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Manning and has
A concentration distribution has been derived from radar observations sensitive to the fifteenth magnitude ( Manning and Eshleman, 1959 ).
Among current NFL QBs, Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos has been known to call all, or nearly all, of his team's plays using a no-huddle offense.
Manning herself has a rich and " ritzy " clientele — people who would not want their addiction to become public knowledge.
When Jack Williams, a former New York cop who has lost an arm in World War II saving his friend Mike Hammer's life, falls in love with Myrna Devlin, a young heroin addict whom he stops from jumping off a bridge to commit suicide, he asks Manning to admit her to her clinic for psychotherapy.
After Myrna has become clean, she and Williams become engaged, and the couple keep up a casual friendship with Charlotte Manning.
When, at a party given by Williams in his apartment, Charlotte Manning sees some old college yearbooks whose contents ( and photos ), if made public, would expose Kines's double life, she has to act fast.
* Charlotte Manning, with whom Hammer falls in love and who, as far as he can see, has no motive whatsoever to kill Williams.
In the course of the action Charlotte Manning kills five people: After committing her first murder, she has to cover up her tracks and murder anyone who might be able to expose her.
This is the reason why Manning has to shoot her, too.
Charlotte Manning says she has some business to attend to and will be there in time for a tennis game due to take place that evening.
Ellsberg has said that he fears for Manning and for Julian Assange, as he feared for himself after the initial publication of the Pentagon Papers.
Brian Manning has claimed that:
The county government was first organized on February 10, 1908 ; the county seat has always been Manning.
" The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle ," Manning has said.
A person who has experienced the tenderness of God, Manning asserts, will pass that tenderness around to all, without any kind of discrimination.
The land currently used primarily by Camp Bell has been used as the homes of many other camps, most recently Camp Manning, which after being sold by the Daniel Webster Council to private owners, changed ownership several times and had previously existed as a camp run by various organization such as the YMCA who called it Camp Leo.
The band has been continuously associated with political causes throughout its existence, the latest example being the song " Almost Gone ( The Ballad Of Bradley Manning )" which focuses on the length and conditions of Bradley Manning's pre-trial confinement.
It is interesting to note that while it is essentially an English surname, Manning has occasionally been used as a synonym of the Gaelic surname O ' Mannin and that, for example, Cornet John Manning of O ' Neill's dragons in King James II's Irish army, was an O ' Mannin.
*" I Love that Word Refoooorm ", in which Preston Manning ( Ferguson, although Manning himself has appeared in the sketch playing Ferguson's role ), promotes his party, with comical results.
Manning was frequently accompanied by various guests ( most often Morgan as Deborah Grey, deputy leader of the party, although Grey herself has been a guest ) who criticize Manning on his speech.
* Preston Manning-largely considered to be the first guest star on Air Farce, Manning has appeared in many sketches, including a Blair Witch Project parody.
" The historian Manning Clark viewed conscience as one of the comforters that religion placed between man and death but also a crucial part of the quest for grace encouraged by the Book of Job and the Book of Ecclesiastes, leading us to be paradoxically closest to the truth when we suspect that what matters most in life (" being there when everyone suddenly understands what it has all been for ") can never happen.

