from a long and brutal famine ; Harold Marcus reminds us that the army was restive over its long service in the field, short of rations, and the short rains which would bring all travel to a crawl would soon start to fall.
To get all of them for the expansions up to, one can use ( in addition to the basic cases already given ) the recursion relation
In addition, the metal has a rather low boiling point,, the lowest of all metals other than mercury.
In all of these approaches, in addition to the choice of method, it is necessary to choose a basis set.
The scheme functions slightly differently in each area, and is managed by each branch, but the overall rule is that each participating pub is allowed to purchase beer from whatever brewery they wish, but if it the beer is to be promoted as a ' LocAle ' it must come from a brewery within a predetermined number of miles ( which is set by each CAMRA branch, but generally is around 20 or 25 miles, although, the North London branch has set it at 30 miles ) from brewery to pub door, even if it comes from a distribution centre further away ; in addition, each participating pub must keep at least one LocAle for sale at all times.

addition and these
In addition to the many appearances of these organizations throughout the college year, there are concerts by students of the music department, by members of the music faculty, and by visiting artists.
In addition to these rules, Carleton has added the following: 1.
In addition to these activities, the NAEBM, with headquarters at 420 Lexington Avenue, New York City, as well as other associations and individual manufacturers, provide and distribute films, booklets, and public services in regard to proper boat handling and safety afloat.
In addition to these, it is also featured in Schoolhouse Rock's " Elbow Room ".
In addition to the Yerevan administrative region, Armenia is split into ten administrative divisions, known as marzer ( singular: marz ); these are Ararat, Aragatsotn, Armavir, Gegharkunik, Kotayk, Lori, Shirak, Syunik, Tavush, and Vayots Dzor.
In addition, cysteine, taurine, tyrosine, and arginine are semiessential amino-acids in children, because the metabolic pathways that synthesize these amino acids are not fully developed.
In addition to these alcohol-based products produced in America, imports were seen on merchant shelves, including wine and brandy.
In addition to these geometrical constructions, Dürer discusses in this last book of Underweysung der Messung an assortment of mechanisms for drawing in perspective from models and provides woodcut illustrations of these methods that are often reproduced in discussions of perspective.
Long-term trials have shown continued effectiveness without the development of tolerance, and, in addition, unlike benzodiazepines, it does not disrupt sleep architecture and produces less severe cognitive and psychomotor impairment ; it also has a low potential for abuse and dependence and may be preferred over the benzodiazepines for these reasons.
But they do highlight the need to closely monitor the benefits and adverse effects of these medications in individual patients, to prescribe the minimal amount needed to achieve the therapeutic goal to consider the addition of nonpharmacological approaches that may improve outcomes.
In addition, multiple trailer trucks ( known as Road Trains ) traverse these roads and extreme care must be taken when around these vehicles, due to their weight, length ( often three full trailers long ) and amount of dust thrown up by 46 + tyres.
In addition to these areas, over of arable land are protected by the Agricultural Land Reserve.
In addition to these troops Belarus was the area of deployment for units subordinated directly to the USSR Defence Ministry and chiefs of different Soviet Armed Forces services, namely the 103rd Guards Airborne Division, the 38th Guards Airborne Brigade, the 11th corps of the 2nd Separate Air Defence Army, the 26th Air Army and also units and formations of the Strategic Rocket Forces, Long Range Aviation, the Navy and special forces.
In these instances the language tended to be implemented as an interpreter, instead of, or in addition to, a compiler.
In addition to these works on astronomical timekeeping, he also wrote De natura rerum, or On the Nature of Things, modelled in part after the work of the same title by Isidore of Seville.
Both of these men were statesmen and public administrators in addition to their role as Christian pastors, teachers and leaders.
The biggest differences are word order, small grammatical variations, addition or omission of conjunctions, and spelling variations, but these are small enough to not to damage the meaning of the text.
In addition to these victories, Bernard also had his trials.
In addition, because biomedical engineers often develop devices and technologies for " consumer " use, such as physical therapy devices ( which are also " medical " devices ), these may also be governed in some respects by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
In 1604 James I ordered some further changes, the most significant of these being the addition to the Catechism of a section on the Sacraments.
In addition, most of these printers were limited to monochrome printing in a single typeface at one time, although bolding and underlining of text could be done by " overstriking ", that is, printing two or more impressions in the same character position.
Computations in these systems are just a matter of addition and subtraction.
In addition to these internal teams, Capcom also commissions outside development studios to ensure a steady output of titles.

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