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silence and outer
But the Nairobi Trio wasn't always confined to silence with " Solfeggio "; they went into outer space and also became safe crackers on a US Steel special, " Private Eye, Private Eye ", aired on CBS March 8, 1961.
Again the main house production was accompanied by a lunchtime production, Glaspell ’ s 30-minute play The Outside, set in a lifesaving station on the outer shore of Cape Cod, with Anne Kirke taking the role originally played by the author, of a woman who has waited 20 years in virtual silence for the return of her seafaring husband.

silence and man
For example, in Spitting Image, Major's puppet was changed from a circus performer to that of a grey man who ate dinner with his wife in silence, occasionally saying " nice peas, dear ", whilst at the same time nursing an unrequited crush on his colleague Virginia Bottomley – an invention, but an ironic one in view of his affair with Edwina Currie, which was not then a matter of public knowledge.
Because man has been deaf to the principles and precepts laid down by God in the past, in this present Avataric form, I observe silence.
The 2010 ceremony on Dam Square was disrupted towards the end of the two-minute silence by a 39-year-old man with a history of violent crimes and drug trading.
Many critics believe that Gromit's silence makes him the perfect straight man with a pantomime expressiveness that drew favourable comparisons to Buster Keaton.
She broke her silence about her ex-husband upon his death in 2004, attending his funeral and issuing an official statement that read " America has lost a great president and a great, kind, and gentle man.
Examples include: the lightning that is portended by the silence and raindrops of a travelling storm cloud ; or the sun's rise and culmination at its midday zenith ; or a man traversing a rope stationed above an abyss, moving away from his uncultivated animality and towards the Übermensch.
Following their discovery of the then unknown Brian Nelson's fingerprints on security documents, the Inquiry team encountered a wall of silence as they tried to investigate further: Brian Fitzsimmons, Acting Head of the RUC's Special Branch, became evasive telling Stevens: We can't help you with this man ; and, at the Grosvenor Road station, Nelson's card in the intelligence card system was initially whipped away from the investigators.
Having loved her in silence for years but convinced of his unsuitability for her, Spode is nonetheless anxious to protect her from heartbreak or wrongdoing by any of her fiancés and eager to beat to a pulp any man who does not treat her properly.
The Labour Party conference stood in a minute's silence for a man who had always been a socialist.
: A man ( Palin ) tells a police inspector ( Cleese ) of a theft, and after an awkward silence, decides to invite said policeman to come back to his place, presumably for sex.
Colonel Nick Kudrow ( Alec Baldwin ) sees the boy's ability to decipher the code as a liability and rather than rectify the problem adequately, instead plans to silence Simon, sending a hit man, Peter Burrell ( Lindsey Lee Ginter ) and his partner Shayes ( Peter Stormare ) to murder the boy and his parents, Martin and Jenny.
His treatment was also used on Virginia Woolf, who wrote a savage satire of it: " you invoke proportion ; order rest in bed ; rest in solitude ; silence and rest ; rest without friends, without books, without messages ; six months rest ; until a man who went in weighing seven stone six comes out weighing twelve ".
Otto's wife cannot bear to see this, and starts to shout out that it was her husband who killed the man, but Otto pulls out a gun and shoots his wife in order to silence her.
For example: The one with the phobia of awkward silence will scream, the man next to her has a phobia of the word " Aagh!
In the book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, Perkins states that he suspects the success of his company was due to ' coincidences ' orchestrated by those appreciative of his silence about the work he did as an economic hit man.
If you knew how stupid and intolerable is the situation of a man who cooks and sets before a friend a meal, which he proceeds to eat in silence!
Having noted my obstinate silence, Hubert was astonished and shocked that such a ticking off was being given to a man who had already written a great deal and given a course in free composition at the Conservatory, that such a contemptuous judgment without appeal was pronounced over him, such a judgment as you would not pronounce over a pupil with the slightest talent who had neglected some of his tasks — then he began to explain N. G.
Anna's rebuttal is a story about her time living with Kate, when she came home to find Kate sitting in silence while a young man sat in their arm chair crying.
Your name is far beyond the reach of every enemy ; though tyrants may impose silence, it will live in the heart of every honest man who knows you.
This hostility is illustrated by this description of Grossman's presence in the Greenwich Village folk scene by Dylan biographer and critic Michael Gray: " He was a pudgy man with derisive eyes, with a regular table at Gerde's Folk City from which he surveyed the scene in silence, and many people loathed him.
Vincent D ' Onofrio appeared twice in the series playing the arsonist son of a mobster in his first appearance and as a mentally-challenged man falsely accused of murder in his second. William Converse-Roberts appeared twice, first as the murderer in D ' Onofrio's second appearance and later as a widower out to silence a gun control advocate after his wife was raped and killed in front of him.
How lovely it is, to hear from a remote and abandoned village amidst our island's hills, during a moonlit evening, while the cricket is hidden among the tomato plants, breaking the evening's silence, a handsome and healthy young man, swarthy as our country makes him, singing his għana ceaselessly.
" I would never marry any man who could not use a bow and arrow as well as I could ; but as he still continued his suit, I always laughed at him, and answered in the Indian language, of which he was entirely ignorant ; and so by degrees wearied him into silence on that head " ( 51 ).