Manning and been
It met with stronger resistance in the Senate — some Senators objected to the change of name ; Ernest Manning, who argued that the rationale for the change was based on a misperception of the name, and George McIlraith, who did not agree with the manner in which the bill had been passed and urged the government to proceed in a more " dignified way "— but finally passed.
Her first choice as navigator was Captain Harry Manning, who had been the captain of the, the ship that had brought Earhart back from Europe in 1928.
* In U. S. college athletics, the number has also been retired by the football program of the University of Tennessee for Peyton Manning.
Among those who have been charged with offenses under the Act are former Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society president Joseph F. Rutherford, communists Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, and alleged cablegate whistleblower Bradley Manning.
The province had been governed by the Social Crediters since 1935, with the government having been led for all but the first eight years of that period by Premier Ernest Manning.
This sport had also been endorsed by football brothers Peyton Manning and Eli Manning.
Manning's leadership abilities had been questioned by a number of former members, including Stephen Harper who accused Manning of inappropriately using the party's internal finances for a lavish $ 31, 000 CAD personal expense allowance as leader.
After the election, Christine and Neil Hamilton appeared together on Have I Got News For You, an appearance that established her as a chat-show personality and she subsequently appeared on myriad programmes including her own ' Christine Hamilton Show ' on BBC Choice where she interviewed celebrities who had ' been through stormy waters ' of some kind, ranging from Jonathan Aitken to James Hewitt, from Bernard Manning to Ivana Trump, and from Paul Merson to John Fashanu.
An example of a probabilistic CFG parser that has been trained using the Penn Treebank is the Stanford Statistical Parser of Klein and Manning, downloadable at http :// nlp. stanford. edu / software / lex-parser. shtml
Despite this rigorous approach, the panel ’ s first choice of historian Manning Clark did not please conservative politicians, as Clark had been critical of the Fraser Government ’ s social policy.
The land was acquired in 1884 by Wiseman's successor, Cardinal Manning, having previously been occupied by the second Tothill Fields Bridewell prison.
Manning has been quoted as saying that the country can expect to see a 50 % decrease in crime because of this most recent effort.
On November 24, 2010 last year Speaker of the House Wade Mark, ruled that a prima facie case of contempt or breach of privilege had been made out against Manning and referred the matter to the Committee for consideration.

Manning and classified
Bradley Manning, who was arrested by the U. S. Military in Kuwait after allegedly providing to the WikiLeaks web site a classified video showing U. S. military helicopter gunships strafing and killing Iraqis alleged to be civilians, including two Reuters journalists.
Manning reportedly claims to have provided WikiLeaks with secret videos of additional massacres of alleged civilians in Afghanistan, as well as 260, 000 classified State Department cables.
Soldier Bradley E. Manning, accused of disclosing classified information was detained in the Quantico brig in 2010-2011.

Manning and writer
* David Manning ( fictitious writer )
In 1954, the McWhirter brothers sued Daily Mail sports writer J. L. Manning for his critical piece about non-journalist ( i. e. not members of the National Union of Journalists ) sports writers.
In 1993, Reilly gained attention immediately after taking over as head writer on Days of our Lives for a storyline in which heroine Carly Manning ( Crystal Chappell ) is buried alive by villainess Vivian Alamain ( Louise Sorel ) for weeks, and taunted through speakers.
Padraig Manning O ' Brine ( 1913 – 1974 ) was an Irish thriller writer and television screenplay writer.
In a BBC review of Farscape episode " Throne for a Loss ", Richard Manning, the review writer said "­ Farscape is now officially a cult series because it's being shown out of sequence.
Olivia Mary Manning ( 2 March 1908 – 23 July 1980 ) was a British novelist, poet, writer and reviewer.
Manning seemed to be poised for a career as an artist, but she had meanwhile continued her interest in literature, and at the age of twenty determined instead to be writer.
Manning knew that she was spiteful, but could not help herself, frequently critiquing writer friends to others.
Manning was a writer by profession, while her creation was not.
Manning had long complained about the lack of recognition she had received as a writer, and was not consoled when her husband and friends responded that her talent would be recognised, and her works read for years to come.
Manning viewed herself not as a female writer, but as a writer who happened to be a woman, and early in her career she obscured her gender using a pseudonym and initials.
Born in London, England, Manning was an active writer during the Victorian age, having 51 works to her credit.
He was the serial's head writer from 1991 to 1996 and garnered critical acclaim for his storylines, which included a tale involving the tight bond between an ostracized homosexual teenager and a preacher, the creation of villain / rapist Todd Manning and the character's gang rape of Marty Saybrooke, as well as the subsequent rape trial.
Terry Manning ( also a recording engineer, but in this case ) a writer for the New Musical Express attended the recording sessions, and ended up assisting Tom Dowd.
He served as Minister of Foreign Affairs under a People's National Movement ( PNM ) administration, Minister of Communication and Information Technology under a United National Congress ( UNC ) administration, and was a founding member of National Team Unity before returning to the PNM to work as a speech writer for Prime Minister Patrick Manning.
Sarra Manning is a writer from England.
* Luke Manning ( born 1978 ), writer and businessman

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