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Introduction and pigs
* Introduction of exotic species e. g. foxes, rabbits, sheep, cattle, pigs.

Introduction and by
Swift, in the Dublin edition of A Preface to the Bishop of Sarum's Introduction, indicated his feelings by including Molesworth, along with Toland, Tindal, and Collins, in the group of those who, like Burnet, are engaged in attacking all Convocations of the clergy.
Introduction to The Politics, by Aristotle.
*< cite > Science and Sanity: An Introduction to Non-Aristotelian Systems and General Semantics </ cite >, Alfred Korzybski, Preface by Robert P. Pula, Institute of General Semantics, 1994, hardcover, 5th edition, ISBN 0-937298-01-8, ( full text online )
* On Nicomachus ' Introduction to Arithmetic ( written by Asclepius )
The Penguin Edition of 1956 includes an Introduction by John Sparrow.
* Introduction to The Book of Job by Stephen Mitchell
* 6. 912 Introduction to Copyright Law taught by Keith Winstein, MIT OpenCourseWare January IAP 2006
* An Introduction to Cosmological Inflation by Andrew Liddle, 1999
Introduction by D. S.
* Introduction to Languages and the Theory of Computation by John C. Martin McGraw Hill 1996 ( 2nd edition )
Edited, with an Introduction and Annotations, by Reiner Smolinski ( Grand Rapids and Tuebingen: Baker Academic and Mohr Siebeck, 2010 ), ISBN 978-0-8010-3900-3
* Introduction of " The Clavichord " by Bernard Brauchli
North American efforts include the 1993 founding of RadPsyNet Radical Psychology Network, the 1997 publication of Critical Psychology: An Introduction ( edited by Dennis Fox and Isaac Prilleltensky ; expanded 2009 edition edited by Dennis Fox, Isaac Prilleltensky, and Stephanie Austin ), and the action-focused PsyACT ( Psychologists Acting with Conscience Together ).
* Categorical data analysis-Data sets used in the book, An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis, by Agresti are provided on-line by StatLib.
* Extreme values-Data used in the book, An Introduction to the Statistical Modeling of Extreme Values are provided on-line by Stuart Coles, the book's author.
* 1932: Introduction of the strongest diesel truck in the world by MAN with.
* 1964 Introduction, Bibliography and Subject Pages vii – xxviii, 491 – 513 in On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, by Charles Darwin.
* An Introduction to Ethics by Paul Newall, aimed at beginners.
* TIB = The Interpreter ’ s Bible, The Holy Scriptures in the King James and Revised Standard versions with general articles and introduction, exegesis, exposition for each book of the Bible in twelve volumes, George Arthur Buttrick, Commentary Editor, Walter Russell Bowie, Associate Editor of Exposition, Paul Scherer, Associate Editor of Exposition, John Knox Associate Editor of New Testament Introduction and Exegesis, Samuel Terrien, Associate Editor of Old Testament Introduction and Exegesis, Nolan B. Harmon Editor, Abingdon Press, copyright 1955 by Pierce and Washabaugh, set up printed, and bound by the Parthenon Press, at Nashville, Tennessee, Volume XI, Philippians, Colossians and Exegesis by Francis W. Beare, Exposition by G. Preston MacLeod, Thessalonians, Pastoral Epistles First and Second Epistles to Timothy, and the Epistle to Titus, Philemon, Hebrews

Introduction and at
* An Introduction to DNA and Chromosomes from HOPES: Huntington's Outreach Project for Education at Stanford
Claude Bernard aimed at establishing scientific method in medicine ; he published An Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine in 1865.
* Introduction to Flight, John D. Anderson, Jr., McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0-07-299071-6 – The author is the Curator of Aerodynamics at the Smithsonian Institution's National Air & Space Museum and Professor Emeritus at the University of Maryland.
* EC 6 Introduction from the Department of Chemistry at Queen Mary, University of London
* An Introduction to Language Oriented Programming at JAOO 2006
*" Introduction to New Testament History and Literature " course materials " Open Yale course " taught at Yale University by Dale B. Martin
* Introduction to neoclassical economics at Drexel
*" An Introduction to Proteins " from HOPES ( Huntington's Disease Outreach Project for Education at Stanford )
* Joshua Klein's Introduction to SNO, Solar Neutrinos, and Penn at SNO
* An Introduction to Truth by Paul Newall, aimed at beginners.
Traditionally, in Celtic and Germanic Europe, the feast of Samhain ( called Allelieweziel in DeitschSchreiwer, Robert L. < i > A Brief Introduction to Urglaawe .</ i > Bristol, PA: Deitscherei. com, 2009 .</ ref >) was specially associated with the deceased, and, in these countries, it was still customary to set a place for them at table on this day until relatively recent times.
* Zohar Pages in English, at ha-zohar. net, including the Introduction translated in English
* Zohar Pages in English, at ha-zohar. net, including the Introduction translated in English, and The Importance of Study of the Zohar, and more
* Introduction to Mechanisms-Cams Classification, nomenclature, motion, and design of cams ; information for the course, Introduction to Mechanisms, at Carnegie Mellon University.
* Introduction to the novel at Kipling Org
* An Introduction to Free Will and Determinism by Paul Newall, aimed at beginners.
Her work was to have a dramatic effect on the British Society, polarising its members into rival factions as it became clear that her approach to child analysis was seriously at odds with that of Anna Freud as set out in her 1927 book An Introduction to the Technique of Child Analysis.
Babington's edition was a facsimile of the editio princeps published at Venice in 1543, with an Introduction and French and English versions.
Diaconis left home at 14 to travel with sleight-of-hand legend Dai Vernon, and dropped out of high school, promising himself that he would return one day so that he could learn all of the math necessary to read William Feller's famous two-volume treatise on probability theory, An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications.

Introduction and beginning
Some mark Haeckel's definition as the beginning ; others say it was Eugenius Warming with the writing of Oecology of Plants: An Introduction to the Study of Plant Communities ( 1895 ), or Carl Linnaeus ' principles on the economy of nature that matured in the early 18th century.
The Mishna in the beginning of Avot and ( in more detail ) Maimonides in his Introduction to Mishneh Torah records a chain of tradition ( mesorah ) from Moses at Mount Sinai down to R ' Ashi, redactor of the Talmud and last of the Amoraim.
Celan had read Heidegger beginning in 1951, and exclamation marks in his margin notes testify to an awareness that Heidegger had allowed his remarks on the " greatness " of National Socialism in the 1953 edition of Introduction to Metaphysics to stand without further comment.
In " Jack and Arthur: An Introduction to Jack the Giant Killer ", Thomas Green writes that Jack has no place in Cornish folklore, but was created at the beginning of the eighteenth century simply as a framing device for a series of gory, giant-killing adventures.
His latest book is A Contemporary Introduction to Free Will ( 2005 ), which is widely used in beginning philosophy classes.
* Introduction ( essay ), a beginning section which states the purpose and goals of the following writing

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