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Likewise and nations
Likewise, the European Union nations have declined public capital investment through the same years, also witnessing declining productivity growth rates.
Likewise, Serbia was one of the first nations in the Balkans to abolish feudalism.
Likewise the Eurofighter was nearing production and withdrawal would lead to loss of considerable investment and severe penalties from the partner nations.
Likewise, some nations have a national bishop, and, historically, stakes also had bishops.
Likewise, he has served as an international guest observer in the electoral processes of various Caribbean and Latin American nations ..
Likewise, the Latin nations of Western and Southern Europe ( Portugal, Spain and Italy ) were to be eventually brought into a state of total German dependency and control.

Likewise and violate
Likewise, responding to a question with a long monologue would violate the Maxim of Quantity.

Likewise and international
Likewise, Byrne – in collaboration with Eno – released My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, which incorporated world music, ' found ' sounds, and included a number of other prominent international and post-punk musicians.
Likewise, First Deputy Chairman Anastas Mikoyan of the USSR was praised in 1959 for an informal diplomatic tour of the USA that successfully relied more on charming the American public than bargaining with the White House to ease international tensions.
Likewise, in 1980, the Supreme Court affirmed the right of union international offices to negotiate a pension plan in conflict with that supported by the members, when union bylaws allow for approval by international.
Likewise, award-winning writers Duncan Mackay, of The Guardian, and Steven Downes unravelled many scandals involving doping, fixed races and bribery in international athletics in their 1996 book, Running Scared, which offered an account of the threats by a senior track official that led to the suicide of their sports journalist colleague, Cliff Temple.
Likewise, the CBJ administers, on behalf of the government, Jordan ’ s subscriptions in international and regional financial institutions, and manages and implements payment agreements between the government and other countries.
Likewise, the squad gained international reputation winning the Copa Aldao ( a competition played by the champions of Argentina and Uruguay ) in 1923 and 1927.
Likewise, CNN / US occasionally turns to CNNI newscasts, primarily when major international news breaks during overnight hours in the US.
Likewise, he participated in different forums and international activities, obtaining the distinction of different governments such as:
Likewise, radio, television sets, computer gadgets, and the like in the locality have good and clear receptions of the programs aired in the mass media, and likewise provided in the internet, which then make the population of Tuy well-informed and well-updated in terms of national and international issues.

Likewise and arms
Likewise, the three large coats of arms that dominate the tester painting are surrounded by collars of SS, a golden eagle enclosed in each tiret.
Likewise the flag of the heir apparent is raised together with a split pennat with the lesser national coat of arms on naval ships.
Likewise, Akkadian had a dual number, though its use was confined to standard phrases like " two hands ", " two eyes ", and " two arms ".

Likewise and control
Likewise, the Trust's control of patents on motion picture cameras ensured that only MPPC studios were able to film, and the projector patents allowed the Trust to make licensing agreements with distributors and theaters – and thus determine who screened their films and where.
Likewise, maintaining political control over Rome became untenable as the Eastern Roman Empire itself was beset by the Abbasid Caliphate to the south and Bulgars to the northwest.
Likewise, at its southern end, Chicago is the control city listed for I-57 on signs on northbound I-55 south of Sikeston, Missouri, even though I-55 also goes to Chicago.
Likewise, bus master request and grant signals were public, such that bus attached devices could monitor latency to control internal buffering for I / O processors.
Likewise, the flexing caused by the low torsional stiffness of the Supermarine Spitfire's wings caused them, in turn, to counteract aileron control inputs, leading to a condition known as control reversal.
" Likewise Strauss's daughter, Jenny Strauss Clay, in a New York Times article defended her father against the charge that he was the " mastermind behind the neoconservative ideologues who control United States foreign policy.
Likewise, a very long stirrup is used in the western sport of cutting, where, though the rider relinquishes control to the horse, requires maximum security to stay in the saddle during the rapid stops, turns and bursts of speed the horse uses when maneuvering cattle.
Likewise, the briber might hold a powerful role and control the transaction ; or in other cases, a bribe may be effectively extracted from the person paying it, although this is better known as extortion.
The Philippine-American War ended in 1901 after Aguinaldo was captured and swore allegiance to the U. S. Likewise the other insurgents accepted American rule and peace prevailed, except in some remote islands under Muslim control.
* Likewise, the company has much greater control over the software and functionality.
) Likewise an extreme example of " States Rights " control of CSA soldiers was Georgia Governor Joseph E. Brown, who not only reportedly tried to keep Georgia troops from leaving the State of Georgia in 1861 but also tried to keep them from CS Government control when Georgia was invaded in 1864.
Likewise, the capacity and duration of SM cannot be influenced by top-down control ; a person cannot consciously think or choose what information is stored in SM, or how long it will be stored for.
Likewise, no means exists for seeking, nor for performing " I / O control " functions such as you'd find with ioctl () in Unix.
Likewise, battles do not center around the destruction of the opponent's base or units, but rather around control points, of which there will be three to five per battle.
Likewise, the guide signs on westbound I-980 at Exit 1D-18th Street list I-880 and San Jose as a control city.
Likewise, the organist can deny wind to the pipes by operating the same control in the opposite direction.
Likewise the political Counter-Remonstrants were temporarily in total control, but the downside of all this was that his government was overextended, with too few people doing the heavy lifting on the local level, which was essential to make the government machine run smoothly in the highly decentralized Dutch polity.
Likewise, the motor control relay for the audio cassette tape was controlled by a simple command and could be readily used in numerous control applications.
" Likewise, Louis Budenz, former editor of the Daily Worker, testified that Alexander Trachtenberg of the Communist Party-affiliated International Publishers told him that party leaders thought the IPR was " too much a concentration point for Communists ; the control could be maintained without such a galaxy of Communists in it.
Likewise, he had some claim to suzerainty over his brother Ferdinand, who under their father had served as Count of Castile, nominally subject to the Kingdom of León but brought under the personal control of Sancho III.

