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Individual and atoms
The metal transforms to an antiferromagnetic state upon cooling to 14. 8 K. Individual samarium atoms can be isolated by encapsulating them into fullerene molecules.
* 1951 – Individual atoms seen for the first time using the field ion microscope

Individual and have
Individual differences in maturation and the development of readiness for learning to read indicate that not until the third grade have most children had ample opportunity to demonstrate their capacity for school achievement.
Individual scholars have also called the family " Erythraean " ( Tucker 1966 ) and " Lisramic " ( Hodge 1972 ).
Individual flowers have jointed pedicels and tepals forming a tubular shape.
Individual members additionally have access to Safari Books Online and Books24x7.
Individual crocheters work yarn with a loose or a tight hold and, if unmeasured, these differences can lead to significant size changes in finished garments that have the same number of stitches.
Individual smiths and specialized applications have fostered development of a variety of forges of this type, from the coal forge described above, to simpler constructions amounting to a hole in the ground with a pipe leading into it.
Individual geocaching websites have developed their own guidelines for acceptable geocache publications.
Individual whales are typically identified using photographs of their dorsal surface and matching the scars and patches associated with parasites that have fallen off the whale or are still attached.
Individual dorms at Harvey Mudd have their own unique traditions, but the College itself hosts some campus traditions.
Individual contributors that perform team tasks that are challenging, interesting, and engaging are more likely to be motivated to exert greater effort and perform better than those team members that are working on those tasks that do not have these characteristics.
Individual scientists have also used the term.
Individual mountains within the same mountain range do not necessarily have the same geologic structure or petrology.
Individual operators would also have had no more right than any other private company for their " advertisement " to appear on traffic signs, whereas the double arrow was already prescribed for indicating a " railway station ".
Philips have made some considerable progress since 2007 ( when it was first ranked in this guide ), in particular by supporting the Individual Producer Responsibility principle, which means that the company is accepting the responsibility for the toxic impacts of its products on e-waste dumps around the world.
Individual components of the 19S particle have their own regulatory roles.
Individual souls have the same overall structure as the principle of Soul, but they are weaker.
Individual Conservative rabbis and synagogues are not required to adopt any of these changes, and a small number have adopted none of them.
Individual South African cities such as Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria are also in the process of, or have completed construction of city-owned fibre-optic networks.
Individual houses also may have vegetable gardens in their compounds.
Individual ministries or agencies ( central or local ) do not have such powers except in specified circumstances.
Individual athletes such as swimmer Natalie du Toit and track athlete Oscar Pistorius have competed as equals against able bodied athletes at various events including the Olympic Games.

Individual and been
Individual crystals over 10 meters across have been found, and the world's largest crystal was found within a pegmatite.
Individual hybrids of rhododendrons have been grafted on to a rootstock on a single rhododendron plant that was found growing in a chalk quarry.
Individual genomic changes ( found by genotyping ) that have been associated with endometriosis include:
Individual inscriptions to Nemetona and Loucetios have been recovered from the same site in Klein-Winternheim.
The use of such a standard by the University of North Dakota has been criticized by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education in the case of Caleb Warner, who was suspended for three years in January 2010 on the basis of a report by a complainant who was subsequently charged with filing a false report by state police, a decision which the University has refused to reconsider.
Individual Deputy Marshals, particularly in the American West, have been seen as legendary heroes in the face of rampant lawlessness ( see Famous Marshals, below ).
Individual and team sports have always been a big part of the festival.
Individual variation in response to analgesic placebos has been linked to regional neurochemical differences in the internal affective state of the individuals experiencing pain.
Individual retrospective sets have either been released or are still in progress.
Individual songs have been included in the recorded repertoire of many singers.
The group organized among a number of libertarians, including The Society for Individual Liberty, which had been formed by dissident members of Young Americans for Freedom and European libertarians.
Individual trees have been known to live for up to around 500 years.
There has been a sharp increase of tourists from Mainland China, due to the introduction of the Individual Visit Scheme ( IVS ) in 2003.
Individual brainstorming is a useful method in creative writing and has been shown to be superior to traditional group brainstorming.
Individual contributions have been made by epigraphers such as Georg Fabricius ( 1516 – 1571 ); August Wilhelm Zumpt ( 1815 – 1877 ); Theodor Mommsen ( 1817 – 1903 ); Emil Hübner ( 1834 – 1901 ); Franz Cumont ( 1868 – 1947 ); Louis Robert ( 1904 – 1985 ).
The first bill sponsored by Foxx to have been signed into law since 2006, the Hero Act, signed by President Bush on Memorial Day, 2006, allows U. S. troops to increase their retirement savings by investing a portion of their combat pay into Individual Retirement Accounts.
Individual purchasers of the book have not been harmed.
Individual members of the party have been elected to school boards in the past few decades, but have done so as independents rather than as " Communist Party " candidates.
Individual microgames can also be accessed for the player to practice, provided that they have been played at least once in the normal mode.
" Dr. Arnita Jones, the Executive Secretary, reported a disturbing trend: " Individual membership has for long been drawn significantly on tenured faculty members in higher education institutions, but the percentage of tenured and tenure-track faculty has shrunk over the years, with serious implications for our membership base.
Individual events that have been held here are numerous.

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