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Later and was
Later, when I was older, I found the song was part of Schubert's Die Schone Mullerin.
Later, rising ninety, he was beset by publishers for the story of his life and miracles, as he put it, but, calling himself the Needy Knife-grinder, he had spent his time writing short articles and long letters and could not get even a small popular book done.
Later it was gratifying to note that they had set so solidly as to be hard to remove when the time came.
( Later, it was to be called Hudson Strait.
Later on this problem vanished, and the `` Flower Song '' from Bizet's `` Carmen '' was beautifully and intelligently projected.
Later legends ( beginning with a poem by Statius in the 1st century AD ) state that Achilles was invulnerable in all of his body except for his heel.
Later the use of bronze-working was transmitted through the Anatolian primary-cultures.
Later, the Anatolian peninsula was given the name Asia ( Ἀσία ), presumably after the name of the Assuwa confederation in western Anatolia.
Later during the 6th century BC, most of Anatolia was conquered by the Persian Achaemenid Empire, the Persians having usurped the Medes as the dominant dynasty in Iran.
Later material described how the fall of Akkad was due to Naram-Sin's attack upon the city of Nippur.
Later in 1051, when he was sent to intercept Harold Godwinson and his brothers as they fled England after their father's outlawing, Ealdred " could not, or would not " capture the brothers.
Later Alexios V was blinded and deserted by his father-in-law, who fled from the crusaders into Thessaly.
Later he was elected to the state senate.
Later Christian writers stated that Ammonius was a Christian, but it is now generally assumed that there was a different Ammonius of Alexandria who wrote biblical texts.
Later Anah was the place of exile of the caliph Qaim ( al-qaim bi-amr-illah ) when Basisiri was in power ( 450 / 1058.
Later it was discovered by an enterprising hacker that the required code was actually in the Applesoft ROM ( though it was never executed ) and could be called there instead: CALL-3288 or ( equivalent ) 62248.
Later, it was taken across the sea to East Africa and may have been taken inland at the time of the Great Zimbabwe civilization.
Later it was sold ready to use.
Later however the Government turned around and gave 50 % of the order to Philips and their P2000 homecomputer even though the P2000 did not meet all the technical demands, was made in Austria and did not have network hard nor software.
Later the same day Hitler received a postcard telling him that he had been accepted for membership of what was at that time the German Workers ' Party.

Later and presented
Later Japanese computer music compositions include a piece by Kenjiro Ezaki presented during Osaka Expo ' 70 and " Panoramic Sonore " ( 1974 ) by music critic Akimichi Takeda.
Later, Kleene and Kreisel would study formalized versions of intuitionistic logic ( Brouwer rejected formalization, and presented his work in unformalized natural language ).
Later, more sophisticated and realistic models were presented by Benjamin Gompertz and Verhulst.
Later, Astaire and Pan presented Rogers with a gold feather for her charm bracelet, and serenaded her with a ditty parodying Berlin's tune:
Later texts mostly speak of Zeus ' abduction of Aegina, presented as a solitary abduction.
Later analysis of this technological failure characterized this as a humiliation and loss of prestige for the United States which had presented itself to the world as the leader in science and technology.
Later, pink and indigo were removed from the flag to lead to the present day flag which was first presented at the 1979 Pride Parade.
Later ( horrible to describe, says the author -) was presented to his view a picture creepy.
Later solo exhibitions of Still's paintings were presented by the Institute of Contemporary Art of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in 1963 and at the Marlborough-Gerson Gallery, New York, in 1969 – 70.
Later in 90s Halpe katana Negombo presented a grand passion play named as ' Aho mage senageni ',
Later on, a slightly modified version is presented in Libertas ( liberty ):
Later ballads presented Turpin as an 18th-century Robin Hood figure: " Turpin was caught and his trial was passed, and for a game cock he died at last.
Later scholars and students commonly quoted Agricola's lists as a historical source ; only in the late eighteenth century did scholars begin to critically evaluate the " gods " in Agricola's lists and the information he presented about them, determining with further research that most of the figures in his lists were not gods, but local guardian spirits, figures from folk mythology or explanatory legends, cultural heroes, Christian saints under alternative names, and, in one case, a harvest-time festival.
Later on, Cioran refused every literary prize with which he was presented.
Later at Rutland House, Miguel received members of the Portuguese diaspora living in England, who presented him with a commemorative medallion.
Later commentators have still presented their own theories, possibly based on embellished versions of the original tale.
Later, he wears the orange gi uniform that is presented to both himself and Goku by Master Roshi in honor of their first martial arts competition.
Later episodes were presented by David Icke.
Their fifth album, The Completion Backward Principle ( 1981 ), another concept album, featuring the classic rock staple " Talk to Ya Later ", presented itself as a motivational business document, complete with shocking pictures of the band members cleaned up and wearing suits.
Later, because of this incident, the rules were changed and the President of the IOC, Juan Antonio Samaranch, presented Tisdall with a Waterford crystal rose bowl with the image of him knocking over the last hurdle etched into the glass.
However, in order to avoid the connotations of the word slave, the name came to be presented as indigenous, and this was indicated by pronouncing the e. Later the spelling was changed to Slavé, and then Slavey, to capture the new pronunciation.
Later, in the Middle Ages, in 797 ( or possibly 801 ), the caliph of Baghdad, Harun al-Rashid, presented Charlemagne with an Asian elephant named Abul-Abbas and a clock, out of which came a mechanical bird to announce the hours.
Later the Mayor of Richmond presented a chair with the ladders in its back carved in the shape of the three bridges.
Later the papyri were bought by the Grand Duke Rainer and presented to the Kaiserliche Akademie der Wissenschaften in Vienna.

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