Likewise and agreements
Likewise, the Party is firmly committed to unilateral free trade, rejecting both protectionism and trade agreements.

Likewise and even
Likewise, Joseph E. Stiglitz, speaking not only on China but East Asia in general, comments " The countries that have managed globalization ... such as those in East Asia, have, by and large, ensured that they reaped huge benefits ..." According to The Heritage Foundation, development in China was anticipated by Milton Friedman, who predicted that even a small progress towards economic liberalization would produce dramatic and positive effects.
Likewise, as with most collectibles, a coin collection does not produce income until it is sold, and may even incur costs ( for example, the cost of safe deposit box storage ) in the interim.
Likewise, even though the people of Israel worshipped other gods, God continued to love them and did not abandon his covenant with them.
( See Japan general election, 2003 ) Likewise, that year, the LDP won the election, even though it suffered setbacks from the new opposition party, the liberal and social-democratic Democratic Party ( DPJ ).
Likewise, syncretism, the attempt to take over creeds of practices from other religions or even to blend practices or creeds from different religions into one new faith is an extreme form of inter-religious dialogue.
“ Thus we find them emerging at once in the eleventh century, in countries the most diverse, and the most remote from each other, in Italy, France, and even in the Harz districts in Germany .” Likewise, also, “ traces of Sabbath-keepers are found in the times of Gregory I, Gregory VII, and in the twelfth century in Lombardy .”
Likewise, if the ETF starts the trading session higher by $ 1. 12, then that would signal an approximate gain for the Dow of 112 points at the open, even if some components begin trading at 9: 31 am or 9: 33 am due to a delay.
Likewise Country A, a perfectly state capitalist country with a planned economy with very low average per capita income would receive a higher score for having lower income inequality than Country B with a higher income inequality, even if the bottom of Country B's population distribution had a higher per capita income than Country A.
Likewise, people speaking different Chinese dialects may not understand each other in speaking, but can to a significant extent in writing even if they don't write in standard Chinese.
Likewise, its concept of " publication " files that tie together " chapter " files gave it the ability to handle documents hundreds ( or even thousands ) of pages in length as easily as a four-page newsletter.
Likewise, references to emmer in Greek and Latin texts are traditionally translated as " spelt ," even though spelt was not common in the Classical world until very late in its history.
Likewise, even though a noble pipe organ graces the apse-like area above and behind the stage, the hall is not a church.
Likewise, an uncle without sons of his own was succeeded by his nephew, a son of his sister, even if the sister still lived.
Likewise, some posthumously published works were given high opus numbers by publishers, even though some of them were written early in Beethoven's career.
Likewise, Mountain is often erroneously referred to as a power trio, even though there were four instrumentalists ( guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards ) in the band.
Likewise, it explains why the ' r ' moved after the vowel in third and thirteen, even though they originally had it before like three still does.
Likewise, women have historically been and still are in some countries formally denied access to higher education — even if they could pay the tuition.
Likewise, if the obligor is spending more time with the child, they may petition the court for a reduction or even a reversal in support payments.
Likewise, Azeglio Vicini led Italy to the 1990 FIFA World Cup semifinal thanks to small wins in six hard-fought defensive games in which Italy produced little but risked even less, totaling only 7 goals for and none against.
Likewise, a pitcher can give a poor performance and give up many runs and leave the game earlier than desired, but still win because his team scored even more runs.
Likewise, even if no question is answered correctly, 130 is the lowest possible score.
Likewise, the two leads, British actor Robert Donat and Austrian actor Curt Jurgens were not even Chinese.
Likewise: " One must follow Maimonides even when the latter opposed his teachers, since he surely knew their views, and if he decided against them he must have disapproved their interpretation.

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