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James and Christopher
The marriage produced eight children: Geraldine Leigh ( b. 1944 ), Michael John ( b. 1946 ), Josephine Hannah ( b. 1949 ), Victoria ( b. 1951 ), Eugene Anthony ( b. 1953 ), Jane Cecil ( b. 1957 ), Annette Emily ( b. 1959 ), and Christopher James ( b. 1962 ).
Chaplin also concentrated on his family, to which he and Oona added three more children, Jane Cecil ( b. 23 May 1957 ), Annette Emily ( b. 3 December 1959 ) and Christopher James ( b. 8 July 1962 ).
* Eugene Charniak, Christopher K. Riesbeck, Drew V. McDermott, James R. Meehan: Artificial Intelligence Programming, 2nd Edition, Lawrence Erlbaum, 1987, ISBN 0-89859-609-2
Its recipients to date are Ian Agol, Manindra Agrawal, Yves Benoist, Manjul Bhargava, Danny Calegari, Alain Connes, Nils Dencker, Alex Eskin, David Gabai, Ben Green, Christopher Hacon, Richard Hamilton, Michael Harris, Jeremy Kahn, Laurent Lafforgue, Gérard Laumon, Vladimir Markovic, James McKernan, Ngô Bảo Châu, Jonathan Pila, Jean-François Quint, Oded Schramm, Stanislav Smirnov, Terence Tao, Clifford Taubes, Richard Taylor, Claire Voisin, Jean-Loup Waldspurger, Andrew Wiles, and Edward Witten.
Republican James Sullivan won the governor's seat from Strong in 1807, but his successor was unable to hold the seat in the 1809 election, which went to Federalist Christopher Gore.
Spacey is well known in Hollywood for his impressions as when he appeared on Inside the Actors Studio he imitated, at host James Lipton's request: James Stewart, Johnny Carson, Katharine Hepburn, Clint Eastwood, John Gielgud, Marlon Brando, Christopher Walken, Al Pacino and Jack Lemmon.
Grammer then played Michael Cassio in a Broadway revival of Othello, with James Earl Jones and Christopher Plummer.
The Lamorna Pottery was founded in 1947 by Christopher James Ludlow ( known as Jimmy ) and Derek Wilshaw.
The film was directed by Billy Morrissette and stars James LeGros, Maura Tierney and Christopher Walken.
Relevant New Age works include the writings of James Redfield, Eckhart Tolle, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Christopher Hills, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, John Holland, Gary Zukav, Wayne Dyer, and Rhonda Byrne.
Notable graduates include former U. S. Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell, U. S. Senator John McCain, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe Wesley Clark, former Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Peter Pace and Hugh Shelton, former National Security Advisor and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe James L. Jones, former U. S Army Chief of Staff Eric Shinseki, former U. S. Chief of Naval Operations Elmo Zumwalt, retired Air Force General Arnold W. Braswell, U. S. Ambassador to Russia John Beyrle, World War II submarine officer and best-selling novelist Edward L. Beach, Jr., former military aide to President John F. Kennedy Godfrey McHugh, murdered U. S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens, and U. S. Air Force Chief of Staff Norton A. Schwartz.
* King Philip also appears in James Goldman's 1966 Broadway Production of The Lion in Winter and was portrayed by Christopher Walken, as well as the 1968 Academy Award winning film of the same name, with Timothy Dalton playing the role.
Captains: Robert April ( James Doohan, Gene Roddenberry ), Christopher Pike ( Jeffrey Hunter ), James T. Kirk ( William Shatner ), Willard Decker ( Stephen Collins ) ( refit ), Spock ( Leonard Nimoy ) ( refit )
Named for King James I, it was founded in May 1607 by Christopher Newport.
* Moreman, Christopher M., and Cory James Rushton ( editors ) ( 2011 ) Race, Oppression and the Zombie: Essays on Cross-Cultural Appropriations of the Caribbean Tradition.
* Moreman, Christopher M., and Cory James Rushton ( editors ) ( 2011 ) Zombies Are Us: Essays on the Humanity of the Walking Dead.
* May 15 – Jamestown: Christopher Newport, George Percy, Gabriel Archer, and others travel 6 days exploring along the James River up to the falls and Powhatan's village.
However, the song writers were the performers, so that the recipients were the same in only 16 cases ( Domenico Modugno, Paul Simon, Christopher Cross, Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie, Billy Joel, Bobby McFerrin, Natalie Cole, Eric Clapton, Seal, Shawn Colvin & John Leventhal, James Horner, U2, the Dixie Chicks, Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, Lady Antebellum, and Adele ).
Prior to its sale to News Corp, the last members of the board of directors of the company were: Christopher Bancroft, Lewis B. Campbell, Michael Elefante, John Engler, Harvey Golub, Leslie Hill, Irvine Hockaday, Peter Kann, David Li, M. Peter McPherson ( Chairman ), Frank Newman, James Ottaway, Elizabeth Steele, and William Steere.
