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Like and money
(" I'm Like the Bluebird ") All the money is in the hands of Cora Hoover Hooper, the stylish, ruthless mayoress and her cronies-Comptroller Schub, Treasurer Cooley, and Police Chief Magruder.
Like a growing number of aristocrats in the late 4th and early 5th centuries who were entering the clergy rather than taking up the more usual administrative careers in the imperial service, Paulinus spent a great deal of his money on his chosen church and city.
Like most tournaments, the sponsoring casino takes an entry fee ( a percentage between 6 % and 10 %, depending on the buy-in ) and distributes the rest, hence the prize money increasing with more players.
Like all amateur players, they claimed expenses for travel and accommodation to and from cricket matches, but there is plenty of evidence that the Graces made even more money by playing than their basic expenses would allow and W. G.
Like most other countries, New Zealand was hard hit by the Great Depression of the 1930s, which affected the country via its international trade, with farming export drops then going on to affect the money supply and in turn consumption, investment and imports.
Like Chase, Garfield became a staunch proponent of " honest money " or " specie payment " backed by a gold standard, and was therefore a strong opponent of the " greenback "; he regretted very much, but understood, the necessity for suspension of specie payment during the emergency presented by the Civil War.
Like most opera companies, it is funded by a combination of government money, corporate sponsorship, private philanthropy, and ticket sales.
Like the Kennedys, Quimby " speaks with a Boston accent, throws money at political problems, and vacations in a coastal resort called the ' Quimby Compound.
Early in the film, as the family is bad-mouthing Egbert ( for example, taking money from the younger daughter's piggybank and leaving IOU's ), a humorously-orchestrated version of " No Place Like Home " plays in the underscore.
Their first two cassette albums, Musical Destruction ( 1980 ) and Crime Pays ( 1981 ) were only ever released in very small quantities, and it was only when they finally got the money together to release an EP in April 1982 ( There's No Government Like No Government ) did they make the jump to a wider audience, the EP completely selling out within three weeks.
Like other types of serfs, they were required to provide other services, possibly in addition to paying rent of money or produce.
Like previous taxes, the stamp tax had to be paid in valid British currency, not in colonial paper money.
Like most large American companies, Bechtel and its employees have contributed large amounts of money to United States politicians ( over a million dollars in campaign contributions between 1999 and 2002 ).
Like most legal brothels in the state, the house receives 50 % of that money.
Like many at the English court, they were receiving pensions from Spain, without much effect on their opinions and actions, and Gondomar seldom had the money to follow through.
Like commercial stations, NCE stations are allowed to lease subcarriers in exchange for money, essentially making the station a common carrier.
Like the other Canadian chartered banks, it issued its own paper money.
Like all Canadian banks, they endured criticism of its credit policies and resisted the introduction of a central bank to control the money supply and advise on fiscal policy.
Like it says on the money.
Like the old Legislative Council, it would not have powers to amend or delay money bills.
Like the time Pinky Tuscadero crashed her motorcycle, or the night I lost all my money to those card sharks and my dad Tom Bosley had to get it back.
Like other developed countries, the United States faces retiring baby boomers who have already begun withdrawing money from Social Security ; however, the American population is young and growing when compared to Europe or Japan.
Like in other towns, token money in billions was widespread.
Like the two previous fests, 2006's fest raised money for charity.

Like and financial
Like the trucks, though, Chrysler ’ s dire financial straits of the late 1970s precluded any major updates for the vans for many years.
Like many jewelry firms, the Frankel business ran into financial difficulties during the depression of 1907 and referred to the gem as the " hoodoo diamond.
Like other islands, it seeks to attract investors with tax concessions and other financial inducements, but several offshore manufacturing plants have closed after their duty-free concessions expired, normally a 10-year span.
Like all dynamic systems, financial markets operate in an ever changing equilibrium, which translates into price volatility.
Like patronage, unholy alliances are not necessarily illegal, but unlike patronage, by its deceptive nature and often great financial resources, an unholy alliance can be much more dangerous to the public interest.
Like Scrooge, Flintheart was born in poverty and was working his way up the financial ladder.
Like his rival he is a shrewd businessman and has managed to organize a worldwide financial empire that can easily rival those of Scrooge and Flintheart Glomgold.
Like many school systems in Ohio, Mentor Schools suffered a financial crisis in the early 2000s, but passed a large levy and is now largely on solid footing-one of the fastest Ohio school systems ever to emerge from fiscal emergency.
Like its predecessor, the film combined high-quality contemporary animation and classical music ; however, it was not a financial success at the U. S. box office.
Like other security companies, G4S targets sectors: energy, utilities, and chemical / petrochemical, financial institutions, government, hospitals and healthcare facilities, major corporates, industrials and construction, ports and airports, residential communities, retail and commercial real estate, transit systems
Like all debt instruments, a loan entails the redistribution of financial assets over time, between the lender and the borrower.
Like their informal cousins, they are generally small and local, which means they have access to good knowledge about each other's financial circumstances and can offer convenience and flexibility.
Like other government entities, Xinhua is feeling the pinch of reduced State financial subsidies.
Like many mid-sized American airports, Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport experienced financial woes in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks.
Like many record industry awards and rankings, the measurement is based on wholesale shipments to all types of retail outlets, and is not based on actual retail sales or financial transactions.
Like all financial instruments, factoring evolved over centuries.
Like war bonds in other countries, the German war bonds drives were designed to be extravagant displays of patriotism and the bonds were sold through banks, post offices and other financial institutions.
Like other young left-wing Labour MPs, Baldwin was critical of MacDonald's insistence on strict financial management and refusal to launch large Keynesian public works programmes.
Like much of the rest of the country, farmers in Penwith have in recent years been put under financial pressure, due to a withdrawal of subsidies from the EU Common Agricultural Policy, pressure from supermarkets and crises such as foot and mouth in 2001.
Like Improv, Quantrix has been adopted primarily by the financial industry, where its ability to manipulate various “ categories ” or " dimensions " makes it easy to view forecasts, budgets, risk analysis, financial projections and all types of complex data modeling.
Like Casino Royale, it proved to be a chaotic production and failed to live up to expectations ; it was generally panned by critics on its release in December 1968 and its impact was further weakened by the financial collapse of its major backer.
Like most ABA teams, the Bucs were never on strong financial ground, and the move to the smaller Tulane Gym combined with the marked dropoff in their play caused revenue to dry up.
Like manufacturing industries, financial institutions have diverse products and customers, which can cause cross-product, cross-customer subsidies.

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