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final and year
In spite of this catastrophe the final mortality figure from disease in the American Army during World War 1, was 15 per 1,000 per year, contrasted with 110 per 1,000 per year in the Mexican War, and 65 in the American Civil War.
April 15 is usually the final date for filing income tax returns for most people because they use the calendar year ending on December 31.
If A taxpayer dies, the executor, administrator, or legal representative must file the final return for the decedent on or before the 15th day of the 4th month following the close of the deceased taxpayer's normal tax year.
During the year that followed, Dick co-operated whole-heartedly with the dentist and was delighted with the final result achieved -- an upper row of strong straight teeth that completely changed his facial appearance.
Total farm output for this year is officially forecast at 129% of the 1947-49 average, three points higher than the July 1 estimate and exactly equal to the final figure for 1960.
The final draft of the Articles was prepared in the summer of 1777 and the Second Continental Congress approved them for ratification by the individual states on November 15, 1777, after a year of debate.
The Iliad tells the story of the quarrel between Agamemnon and Achilles in the final year of the war.
As the final victory of Athens over Aegina was in 458 B. C., the thirty years of the oracle would carry us back to the year 488 BC as the date of the dedication of the precinct and the outbreak of hostilities.
He played three seasons with the Blades, and in his final year with the club he led the league in assists and points in both the regular season and playoffs.
During the final year of communist Hungary in the late 1980s, the Hungarian government, along with his two sons, Béla III and Péter, requested that his remains be exhumed and transferred back to Budapest for burial, where Hungary arranged a state funeral for him on July 7, 1988.
Media reports immediately following his death indicated Haley displayed deranged and erratic behavior in his final weeks, although beyond a biography of Haley by John Swenson, released a year later, which described Haley painting the windows of his home black, there is little information extant about Haley's final days.
After Octavian's proposals for a conference with Antony had been scornfully rejected, both sides prepared for the final struggle next year.
From the year 2000 onward, Chile completely overhauled its criminal justice system ; a new, US-style adversarial system has been gradually implemented throughout the country with the final stage of implementation in the Santiago metropolitan region completed on June 9, 2001
The n-th century started / will start on the year ( 100 × n ) − 99 and ends in 100 × n. A century will only include one year, the centennial year, that starts with the century's number ( e. g. 1900 is the final year in the 19th century ).
By the early 2000s, the CD largely replaced the audio cassette player as standard equipment in new automobiles, with 2010 being the final model year for any car in the US to have a factory-equipped cassette player.
Mike Quade took over as the interim manager for the final 37 games of the year.
He split 1911, his final year, between the Naps and the Boston Rustlers.
During her final year at Yale Clarke performed with the Yale Repertory Theater in such plays as Tales from the Vienna Woods.
The many numerical forms can create confusion when used in international correspondence, particularly when abbreviating the year to its final two digits.
First published in 1863, it went through three editions that year, with a fourth and final edition appearing in 1873.

final and her
All of her movements were careful and methodical, partaking of the stealth of a criminal who has plotted his felony for months in advance and knows exactly which step to take next in the course of the final execution of his crime.
The first thing to do is get her some money by a temporary but definite adjustment pending a final disposition of the case.
Read, for instance, in Malcolm MacDonald's Borneo People of Segura and her wise father Tomonggong Koh, and her final adjustment to encroaching civilization.
Only in its final scene, where Beatie Bryant ( Mary Doyle ) shakes off the disappointment of being jilted by her intellectual lover and proclaims her emancipation do we get much which makes worthwhile the series of boorish rustic happenings we have had to watch for most of the first two and one-half acts.
Then was it a final desperate plea from her, to whom??
If she chose, and in that final decision discarded, what, above all, all of us value, life itself, must she not have risen to her fullest height, and transcending her murky self, felt at last the passion of a great moral decision??
Poirot even sent Miss Carnaby two hundred pounds as a final payoff before her dog kidnapping campaign came to an end.
The two terms may not have originally been distinguished ; though in Homer's poems nectar is usually the drink and ambrosia the food of the gods ; it was with ambrosia Hera " cleansed all defilement from her lovely flesh ", and with ambrosia Athena prepared Penelope in her sleep, so that when she appeared for the final time before her suitors, the effects of years had been stripped away and they were inflamed with passion at the sight of her.
Louisa May attended to her father's needs in his final years.
The final conflict was provoked by Antony, who is said to have been persuaded by his lover, the queen Cleopatra of Egypt, to retire to her land and give battle to mask his retreat ; but lack of provisions and the growing demoralization of his army would eventually account for this decision.
* Sarah Tyrell: The niece of Eldon Tyrell, Sarah locates and hires Deckard to eliminate the final replicant in order to retain her corporation's hold over the market.
* Since Big Brother 2, the UK series always opens with a twist which have included the public being able to choose the final housemate out of three possibilities ( Big Brother 2 ), the public voting for a housemate to leave during the first week and then the housemates choosing between the two housemates with the least number of votes ( Big Brother 3 ), First Night Nominations ( Big Brother 4 ), Suitcase Nominations ( Big Brother 5 ), Unlucky Housemate 13 ( Big Brother 6 ), Big Brother Hood ( Big Brother 7 ), an all-female House and the first inclusion of twins as contestants ( Big Brother 8 ), the first couple to enter as housemates and set a secret task to hide their real relationship ( Big Brother 9 ), all " housemates " really being " non-housemates " who had to earn their housemate status ( Big Brother 10 ), a mole entering the House with an " Impossible Task " ( Big Brother 11 ), Jackie Stallone entering a house containing her son's ex-wife ( Celebrity Big Brother 3 ), the entrance of a non-celebrity in a celebrity edition ( Celebrity Big Brother 4 ) and Jade Goody's family announced to be visiting.
During the show's popular, although short-lived production, Bixby as always, invited a few old friends along to co-star such as Pamela Britton ( in her final role ), Kristina Holland and Ralph O ' Hara.
The true and final aim of thought coercion is to induce a change in the victim ’ s objective function itself, i. e. the basic set of values and rules by which the victim determines his or her own choice among the alternatives of any feasible set.
In the final season, Clark Kent marries Lois Lane ( a few years after her almost-marriage to his arch-enemy Lex Luthor, whom she refused at the altar ), finding love, happiness, and completeness in this relationship which does not jeopardize his Superman persona.
In 2006, Day recorded a commentary for the DVD release of the fifth ( and final ) season of her TV show.
After Imogene's death in Syn's arms ( during which she revealed to him that he had a son by her who was missing somewhere in America ), Syn fought a final duel with Tappitt in his jail cell, defeating him.
Arnaz and Ball's marriage ( 1940 ) was turbulent, and convinced that Arnaz was being unfaithful to her, and also because Desi came home drunk several times, Ball filed for divorce in September 1944, but returned to him before the interlocutory decree became final.