James Clinton and Christopher Tappan, both lifetime residents of the area, were sent to scout appropriate locations.
* The Church of the Eremitani is an Augustinian church of the 13th century, containing the tombs of Jacopo ( 1324 ) and Ubertinello ( 1345 ) da Carrara, lords of Padua, and for the chapel of SS James and Christopher, formerly illustrated by Mantegna's frescoes.
Pope Leo X sent a letter to James threatening him with ecclesiatical censure for breaking peace treaties on 28 June 1513, and subsequently James was excommunicated by Cardinal Christopher Bainbridge.

James and Chris
Others such as department store magnate James Cash Penney, Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy, actor / martial artist Chuck Norris, wrestlers Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, Ted DiBiase and wrestler Sting, and actors Jesse McCartney, Kirk Cameron, and Mr. T are also mentioned as being born again.
Finally there are those archaeologists and evolutionary anthropologists – among them Ian Watts, Camilla Power and Chris Knight ( co-founder with James Hurford of the EVOLANG series of conferences ) — who argue that ' the origin of language ' is probably an insoluble problem.
# 1998 London: Chris Knight, James R. Hurford and Michael Studdert-Kennedy ( eds ), The Evolutionary Emergence of Language: Social function and the origins of linguistic form, Cambridge University Press,
* Tim Finin ; Jay Weber ; Gio Wiederhold ; Michael Gensereth ; Richard Fritzzon ; Donald McKay ; James McGuire ; Richard Pelavin ; Stuart Shapiro ; Chris Beck: DRAFT Specification of the KQML Agent-Communication Language ( PostScript ), June 15, 1993.
Multihull Designers that have made their mark and are considered the pioneers of multihull design and the ones that have made multihulls so popular today are: James Wharram ( UK ), Derek Kelsall ( UK ), Loch Crowther ( Aust ), Hedly Nicol ( Aust ), Malcolm Tennant ( NZ ), Jim Brown ( USA ), Arthur Piver ( USA ), Chris White ( US ), Ian Farrier ( NZ ), LOMOcean ( NZ ).
The Heat, led by LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh, did in fact make the Finals against the Dallas Mavericks, in a rematch for the franchises of the 2006 Finals.
Following the shortened season, the Miami Heat made a return to the Finals with the trio of Dwayne Wade, Lebron James and Chris Bosh against Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden.
Purveyors of the traditional approach include organists and pianists such as Dennis James, Rick Friend, Chris Elliott, Dennis Scott, Clark Wilson and Jim Riggs.
The other men include hotheaded, inexperienced Chico ( Horst Buchholz ); Chris's friend Harry Luck ( Brad Dexter ) who believes Chris is seeking treasure ; the drifter Vin ( Steve McQueen ), who has gone broke after a round of gambling ; Bernardo O ' Reilly ( Charles Bronson ), a gunfighter of Irish-Mexican heritage ; cowpuncher Britt ( James Coburn ); and an on-the-run gunman Lee ( Robert Vaughn ), who is in the midst of a crisis of confidence.
In response to a submission from Arbortext, Inso, and Microsoft, a W3C working group on XSL started operating in December 1997, with Sharon Adler and Steve Zilles as co-chairs, with James Clark acting as editor ( and unofficially as chief designer ), and Chris Lilley as the W3C staff contact.
Some of the most in-demand orchestrators today ( and of the past 30 years ) include Jeff Atmajian, Pete Anthony & Brad Dechter ( James Newton Howard, Christoper Young, John Powell, Hans Zimmer ), Conrad Pope ( John Williams ), Eddie Karam ( John Williams ), Tony Blondal ( Rolfe Kent, Henry Jackman, Chris Young, Ramin Djawadi et al.
Chris Pine as James T. Kirk in the 2009 film Star Trek ( film ) | Star Trek
Yurica has been followed in this usage by authors including journalist Chris Hedges, Marion Maddox, James Rudin, Sam Harris, and the group TheocracyWatch.
Over the years, Wireds writers have included Jorn Barger, John Perry Barlow, John Battelle, Paul Boutin, Stewart Brand, Gareth Branwyn, Po Bronson, Scott Carney, Michael Chorost, Douglas Coupland, James Daly, Joshua Davis, J. Bradford DeLong, Mark Dery, David Diamond, Patrick Di Justo, Cory Doctorow, Esther Dyson, Mark Frauenfelder, Simson Garfinkel, William Gibson, Dan Gillmor Mike Godwin, George Gilder, Lou Ann Hammond, Danny Hillis, Steven Johnson, Bill Joy, Jon Katz, Leander Kahney, Richard Kadrey, Jaron Lanier, Lawrence Lessig, Paul Levinson, Steven Levy, John Markoff, Wil McCarthy, Glyn Moody, Charles Platt, Josh Quittner, Spencer Reiss, Howard Rheingold, Rudy Rucker, Paul Saffo, Evan Schwartz, Peter Schwartz, Alex Steffen, Neal Stephenson, Bruce Sterling, Chris Hardwick, John Hodgman, Kevin Warwick, Dave Winer, Belinda Parmar and Gary Wolf.
