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Managers and for
Managers aim to capture the inefficiencies arising from the heavy participation of non-economic investors ( i. e., high income " buy and hold " investors seeking tax-exempt income ) as well as the " crossover buying " arising from corporations ' or individuals ' changing income tax situations ( i. e., insurers switching their munis for corporates after a large loss as they can capture a higher after-tax yield by offsetting the taxable corporate income with underwriting losses ).
It contributes also to the Top Industrial Managers for Europe ( TIME ) network.
* Managers may use fundamental analysis to determine future growth rates for buying high priced growth stocks.
Competent People Managers will promote this employee for the betterment of the company.
* Top Industrial Managers for Europe
" In 1970, the Board of Managers of the Chicago Bar Association ruled that Washington's license be suspended for only one year, not the five recommended ; the total amount in question between all six clients was $ 205.
Davidson, Robert P. Broadband Networking ABCs for Managers: ATM, BISDN, Cell / frame Relay to SONET.
** Individual Mobilization Augmentee ( IMA )-The National Communications System ( NCS ) Augmentee Program was established in 1988 to provide a cadre of skilled civilian and military reservists to enhance the efforts of the Office of the Manager, NCS ( OMNCS ), the National Coordinating Center for Telecommunications ( NCC ), and NCS Regional Managers ( RMs ) during national crises and emergencies.
Managers could simply total the variable costs for a product and use this as a rough guide for decision-making processes.
Building Surveyors are trained to some extent in all aspects of property but with specific training in Building Pathology, as such they have a wide understanding of the end implications of decisions taken by more specific professions and trades during the realisation process, thus making them suitable for employment as Project and Property Managers on the client side ( i. e. managing external contractors ).
According to the Association for University Technology Managers, Louisiana Tech is ranked as the nation's 2nd best academic institution for innovation productivity as measured by number of new inventions generated per research dollar expended.
( 2010 ) Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: A Practical Resource for Managers and Executives
* Window Managers for X by Matt Chapman
* The Comprehensive List of Window Managers for Unix
* Association for Project Managers ( UK )
OMB Circular A-123 ( issued 21 December 2004 ) defines the management responsibilities for internal financial controls in federal agencies and addressed to all federal CFOs, CIOs and Program Managers.
A significant contingent of students also comes from leading international universities which belong to the TIME network ( Top Industrial Managers for Europe ).
Furthermore, the École is one of the founding members of the TIME network ( Top Industrial Managers for Europe ).
It was the founding party in 1988 of the TIME ( Top Industrial Managers for Europe ) network, that enables student exchanges among leading European engineering schools.
A significative contingent of students also comes from leading international universities which belong to the TIME network ( Top Industrial Managers for Europe ).
Furthermore, the École is one of the founding members of the TIME ( Top Industrial Managers for Europe ) network.
The Fulton is an Equity House, operating under agreement with the Actor's Equity Association and the Union for Professional Actors and Stage Managers ( which essentially means that its actors and production team are paid per collective bargaining agreements, as opposed to non-equity actors who are not paid per collective bargaining agreements or volunteers ) and employs members of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society and the United Scenic Artists.
* Charles Handy. 21 Ideas for Managers: Practical Wisdom for Managing Your Company and Yourself, First ed San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2000 Print

Managers and New
* October 6, 2005 The Sante Fe New Mexican article " Sandia Security Managers Recorded Workers ' Calls "
Sununu currently sits on the Board of Managers of ConvergEx Holdings, a holding company for BNY ConvergEx Group, an affiliate of Bank of New York Mellon, which holds a 33. 8 % stake in BNY ConvergEx Group.
Their partnership lasted just a fortnight ; Walker went on to found Mobile Company of America at the Stanley works in Tarrytown, New York, while Barber moved house to Bridgeport, Connecticut, as Locomobile, the Stanley twins named General Managers.
* Theatrical managers exposed ; A few words from Mr. William Gillette at the annual dinner of the Theatrical Managers ' Association of Greater New York, at the Knickerbocker Hotel, January 10, 1910 ( New York, 1910 ).
Managers in the New Economy relinquish control of work processes to work teams and will need to provide integration through leadership and monitoring.
He has been on the Board of Managers of New England Wood Pellet, a producer of clean burning wood pellets, located in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, since January 2007.
According to the 2006 New Zealand census, ( for residents aged 15 years and older ) the most common occupational group in Drury is Managers, and the least common group is Machinery operators and drivers, with an unemployment rate of 3. 3 percent of the Drury population.
The full build-out of the resort was an effort completed by several design and construction entities, but the majority of the work from 1992 to 2001 was completed by Construction Managers: CR Klewin aka Klewin Building Co. and the Architect of Record JCJ Architecture ( formerly Jeter, Cook & Jepson ) of Hartford, CT with planning & concept designs by New England Design Inc. and Nick606 Inc. Later phases were completed by Shawmut Design & Construction, Perini Building Co., AZ Corporation, and others.
He collaborated with Mark Federman on McLuhan for Managers: New Tools for New Thinking, published in September 2003.
He served as a member of the Board of Managers for the New York Botanical Garden.
Residential Property Managers in New Zealand currently come in two types.
Flight engineers and boom operators train at Altus AFB, Oklahoma., loadmasters train at Altus AFB, Oklahoma, helicopter flight engineers and aerial gunners train at Kirtland AFB, New Mexico, airborne communications specialists train at Keesler AFB, Mississippi, and Air Battle Managers complete Undergraduate Air Battle Manager Training ( UABMT ) at Tyndall AFB, Florida.
; Managers of The New Blood
Wheeler also had an important role in New York's exhibits for the fair and was appointed Director of the Bureau of Applied Arts by the Board of Women's Managers of New York State.
The New York law, passed April 23, 1823, incorporated " The President, Managers and Company of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company ", and the Pennsylvania law, passed March 13 of the same year, authorized the company " To Improve the Navigation of the Lackawaxen River ".
Juan Williams has been active on the Haverford College Board of Managers, in the Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program, in the Washington Journalism Center, and sits on the Board of Directors of the New York Civil Rights Coalition.

Managers and York
As credit for his achievements he won the League Managers Association Manager of the Year Award for the second time in his managerial career — he had won it 19 years earlier when guiding York City to the Fourth Division championship in 1984.

Managers and team
Managers commonly label groups of people as a " team " based on having a common function.
However, it was recognized that this system often meant the trophy went to the goaltender of the better team rather than the individual and hence the change was made to offer the Vezina to the most outstanding goaltender, as voted by the NHL General Managers.
Managers, players, and coaches picked the entire team until, when the vote for starters again returned to the fans.
In previous years, after November 26, 1917, the Eastern Conference All-Stars played the Western Conference All-Stars, where the " first team " or starting line, including the starting goaltender, voted in by fans, while the remainder of the teams ' rosters are chosen by the NHL's Hockey Operations Department in consultation with the teams ' General Managers.
Managers and coaches are not permitted to vote for players on their own team.
Over the winter, the management team hires a staff of Research Managers and Editors, who in turn hire the company's traveling Researcher-Writers.
The Students ' Union also hosts a Learner Voice Forum, where every tutor group sends their own representative to a bi-monthly forum where they put their ideas and concerns to both the Students ' Union and also Managers from Petroc's senior management team.
: Managers of the England national football team.
The Production Managers guide a production team that writes each week's show.
League Managers Association logoThe League Managers Association ( LMA ) is the trade union for Premiership, Football League and national team managers in English association football.

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