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L and Amour
He is mentioned in the Louis L ' Amour medieval historical novel, The Walking Drum.
* 1955: L ' Amour sous l ' électrode
* 1908 – Louis L ' Amour, American author ( d. 1988 )
* Louis L ' Amour
Only in one version cited above did the girl apparently make a narrow escape (" Je m ' échappai par bonheur "), in the other versions the girl appears to have been " beaten " by L ' Amour (" Love ").
* March 22 – Louis L ' Amour, American author ( d. 1988 )
* June 10 – Louis L ' Amour, American writer ( b. 1908 )
* Molière publishes L ' Amour médecin.
He was in a relationship for fifteen years with the French actress Sophie Marceau, with whom he made four films over a 15-year period ( L ' Amour braque, Mes nuits sont plus belles que vos jours, La Note bleue, La Fidelité ).
** Hondo-Louis L ' Amour ( Note: Originally announced on February 15, 1954 as a nominee in this category.
On February 17, 1954, letters from the producer and nominee questioned its inclusion in the category, as it was based on the short story, " The Gift of Cochise ", by the nominee, Mr. L ' Amour, published in Collier's magazine on July 5, 1952.
The Academy thanked Mr. L ' Amour and despite this incident, offered him a membership in the Academy.
His works include the case studies Nadja ( 1928 ) and Mad Love ( L ' Amour fou ) ( 1937 ).
* L ' Amour fou, 1937 – Mad Love
* LAmour souffle où il veut ( 1850 ) — not completed
* Tsai Ming-liang's Vive L ' Amour ( drama )
Antoine, the playwright-protagonist of Cher Antoine ; ou, L ' Amour raté ( Dear Antoine ; or, The Love That Failed ), asserts that the world must take notice of these pièces secrètes ( secret dramas ) and Anouilh scholars have proposed this name, " pièces secrètes ," to classify the collected works of his latest period.
* Pièces brillantes ( Paris: La Table Ronde, 1951 ) – comprises " L ' Invitation au château ," " Colombe ," " La Répétition, ou L ' Amour puni ," and " Cécile, ou L ' Ecole des pères ;" L ' Invitation au château translated by Christopher Fry as Ring round the Moon ( London: Methuen, 1950 ); Colombe translated by Louis Kronenberger as Mademoiselle Colombe ( New York: Coward-McCann, 1954 ).
* Cher Antoine, ou L ' Amour rate ( Paris: La Table Ronde, 1969 ); translated by Hill as Dear Antoine, or The Love That Failed ( New York: Hill & Wang, 1971 ; London: Eyre Methuen, 1971 ).
Well-known writers of Western fiction include Zane Grey from the early 1900s and Louis L ' Amour from the mid 20th century.
* L ' Amour la Poésie, 1929
From left to right Point Amour light, L ' Anse-au-Loup and Capstan Island.

L and Ou
She participated in various musical shows and recorded many popular songs in the 1960s and 1970s, mostly in collaboration with Serge Gainsbourg, Bob Zagury and Sacha Distel, including " Harley Davidson "; " Je Me Donne A Qui Me Plaît "; " Bubble gum "; " Contact "; " Je Reviendrais Toujours Vers Toi "; " L ' Appareil À Sous "; " La Madrague "; " On Déménage "; " Sidonie "; " Tu Veux, Ou Tu Veux Pas?
* 1997 L ' Amour Ou la Folie ( Rhino )
Following their acrimonious split with Christian Fechner, the film was rewritten for emerging comedian Coluche ( who had appeared with them in a small role in Le Grand Bazar ), renamed L ' Aile Ou la Cuisse and became a huge success, launching Coluche's film career.
# Un Jour Ou L ' autre
Une Fabrique de Faux Autographes, Ou Recit de L ' Affaire Vrain Lucas.
Reprinted en Francais L ' obsession Cubaine: Ou la Véritable Histoire de la CANF.
Amenagement & Gestion Du Territoire, Ou, L ' apport Des Images-Satellite, De La Geoinfographique Et Du Terrain: Applications Aux Paysages Vegetaux De L ' Algerie Steppique & Substeppique ( Wilaya De Tiaret ) Et Aux Espaces Construits ( Tiaret Et Alger ) 1990-1992.