Entering the 2010-2011 season with nearly $ 48 million in salary cap space, the Heat caused a major power shift during the blockbuster 2010 NBA Free Agency, adding Chris Bosh and LeBron James with local superstar Dwyane Wade, whom they had re-signed to a six-year, $ 107. 59 million contract.
Among the notables who died either without a valid will or no will at all are Ross Alexander, Fatty Arbuckle, Anura Bandaranaike, Madhav Prasad Birla, Sonny Bono, George Brent, Lenny Bruce, Jacob A. Cantor, Kurt Cobain, Russ Columbo, Sam Cooke, James Dean, Sandy Dennis, John Denver, Divine, Duke Ellington, Cass Elliot, Chris Farley, Bobby Fischer, Redd Foxx, Mary Frann, James A. Garfield, Marvin Gaye, Ulysses S. Grant, Billie Holiday, Buddy Holly, Shemp Howard, Howard Hughes, Andrew Johnson, Florence Griffith-Joyner, Martin Luther King, Jr., Ernie Kovacs, Harry Langdon, Bruce Lee, Abraham Lincoln, Peter Lorre, Jayne Mansfield, Rocky Marciano, Karl Marx, Steve McNair, Sal Mineo, Carmen Miranda, Keith Moon, Rosa Parks, Pablo Picasso, Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin, Tupac Shakur, Don Simpson, Anna Nicole Smith, William Desmond Taylor, Sharon Tate, Tiny Tim, Ritchie Valens, Hervé Villechaize, Barry White, and Jimmy Witherspoon.
In early 2000, Chris Hayes left the News to spend more time with his family, though he performed on their 2001 album Plan B. Stef Burns replaced Hayes, although guitarists Tal Morris and James Harrah have also filled in when Burns has had other commitments.
The city has also produced many other musicians, including singer and songwriter John Waite, who first became known as lead singer of The Babys in the 1970s ; Paul James, better known as The Rev, former guitarist of English punk band Towers Of London who is now in the band Day 21 and plays guitar live on tour for The Prodigy, Chris Acland, drummer of the early 1990s shoegaze band Lush ; Tom English, drummer of North East indie band Maxïmo Park and Steve Kemp, drummer of the indie band Hard-Fi.
His music has been covered by many artists, including Caedmon's Call, Five Iron Frenzy, Amy Grant, Carolyn Arends, Jars of Clay, Michael W. Smith, John Tesh, Chris Rice, Rebecca St. James, Hillsong United and Third Day.
In the film, Pike encourages the young James T. Kirk ( Chris Pine ) to follow in the footsteps of his father, and challenges him to enlist in Starfleet.
Members of the Borough Council are Elmer Hutchison, Chris James, Vicky Papics, Steve Shelton, Martha Tersigni and Eric Weger.
Members of the Township Council are Council President Joseph Scuralli ( R, Ward 4 ), Nadine Bello ( R, Ward 6 ), James Jimenez ( R, at-large ), Franco Mazzei ( R, Ward 3 ), Chris F. McIntyre ( D, Ward 5 ), Alan Purcell ( R, Ward 1 ), Lonni Miller Ryan ( R, at-large ), Al Sadowski ( R, Ward 2 ) and Joseph Schweighardt ( R, at-large ).
Gene Palmer, Randle Walker ; 1971, Mike Buchanan, Lindsey Roberts ; 1972, Rueben Bussey, Bobby Price, Avery Downing ; 1973, Maurice Jones ; 1974, Coach Ben Pannel, Roy Green, Bobby Hunt, Stanley Lawrence ; 1975, James Brack, Bobby Mowrey, Jerry Malone ; 1976, Pres Young, Rex Scroggins, Dick Ford ; 1977, Robert Knight ; 1979, Jackie Walker, Gregg McNeal ; 1980, Windy Haggard, Syd Keasler, Zell Roberts, Wilber Ingram ; 1981, Kenny Rowe, Martin Luther King Jr, Danny Malone ; 1982, Jimmy Killion, Gene Grammer ; 1983, David Powell, Jerry Bunt ; 1984, Doug Floyd, Ken Jones ; 1985, Mike Trice, Scooter Taylor ; 1986, Brian Koechel, Bryon Lawrence ; 1987, Donald Taylor ; 1988, Jimmie Tallant ; 1989, Tommy Roberts ; 1990, Chris Shafer, Larry Gideon ; 1991, Randy Clark, Clifford Shaw ; 1992, Jimmy Lynn Grimes, Ricky Lawrence ; 1993, Linty Ingram ; 1995, Jeff Brownlee, Ron Gideon ; 1996, John Martin ; 1997, Rob Floyd ; 1998, Steve Green, Patrick Gill ; 1999, J. B. Rodgers ; 2000, Les Langley ; 2001, Rodney Flake ; 2002, Donnie Muckleroy

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