silence and Father
The Church Father Hippolytus, writing in the early 3rd century, discloses that " the Athenians, while initiating people into the Eleusinian rites, likewise display to those who are being admitted to the highest grade at these mysteries, the mighty, and marvellous, and most perfect secret suitable for one initiated into the highest mystic truths: an ear of corn in silence reaped.
Prior to its tabling in Dáil Éireann and presentation to the Irish electorate in a plebiscite, an obfuscatory comment on the final amended draft by Secretary of State Eugenio Cardinal Pacelli, the future Holy Father Pius XII responded " We do not approve, neither do we disapprove ; We shall maintain silence.
Father Divine had them wait in silence for ten minutes, and then they filed into police custody.
Students were required to wear blazers and ties, maintain silence when moving between classes, attend weekly Mass on campus, address their teachers as either " sir " or " Father ," and maintain a demeanor befitting the Jesuit educational ideal of " Men for others.
While Pope Pius XII was alive, Cardinal Ottaviani ( who was then Pro-Prefect at the Holy Office ) took no action against the Poem of the Man God or Maria Valtorta, but ordered Father Berti to silence.
At the centre of the Pleroma was the primal Father or Bythos, the beginning of all things who, after ages of silence and contemplation, projected thirty Aeons, heavenly archetypes representing fifteen syzygies or sexually complementary pairs.
" This brought about silence in the pub for the first time in twenty years, and Father O ' Malley has a conversation with Shaw about the philosophy of the words, and eventually has them all taken down.
Father Grande also challenged the government in its response to actions he saw as attempts to harass and silence Salvadoran priests.

silence and speaks
Now Hiero first came to the front in 275 when he was made General: Theocritus speaks of his achievements as still to come, and the silence of the poet would show that Hiero ’ s marriage to Phulistis, his victory over the Mamertines at the Longanus and his election as " King ", events which are ascribed to 270, had not yet taken place.
Alma speaks constantly to break the silence, at first about books she is reading and trivial matters, then increasingly about her own anxieties and relationship with her fiancé, Karl-Henrik, who scolds her for lacking ambition – " though not with my career, I suppose in some greater way.
This is why the poem speaks not of an ideal life but of a concrete one: the angle of a window, the resonance of streets, cities and rooms, the shadow cast by a wall, a sudden face, the silence, distance and brightness of the stars, the night ’ s breath, the scent of linden and of oregano.
Duma also appears at the funeral of Dream of the Endless in The Wake, where he gets up and " speaks ", but being the angel of silence, simply sheds a single tear which effectively communicates his feelings to all those present.
Celebrated twentieth century playwright Eugene Ionesco even went so far so to say Wilson “ surpassed Beckett ” because “ silence is a silence that speaks ” ( Holmberg 52 ).
When the period of silence is over the prince speaks and establishes his innocence.
After years of silence, " The Iceman " speaks.

silence and us
If we thus spent our very first day in the midst of a large number of your people honoring a new hero and a great national achievement, our last day, to us at least, was equally impressive and very moving, even though the crowds were absent and there was almost complete silence.
The success of the work bears comparison with his achievements in opera, but his comparative silence during the period from 1832 to his death in 1868 makes his biography appear almost like the narrative of two lives — the life of swift triumph and the long life of seclusion, of which biographers give us pictures in stories of the composer's cynical wit, his speculations in fish culture, his mask of humility and indifference.
Perhaps the most notable feature of Máel Coluim's death is the account of Marianus, matched by the silence of the Irish annals, which tells us that Donnchad I became king and ruled for five years and nine months.
When I teach a class, we sit in silence, we open our hearts to the text, we sing a niggun, we study the text, we process what's happened to us, then we sing another niggun and sit in silence again to receive what we've received.
The Vimalakīrti-nirdeśa " offers us two dramatic and contrasting moments of silence.
First, the permeating and victimizing fact of human degradation, symbolized by the Southern struggle against racial bigotry, compelled most of us from silence to activism.
" At the end of a report about someone who had done something ridiculous or offensive, Harvey would say, " He would want us to mention his name ," followed by silence, then would start the next item.
VINCENT and greatly desired him to share their fortune and accompany them to the city of New Orleans ; and as the two relatives seemed about to fail in their object, the future sovereign of France broke his gloomy silence and with honest tears streaming from his eyes said, “ Yes, come along with us, VINCENT, come ; we are now wretched outcasts, alone, friendless, homeless, moneyless, wandering through this wilderness infested with wild beasts and worse savages, far from our dear native land.
It suggests that we come from silence, and return to silence ; it reminds us that before we were born and after we die we are silent with respect to this world.
We pledge to each other, and to our fellow believers, that no power on earth, be it cultural or political, will intimidate us into silence or acquiescence. Through the centuries, Christianity has taught that civil disobedience is not only permitted, but sometimes required.
Over 40 years ago we came together and we shared innumerable experiences together in the dust and heat of the struggle for independence and in the long silence of prison life where we spent -- I forget now -- four or five years together at various places, and inevitably got to know each other intimately ; and so, for many of us, it is a grievous loss and a grievous blow, even as it is a grievous loss for our country.
As he accounts his sufferings more and more, he reaches a peak of declaring that he would recall " The curse / Once breathed on thee ..." Four voices, from the mountains, springs, air, and whirlwinds, respond to Prometheus through describing how they see the world and how " we shrank back: for dreams of ruin / To frozen caves our flight pursuing / Made us keep silence ".
We beg you to hear our humble prayers and to obtain for us the favors which we now ask in the silence of our hearts.

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