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# and Raion
# Oktiabrskyi Raion, to the south-west with an area of 2077 hectares and a population of 147, 600 in 2005.
# Leninskyi Raion, to the east and south-east, in the valley of the Vorskla river, with an area of 2988 hectares and a population of 53, 700 in 2005.
# Cherkasy Raion
# Chornobay Raion
# Chyhyryn Raion
# Drabiv Raion
# Horodyshche Raion
# Kamyanka Raion
# Kaniv Raion
# Katerynopil Raion
# Khrystynivka Raion
# Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi Raion
# Lysianka Raion
# Mankivka Raion
# Monastyryshche Raion
# Shpola Raion
# Smila Raion
# Talne Raion
# Uman Raion
# Zhashkiv Raion
# Zolotonosha Raion
# Zvenyhorodka Raion
# REDIRECT Kosiv Raion

# and is
# As exploratory data analysis, an ANOVA is an organization of an additive data decomposition, and its sums of squares indicate the variance of each component of the decomposition ( or, equivalently, each set of terms of a linear model ).
# Closely related to the ANOVA is a linear model fit with coefficient estimates and standard errors.
# The accused person ( defendant ) is addressed by name ;
# The charge against the accused person is read, including the alleged date, time, and place of offense ; and,
# The accused person is asked formally how he or she pleads.
# Assume the first item is largest.
# Look at each of the remaining items in the list and if it is larger than the largest item so far, make a note of it.
# The last noted item is the largest in the list when the process is complete.
# The Lambeth Conference ( first held in 1867 ) is the oldest international consultation.
# The Primates ' Meeting ( first met in 1979 ) is the most recent manifestation of international consultation and deliberation, having been first convened by Archbishop Donald Coggan as a forum for " leisurely thought, prayer and deep consultation ".
# Deontological ethics, notions based on ' rules ' i. e. that there is an obligation to perform the ' right ' action, regardless of actual consequences ( epitomized by Kant's notion of the Categorical Imperative )
# A Murder is Announced ( 1950 )
# Civil aviation, held by Armavia national airline ( owned by Mikhail Baghdasarov, who is thought to be close to President Serge Sarkisian )
# There is always an integer number of electrons orbiting the nucleus.
# The Slater-type orbital ( STO ) is a form without radial nodes but decays from the nucleus as does the hydrogen-like orbital.
# A person who is skilled at some activity.
# unaided by the Holy Spirit, no person is able to respond to God ’ s will ;
# grace is resistible ; and
# Prior to being drawn and enabled, one is unable to believe … able only to resist.
# Having been drawn and enabled, but prior to regeneration, one is able to believe … able also to resist.
# After one believes, God then regenerates ; one is able to continue believing … able also to resist.
# Upon resisting to the point of unbelief, one is unable again to believe … able only to resist.
# The carbon-hydrogen ratio is high.
# It is easily harvested.

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