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book and Cross
In 1946 Capp created a special full-color comic book, Al Capp by Li ' l Abner, to be distributed by the Red Cross to encourage the thousands of amputee veterans returning from the war.
: Argent on a Cross Azure and open book proper, clasps Gold, between four Stars of eight points Or, on a chief Gules a Lion passant Guardant also Or, together with this motto " Sidere mens eadem mutato " to be borne and used forever herafter by the said University of Sydney on their Common Seal, Shields or otherwise according to the Law of Arms.
Also, in his 1987 book The Fiery Cross, historian Wyn Craig Wade suggested that President Harding had ties with the Ku Klux Klan, perhaps having been inducted into the organization in a private White House ceremony.
This view was challenged by Leon Morris who argued that because of the focus in the book of Romans on God's wrath, that the concept of hilasterion needed to include the appeasement of God's wrath ( Morris, Apostolic Preaching of the Cross, p 155 ).
In 1869, during her trip to Geneva, Switzerland, Barton was introduced to the Red Cross and Henry Dunant's book A Memory of Solferino, which called for the formation of national societies to provide relief voluntarily on a neutral basis.
A long-standing correspondence between New York based author Helene Hanff and the staff of a bookstore on the street, Marks & Co., was the inspiration for the book 84 Charing Cross Road ( 1970 ).
A small brass plaque, noted by Hanff in her book " Q's Lecacy ", remains on the stone pilaster facing Charing Cross Road.
Fifty authors and artists contributed to the book, which was fronted by Cecil Beaton's portrait of the Queen and was sold in aid of the Red Cross.
* Waite, Arthur Edward ( 1916 – 1918 ) Complete Rosicrucian Initiations of the Fellowship of the Rosy Cross ; reprinted in 2005 ISBN 978-0-9735931-7-4 and 2007 ISBN 978-0-9783883-4-8 by Ishtar Publishing, Burnaby, British Columbia ; renamed in 2008 Rosicrucian Rites and Ceremonies of the Fellowship of the Rosy Cross by Founder of the Holy Order of the Golden Dawn Arthur Edward Waite ISBN 978-0-9783883-4-8 book description from Ishtar Publishing
Instead, we're treated to fun scenarios like a song based on The Punisher comic book (" Killing Is My Business "), the occult (" The Skull Beneath the Skin "), and the deliriously bombastic Christ point-of-view on " Looking Down the Cross ".
Cross guest starred as Mr. James ' weird nephew in Season 2's " Houses of the Holy ", Odenkirk appeared as the doctor in " The Injury ", and Posehn asked questions at Mr. James ' book signing in Season 4's " Super Karate Monkey Death Car ".
From 1956 through 1964, O ' Connor wrote more than one hundred book reviews for two Catholic diocesan newspapers in Georgia: The Bulletin, and The Southern Cross.
:* Part III, " The Outer Methods of the Oracles ", concerns matters of divination with the cards, including a description of the famous Celtic Cross Tarot layout, which the book helped popularize.
Maddox, an American internet satirist famous for his site The Best Page in the Universe, and author of the book " The Alphabet of Manliness ", is a graduate of the Woods Cross High School.
He wrote the book Red Cross, Iron Cross about his wartime experiences.
The lion and the four stars of the Southern Cross on the St George's Cross have reference to the State of New South Wales which established the University ; the open book with " SCIENTIA " ( knowledge ) across its pages is a reminder of its purpose.
Helene Hanff, best known for her book 84 Charing Cross Road, was a scripter for the television series version of The Adventures of Ellery Queen ( 1950 – 1952 ), which began on the DuMont Television Network but soon moved to ABC.
The ferries were referred to repeatedly in Helen Forrester's ( 1974 ) book Two Pence to Cross the Mersey, because the fare for a journey to the Wirral ( tuppence ) was too expensive for a destitute Liverpool family to afford during the Great Depression.
Baldwin's lengthy essay Down at the Cross ( frequently called The Fire Next Time after the title of the book in which it was published ) similarly showed the seething discontent of the 1960s in novel form.
The book chronicles the impact of Sufism on the development of Western civilisation and traditions from the seventh century onward through the work of such figures as Roger Bacon, John of the Cross, Raymond Lully, Chaucer and others, and has become a classic.
