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Many and Conservative
Many Conservative Jews believe that Moses was inspired by God in the same manner as the later prophets.
Many smaller programs, such as Rabbi Benay Lappe's SVARA yeshiva, are also led by Conservative rabbis.
Many other " community day schools " that are not affiliated with the Solomon Schechter network take a generally Conservative approach, but unlike the Schechter schools, these schools generally have " no barriers to enrollment based on the faith of the parents or on religious practices in the home.
Many theatre critics in 1992 read the production as a critic of Thatcherite Conservative politics, with Goole ’ s final speech reading as a direct rebuttal of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ’ s well-known statement “ There is no such thing as society ”.
Many volumes of Conservative and Masorti teshuvot and halakhic studies are now available, and more are being edited.
Many Conservative Christians avoid any use of religious images, even for inspiration, as idolatry.
Many of its former members subsequently joined the Conservative Democratic Alliance.
Many on the right-wing of the Conservative Party looked to Joseph to challenge Heath for the leadership, but Joseph's chances of this were damaged by a controversial speech at Edgbaston on 19 October 1974.
Many of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada's leaders have been labelled Red Tories, including Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir Robert Borden, John Diefenbaker, Robert Stanfield, and Joe Clark.
Many Reformers argued that the Reform Party could influence the Progressive Conservative Party's social policies in a similar manner by forcing the PCs to adopt more right-wing solutions in order to obtain support from Western Reform MPs in future minority PC governments.
Many felt that the 2007 fuel protests were politically motivated given that the main protesters were Conservative lorry drivers and farmers.
Many of the votes that the party won were taken away from the Conservative Party.
Many Conservative backbench MPs had misgivings about what was being proposed.
Many libertarians were also attracted to provincial Progressive Conservative parties that moved to the right during the 1990s in Ontario under Mike Harris, and in Alberta under Ralph Klein.
Many anglophones, both Conservative and Liberal, resented the continued state funding for French-language education.
Many voters were apprehensive about recent East European immigration into the province, and were offended by even the minor concessions which Greenway had made on the education question ; the Conservative Party was able to tap into this xenophobia, and won 22 seats out of 40.
Many members of Conservative Future branches often go on to contest local and national elections, and the organisation as a whole is increasingly turning to the internet to attract new active members.
Many former leaders of the libertarian faction, such as Mark MacGregor, have gone on to hold senior office in the Conservative Party.
Many observers had considered the Conservative MP Sir George Young to be the favourite as he had support from both the Conservative and Labour leadership, who viewed it as the Conservatives ' ' turn ' to have a Speaker elected from their benches.
Many former supporters of William Warren joined in alliance with former Conservative leader William J. Higgins to form the Liberal-Conservative Progressive Party.
Many of the policies are traditional Conservative policies-the party ( and Michael Howard ) have always been seen as tough on crime, as Eurosceptic, and as taking a hard line on immigration.
Many believed that the plan was only being pursued because of a desire to prove the government's non-partisan credentials and Conservative leader Stanley Baldwin's determination to implement the policy.
Many thought Hollick would meet his match in Lord Stevens of Ludgate, proprietor of United ; but it was Stevens who was sidelined as Hollick became chief executive, and within 18 months the Express had undergone a radical shift of political affiliation, dropping its long-standing support for the Conservative Party to become an enthusiastic proponent of Tony Blair's New Labour.

Many and Jews
Many Jews consider a portion of the 49-day period of the counting of the omer between Passover and Shavuot to be a time of semi-mourning and instrumental music is not allowed during that time.
Many Catholic saints were noted specifically because of their missionary zeal in converting Jews, such as Vincent Ferrer.
Many Jews were forced to flee Germany.
Many Jews view Christians as having quite an ambivalent view of the Torah, or Mosaic law: on one hand Christians speak of it as God's absolute word, but on the other, they apply its commandments with a certain selectivity ( compare Biblical law in Christianity ).
Many Jews view Jesus as one in a long list of failed Jewish claimants to be the Messiah, none of whom fulfilled the tests of a prophet specified in the Law of Moses.
Many Jewish academics and intellectuals studied and taught at CUNY in the post-World War I era when Ivy League universities, such as Yale University, discriminated against Jews.
Many of the Bavarian Soviet Republic's leaders were Jewish, allowing anti-Jewish propagandists to connect Jews with Communism ( and thus treason ).
Many of its representatives such as Matthias Erzberger and Walther Rathenau were assassinated, and the leaders were branded as " criminals " and Jews by the right-wing press dominated by Alfred Hugenberg.
Many English people have heard almost nothing about the extermination of German and Polish Jews during the present war.
Many Jews converted to Christianity, however, prejudice against Jewish converts persisted and led many of these former Jews to move to the New World ( see History of the Jews in Latin America ).
Many medieval religious movements emphasized mysticism, such as the Cathars and related movements in the West, the Jews in Spain ( see Zohar ), the Bhakti movement in India and Sufism in Islam.
Many of these Jews would live in mountainous regions to get away from any non-Jewish influence.
Many non-religious Jews make a point of attending synagogue services and fasting on Yom Kippur.
Many Jews were forced to convert, and due to suspicion by the authorities of fake conversions, the new converts were also forced to wear identifying clothing.
Many Haredi or ultra-orthodox Jews are extremely scrupulous about the supervision of their matzah, as eating leavened products during Passover is liable to the extremely grave divine punishment of Kareth ( or a sin-offering if unintentional ); consequently many have the custom of baking their own matzo, or at least participating in some stage of the baking process.
Many Sephardi Jews have the custom of eating lamb or goat meat during the Seder in memory of the Korban Pesach.
Many households add their own commentary and interpretation and often the story of the Jews is related to the theme of liberation and its implications worldwide.
Many Orthodox Jews during Hol Hamoed go on trips such as baseball games and Six Flags Great Adventure.
Many branches of Reform Judaism hold that Jewish law should be interpreted as a set of general guidelines rather than as a list of restrictions whose literal observance is required of all Jews.
Many Jews were beaten to death, robbed, and burned alive.
Many Jewish homes were burned down, and several Jews were forcibly baptised.

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