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United and States
In every war of the United States since the Civil War the South was more belligerent than the rest of the country.
Thus, to cite but one example, the Pax Britannica of the nineteenth century, whether with the British navy ruling the seas or with the City of London ruling world finance, was strictly national in motivation, however much other nations ( e.g., the United States ) may have incidentally benefited.
National responsibility for individual welfare is a concept not limited to the United States or even to the Western nations.
( Since the time-span of the nation-state coincides roughly with the separate existence of the United States as an independent entity, it is perhaps natural for Americans to think of the nation as representative of the highest form of order, something permanent and unchanging.
In recent weeks, as a result of a sweeping defense policy reappraisal by the Kennedy Administration, basic United States strategy has been modified -- and large new sums allocated -- to meet the accidental-war danger and to reduce it as quickly as possible.
Its radar screens would register Soviet missiles shortly after they are launched against the United States.
In 1938, at the insistence of Arturo Toscanini, Steinberg left Germany for the United States, by way of Switzerland.
After he had spent the first three years in New York as associate conductor, at Toscanini's invitation, of the NBC Orchestra, he made numerous guest appearances throughout the United States and Latin America.
`` Then I return to the United States for engagements at the Hollywood Bowl and in Philadelphia '', he added.
The difference came down to this: The Southern States insisted that the United States was, in last analysis, what its name implied -- a Union of States.
`` we the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common Defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America ''.
The 140,414 Americans who gave `` the last full measure of devotion '' to prevent disunion, preserved individual freedom in the United States from the dangers of anarchy, inherent in confederations, which throughout history have proved fatal in the end to all associations composed primarily of sovereign states, and to the liberties of their people.
There one finds concentrated in a comparatively small area the chief universities, colleges, and preparatory schools of the United States.
The rise of the giant corporations in Western Europe and the United States dates from the period 1880-1900.
He says: `` beside the Protestant philosophy of Progress, as expressed in radical or conservative millenarianism, should be placed the doctrine of the democratic faith which affirmed it to be the duty of the destiny of the United States to assist in the creation of a better world by keeping lighted the beacon of democracy ''.
During the next five years liberal leaders in the United States sank in the cumulative confusion attendant upon and manifested in a negative policy of Containment -- and the bitterest irony -- enforced and enforceable only by threat of a weapon that we felt the greatest distaste for but could not abandon: the atom bomb.
And here again we hear the same refrain mentioned above: `` the paramount goal of the United States set long ago was to guard the rights of the individual, ensure his development, enlarge his opportunity ''.
`` I arrived in the United States with the idea of establishing myself there more or less permanently and finding inspiration for new compositions ''.
This is the good kind of sophistication, and with all our problems and crises this kind of sophistication has flowered in the United States during recent years.
but Wright stayed in the United States.

United and cigarettes
More recently the term " cigarette boat " has replaced the term " rum-runner " when similar boats were used to smuggle cigarettes between Canada and the United States.
Cigarettes made with pipe tobacco are cheaper in the United States than factory-made cigarettes.
In the United States, the Internal Revenue section of the tax code includes a personal exemption for people who make their own tobacco and cigarettes.
Interesting aspects of topical philately include design mistakes and alterations, for instance, the recent editing out of cigarettes from the pictures used for United States stamps, and the stories of how particular images came to be used.
It has been reported that smuggling one truckload of cigarettes within the United States can lead to a profit of US $ 2 million.
Cigarettes are the most frequent source of fires leading to loss of lives in private homes, which has prompted the European Union and the United States to ban cigarettes that are not fire standard compliant by 2011.
The Reynolds company imported so much French cigarette paper and Turkish tobacco for Camel cigarettes that Winston-Salem was designated by the United States federal government as an official port of entry for the United States, despite the city being inland.
In 2001-2011, the European Community was involved in three civil suits against R. J. Reynolds in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, accusing the company of selling black market cigarettes to drug traffickers and mobsters from Italy, Russia, Colombia and the Balkans.
Five of the company's brands are among the top ten best selling cigarette brands in the United States, and it is estimated that one in three cigarettes sold in the country were manufactured by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.
A selection of United States military C-ration cans from the World War II era ( the vanilla caramels and Old Gold cigarettes were not part of the ration )
It was estimated in 2004 that smuggling a single truck containing up to 48, 000 cartons of cigarettes from Virginia to New York in the United States could lead to a profit of around US $ 2 million.
Within two decades of its founding, the American Tobacco company absorbed about 250 companies and produced 80 % of the cigarettes, plug tobacco, smoking tobacco, and snuff produced in the United States.
Nicknamed the Corn Belt Route because of its operating area in the midwestern United States, the railroad was sometimes called the Lucky Strike Road, due to the similarity in design between the herald of the CGW and the logo used for Lucky Strike cigarettes.
* Death ( cigarette ), a brand of cigarettes introduced in the United Kingdom in 1991 by The Enlightened Tobacco Company
In the United States, cigarillos ( and cigars ) were taxed at a lower rate than cigarettes.
As part of their ' bonus ', the United players were given cigarettes by the club.
The situation resembles a dispute between Asian producers and the United States, which banned clove cigarettes.
His father took him to the United States when young ; and there, after working at a tobacco factory, he began making the newly popularised cigarettes by hand.
Nat Sherman of the United States produces cigarettes branded as " A Touch of Clove " but they are not true kreteks since there is clove flavoring infused into small crystals located inside the filter, rather than actual clove spice mixed with the tobacco.
In the United States, cigarettes were the subject of legal restrictions and political debate, including a proposed 2009 US Senate bill that would have prohibited cigarettes from having a " characterizing flavor " of certain ingredients other than tobacco and menthol.
Claims of discrimination are enhanced when noting that 99 % of kreteks were imported from countries other than the United States ( chiefly Indonesia ), while menthol cigarettes are produced almost entirely by American tobacco manufacturers.
According to US health reports, 43 % of young smokers smoke menthol cigarettes, which accounts for nearly 25 % of the total cigarette consumption in the United States.

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