It was widely reported in the music press that the band wanted to offer fans a higher-quality alternative, but in the book Cobain Unseen, Charles R. Cross writes that Kurt Cobain agreed to the release of this compilation because he was allowed complete control over the album's artwork.

book and Border
The book Last Journey ( 2002 ), and Strasseger's film Grenz Räume ( Border Space, 2002 ), document Morath's visits to her homeland during the final years of her life.
;" The Dog ": The main character of the book, a Border Collie, thinks of himself as intelligent and tough, but is really quite soft and often cowardly.
He writes in the Southern Gothic aesthetic in his distinctly Faulknerian 1965 debut, The Orchard Keeper, and Suttree ( 1979 ); in the Epic Western tradition, with grotesquely drawn characters and symbolic narrative turns reminiscent of Melville, in Blood Meridian ( 1985 ), which Harold Bloom styled " the greatest single book since Faulkner ’ s As I Lay Dying ," calling the character of Judge Holden " short of Moby Dick, the most monstrous apparition in all of American literature "; in a much more pastoral tone in his celebrated Border Trilogy ( 1992 – 98 ) of bildungsromans, including All the Pretty Horses ( 1992 ), winner of the National Book Award ; and in the post-apocalyptic genre in the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Road ( 2007 ).
Some of the smallpipe tunes in Peacock's book, from the early 19th century, are in the Lydian mode, with a tonic of c, but with one sharp in the key signature ; these-' Bobby Shaftoe ' is one-make more musical sense in the major mode with an f natural, viewed as adaptations from originals for Border pipes.
According to Bret Hinsch in the book Passions of the cut sleeve: the male homosexual tradition in China, Zhengde had a homosexual relationship with a Muslim leader from Hami, named Sayyid Husain, who served as the overseer in Hami during the Ming Turpan Border Wars.
In January 2006, Regnery published Whatever It Takes: Illegal Immigration, Border Security, and the War on Terror, a book by Hayworth and his chief of staff, Joseph J. Eule.
He detailed his active service with the Border Regiment in his autobiographical book, Quartered Safe Out Here.
Gervais has also published plays, children's books, non-fiction and, a book of photography, A Show of Hands: Boxing on the Border ( 2004 ).
Israel's Border Wars 1949-1956 is a 1993 book written by Benny Morris about the Arab infiltration from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria into Israel after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and before the Suez Crisis war in 1956.
* The Other Roswell: UFO Crash on the Texas-Mexico Border ( 2008 ), non-fiction book about a reported UFO crash at Langtry, Texas in 1955.
* Bad Blood: A Walk Along the Irish Border, 1987 book by Colm Tóibín also known as Walking Along the Irish Border
In 1881 they amalgamated to form the Border Regiment, a fearsome force of Cumbrians who fought in the Battle of Arnhem in 1944 and were well represented in the bitter war across Burma, as featured in the book Quartered Safe Out Here by George MacDonald Fraser.
A. D. Schofield and Julia Say produced a biography and tune book, The Border Minstrel, published by the Northumbrian Pipers ' Society in 1997.
In 1999, his book of short stories, The Last Tortilla and Other Stories ( University of Arizona Press ), won the Premio Aztlán Literary Prize for the best book by a new Chicano writer, and the Southwest Book Award from the Border Regional Library Association.
The story of the war, to its conclusion, was continued in the follow-up book, Flames Across the Border ( 1981 ).
In 1984, he moved on to film where he continued Dalro Award-winning performances in films such as Boetie gaan Border toe ( Little brother goes to the border, a comedy about the Border War ) acting alongside fellow South African actor Frank Opperman, and Circles in a Forest ( based on the book Kringe in ' n Bos by author Dalene Matthee ) in 1990.
Noah Baumbach ’ s Kicking and Screaming ( 1995 ) pays homage to the first book in McCarthy ’ s Border trilogy when Otis ( Carlos Jacott ) and Chet ( Eric Stoltz ) decide to start a book club.
* The New World Border: Prophecies, Poems & Loqueras for the End of the world ( book, City Lights, 1996 ) ISBN 978-0-87286-313-2
* Dangerous Border Crossers ( book, Routledge, 2000 )
Don Simpson is an American freelance cartoonist, comic book artist and illustrator, most noted for creating Bizarre Heroes, Megaton Man, Border Worlds, and the official comic adaption of King Kong.

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