final and life
If a human figure or wild life are to be part of the projected final picture, I try to place them in the initial sketch.
The final choice of material depends upon such factors as costs, method of fabrication, degree of complexity, number of units required, time available for tooling, and projected life expectancy of the unit.
Keep occupied to the point you are not bored with life and you will truly find these final days and years of your lives to be sunshine sweet.
The 21st chapter was omitted from the editions published in the United States prior to 1986 .< ref > Burgess, Anthony ( 1986 ) A Clockwork Orange Resucked in < u > A Clockwork Orange </ u >, W. W. Norton & Company, New York .</ ref > In the introduction to the updated American text ( these newer editions include the missing 21st chapter ), Burgess explains that when he first brought the book to an American publisher, he was told that U. S. audiences would never go for the final chapter, in which Alex sees the error of his ways, decides he has lost all energy for and thrill from violence and resolves to turn his life around ( a slow-ripening but classic moment of metanoia — the moment at which one's protagonist realises that everything he thought he knew was wrong ).
With the Confederates having confiscated his land, his slaves taken away, and his home made into a military hospital, Johnson made his final comments in the Senate: " I am a Democrat now, I have been one all my life ; I expect to live and die one, and the corner-stone of my Democracy rests upon the enduring basis of the Union.
But ... Ananda will experience final liberation in this very life.
Shortly before its final " flowering ", the changes in a single minute of the Blight's life are said to exceed those of 10, 000 years of human civilization.
In the final years of Capone's life, he suffered mental and physical deterioration due to late-stage neurosyphilis, which he had contracted in his youth.
His final home in the area, Manoir de Ban, is in the process of being converted into a museum exploring his life and career, to be opened in 2013.
Juan Santamaría, a drummer boy from Alajuela who lost his life torching the filibusters ' stronghold, was killed in this final battle, and is today remembered as a national hero.
Cyril intertwines the story with the messages Jesus told throughout his life before his execution relating to his final act.
In the final decade of his life, he also wrote conduct manuals, including Religious Courtship ( 1722 ), The Complete English Tradesman ( 1726 ) and The New Family Instructor ( 1727 ).
Moll Flanders and Defoe's final novel Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress ( 1724 ) are examples of the remarkable way in which Defoe seems to inhabit his fictional ( yet " drawn from life ") characters, not least in that they are women.
A final argument is the Zoo hypothesis, which states that superintelligent extraterrestrial life exists and does not contact life on Earth to allow for its natural evolution and development.
' I never saw anything to substantiate that in all the time I was with him .” Kaye ’ s final girlfriend, Marlene Sorosky, reported that he told her, " I've never had a homosexual experience in my life.
Lomax's film won awards worldwide in the late 1960s for recording the final weeks of Campbell's life.
For example, according to ancient Hebrew belief, life takes a linear ( and not cyclical ) path ; the world began with God and is constantly headed toward God ’ s final goal for creation.
Much of his life and his whole career coincided with the struggle between Athens and Sparta for hegemony in Greece but he didn't live to see the final defeat of his city.
Forrest was susceptible to infection in his later life and, after one final trip to the hospital, informed his best friend and caregiver Joe Moe that he didn't want to go on.
He died on January 6, 1918 in the sanatorium where he had spent the final year of his life.
The final composition's comparatively late date, and its insistence upon Jesus as a divine being walking the earth in human form, renders it highly problematical to scholars who attempt to evaluate Jesus ' life in terms of literal historical truth.
Chapman had several chemotherapy treatments and tumour removal surgeries within the final months of his life, and at one point he used a wheelchair.
He spent the final decade of his life working in London to organize the expanding Quaker movement.

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