L and La
* Febvre, L. & Martin, H. ( 2001 ) La nascita del libro.
From about 1697 onwards ( La caduta del Decemviri ), influenced partly perhaps by the style of Giovanni Bononcini and probably more by the taste of the viceregal court, his opera arias become more conventional and commonplace in rhythm, while his scoring is hasty and crude, yet not without brilliance ( L ' Eraclea, 1700 ), the oboes and trumpets being frequently used, and the violins often playing in unison.
The later Neapolitan operas ( L ' amor volubile e tiranno 1709 ; La principessa fedele 1710 ; Tigrane, 1714, & c .) are showy and effective rather than profoundly emotional ; the instrumentation marks a great advance on previous work, since the main duty of accompanying the voice is thrown upon the string quartet, the harpsichord being reserved exclusively for the noisy instrumental ritornelli.
Major French-language daily newspapers in 2008 are La Dernière Heure ( IPM ) ( 16. 1 %), Le Soir ( Groupe Rossel ) ( 16. 0 %), Vers l ' Avenir ( Corelio ) ( 15. 8 %), La Libre Belgique ( IPM ) ( 8. 3 %), L ' Echo ( Mediafin ) ( 3. 7 %) and La Meuse ( newspaper ) ( Groupe Rossel ), La Capitale ( Groupe Rossel ), La Nouvelle Gazette ( Groupe Rossel ), La Province ( Groupe Rossel ) and Nord Eclair ( Groupe Rossel ) ( 22. 0 %).
The first influential writer to propose such an idea explicitly was Julien Offray de La Mettrie, in his book Man a Machine ( L ' homme machine ).
( See, for example, La Mettrie's L ' Homme machine.
The house of studies of the province of France publishes L ' Année Dominicaine ( founded 1859 ), La Revue des Sciences Philosophiques et Theologiques ( 1907 ), and La Revue de la Jeunesse ( 1909 ).
Often, the criteria had moral bases, such as in the case of Pierre de La Primaudaye's L ' Académie française and Guillaume Telin's Bref sommaire des sept vertus & c .. Encyclopaedists encountered several problems with this approach, including how to decide what to omit as unnecessary, how to structure knowledge that resisted structure ( often simply as a consequence of the sheer amount of material that deserved inclusion ), and how to cope with the influx of newly discovered knowledge and the effects that it had on prior structures.
Auguste and Louis Lumière invented the cinématographe and their L ' Arrivée d ' un train en gare de La Ciotat in Paris in 1895 is considered by many historians as the official birth of cinematography.
Monicelli's works include La grande guerra ( The Great War ), I compagni ( Comrades, also known as The Organizer ), L ' Armata Brancaleone, Vogliamo i colonnelli ( We Want the Colonels ), Romanzo popolare ( Popular Novel ) and the Amici miei series.
Among the major artistic films of this era were La città delle donne, E la nave va, Ginger and Fred by Fellini, L ' albero degli zoccoli by Ermanno Olmi ( winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival ), La notte di San Lorenzo by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, Antonioni's Identificazione di una donna, and Bianca and La messa è finita by Nanni Moretti.
Other noteworthy recent Italian films include: Jona che visse nella balena directed by Roberto Faenza, Il grande cocomero by Francesca Archibugi, Il mestiere delle armi by Olmi, L ' ora di religione by Marco Bellocchio, Il ladro di bambini, Lamerica, Le chiavi di casa by Gianni Amelio, Io non ho paura by Gabriele Salvatores, Le fate ignoranti, La finestra di fronte by Ferzan Özpetek, La bestia nel cuore by Cristina Comencini.
An early influence in this vein was Henry David Thoreau and his famous book Walden Important promoters of this were Henri Zisly and Emile Gravelle who collaborated in La Nouvelle Humanité followed by Le Naturien, Le Sauvage, L ' Ordre Naturel, & La Vie Naturelle.
It is also true that none of Cocteau's works has inspired as much imitation: Francis Poulenc's opera La Voix humaine, Gian Carlo Menotti's " opera bouffa " The Telephone and Roberto Rosselini's film version in Italian with Anna Magnani L ' Amore ( 1948 ).

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