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Keaggy and has
Aside from the obvious influence on artists that Taylor has worked with over the years, numerous notable people have named Taylor and DA as musical heroes over the years including artists like U2, The Ocean Blue, Randy Stonehill, The 77s, Phil Keaggy, Steve Taylor, Jimmy Abegg, Phil Madeira, Crystal Lewis, This Train, Carolyn Arends ( Arends actually used to perform DA songs in one of her early bands ), Ventriloquist Terry Fator, Brian Healy, The Throes, The Choir, Mortal, Larry Norman, Animator and Musician Doug TenNapel, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Isaac Air Freight, Deliverance, Starflyer59, Jonathan Coulton ,< ref >
Phil Keaggy ( born Philip Tyler Keaggy, in Youngstown, Ohio on March 23, 1951 ) is an American acoustic and electric guitarist and vocalist who has released more than 50 albums and contributed to many more recordings in both the contemporary Christian music and mainstream markets.
In 1992, Keaggy released what has become a landmark acoustic instrumental album, Beyond Nature.
Chandler has played bass for hundreds of bands on the road and on various recordings, including Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, Tonio K, Mike Stand, The Lucky Stiffs, Pierce Pettis, Lost Dogs, Chuck Girard, Riki Michele and others.
Rumor has it that someone submitted the wrong mix to the label, and the released version unintentionally omits guitar solos by both Joel Hanson and Phil Keaggy.
The album features Jimmy Hall of Wet Willie and Jeff Beck, plus appearances by members of The Kentucky Headhunters, Phil Keaggy, Darrell Mansfield ( for whom Martin has previously played ) and others.

Keaggy and long
In 2006, Keaggy and Stonehill released a live concert on DVD and CD in support of the Compassion International Christian relief agency with which both men had long been associated.

Keaggy and such
The online magazine Blogcritics criticized the list for introducing some undeserving guitarists while forgetting some artists perceived being perhaps more worthy, such as Johnny Marr, Phil Keaggy or John Petrucci.
Mark Heard released 16 records in his lifetime, and produced and performed with many other artists as well, such as Sam Phillips ( aka Leslie Phillips ), Pierce Pettis, Phil Keaggy, Vigilantes of Love, Peter Buck of R. E. M.
In addition to including acoustic renditions of Keaggy and Stonehill's solo material, the project includes versions of their previous collaborations such as " Sunday's Child ," " Who Will Save the Children?
After receiving her first # 1 hit, she began headlining her own concert tours, with such notable opening artists as Wayne Watson, Clay Crosse, Phil Keaggy, Avalon, Aaron Jeoffrey, Fernando Ortega, Out of the Grey and Michele Tumes.
She continued recording throughout the 1970s and toured as a solo artist and with some of the best-known names of the Jesus Movement, such as Phil Keaggy, Mike Johnson, and Mike Warnke.
From mainstream artists such as Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, T Bone Burnett, Victoria Williams, The Call, Sam Phillips, U2 and Bruce Cockburn to the more mainstream Christian radio artists like Amy Grant, Larry Norman, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Steve Taylor, Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill.

Keaggy and stories
In later years, rumors escalated into stories of Hendrix appearing on various television programs where he mentioned Phil Keaggy.

Keaggy and are
Phil Keaggy and the Glass Harp are also from Ohio.

Keaggy and was
Christian rock was often viewed as a marginal part of the nascent Contemporary Christian Music ( CCM ) and contemporary gospel industry in the 1970s and ' 80s, though Christian folk rock artists like Bruce Cockburn and rock fusion artists like Phil Keaggy had some cross-over success.
Keaggy was raised in a small farmhouse in Hubbard, Ohio with nine brothers and sisters.
Initially, it was not the guitar that attracted Keaggy to playing music.
Phil Keaggy was a member of a mid-1960s garage rock band called the Squires ; one of their songs, which he co-wrote, appears on the compilation album Highs in the Mid-Sixties, Volume 9.
Keaggy recalls, " It was recorded in New York City in about a week.
The songs were written while Keaggy was still with Glass Harp Keaggy performed all the instruments on the album.
Years later, Amboy Dukes guitarist Ted Nugent was quoted as saying " I don't know what happened to that Phil Keaggy.
I wanted it to say " Phil Keaggy and Sunday s Child ," and to me, that was Olivia, being as she s my daughter.
One track, " I've Just Begun ( Again )," was first written when Keaggy was 17, and was updated for this album.
The song was written, musically, in 1967 when Keaggy was in ninth grade.
Also in 1995, Keaggy was voted by Guitar Player Magazine readers as the # 2 Best Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist.
Shacklock's production work on the album was a departure in style and sound for Keaggy ; this would prove to be Keaggy's lone work with Shacklock.
Keaggy says, " that was a very cool album that ... Christians and Christian bookstores and ... the marketplace ... couldn t make the connection, because it s electric guitar music.
Lacking the slick production style of the previous vocal album, True Believer, Phil Keaggy was a strong return to form for Keaggy in terms of recapturing his usual organic, live sound.
The disc was a reunion of the Phil Keaggy Band in which they updated their classic 1977 album, Emerging.
On October 29, 2007 Keaggy was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame by P. O. D.
In 2008, Keaggy received the Gold Level Award as the " Best Spiritual / Worship Guitarist ", as voted by readers of Acoustic Guitar Magazine, as well as appearing in the form of vocals and lead guitar on the Richard Cummins CD, Moments, which was nominated for " Best Pop / Contemporary Album of the Year " by the Canadian GMA's, Covenant award.
His nephew was married to contemporary Christian singer songwriter Cheri Keaggy.
The tour was in support of Stonehill's Can't Buy A Miracle and Keaggy's all-star tribute to ' 60s rock and roll, Phil Keaggy and Sunday's Child ( which also featured Stonehill, Steve Taylor, Derri Daugherty, Mark Heard and others lending a hand ).

Keaggy and Jimi
Evidence of this myth is non-existent and it is similar to another myth involving Phil Keaggy and Jimi Hendrix.
His influences include The Beatles, Mick Ronson, Brian May, Alex Lifeson, Ace Frehley, Jimi Hendrix, Phil Keaggy, Hum, and the original Alice Cooper band.

Keaggy and Hendrix
It is unknown whether or not the promoter or Glass Harp's then-management directed that the statement be placed in the advertisement, but it is believed to be the first instance of any rumor regarding Hendrix in relation to Keaggy / Glass Harp
In a February 5, 1971 feature on Glass Harp in Cleveland's The Plain Dealer, the paper's rock music critic Jane Scott cited unnamed " record people " who told a story of Hendrix saying ( in 1970 ) " That guy ( Phil Keaggy ) is the upcoming guitar player in the Midwest ".
" Hendrix is said to have answered, " Phil Keaggy.
" To which Hendrix supposedly replied, " I don't know, you'll have to ask Phil Keaggy!

Keaggy and ever
Years later, in reflecting on the album, Keaggy would say that True Believer " is really the most unlike me of any album I ve ever done, in my personal opinion.

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