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| and Mary
File: Albrecht Dürer 058. jpg | Mary with the squatting child, 1516, oil on panel, Metropolitan Museum of Art
File: Albrecht Dürer 010. jpg | Mary Praying, 1518, oil on panel
Mitre worn by an Eastern bishop with icon s of Christ, the Theotokos ( Mary, Mother of God ) and John the Baptist | Forerunner ( John the Baptist ).
File: Mosaic2-plw. jpg | Room 49-Hinton St Mary Mosaic, Roman Britain, circa 4th century ( one of the earliest representations of Christ and the only such portrait on a mosaic floor from anywhere in the Roman Empire )
File: Flickr-Nic's events-British Museum with Cory and Mary, 6 Sep 2007-183. jpg | Detail of a Ionic capital of a pilaster in the Great Court
Mary, Queen of Scots | Mary Stuart's personal breviary, which she took with her to the scaffold, is preserved in the National Library of Russia of St. Petersburg
Book of Common Prayer in the Church of Saint Mary, Sagada, Mountain Province | Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines
Emperor John II Komnenos | John II ( 1118 – 1143 ) is shown on the left, with the Mary, Mother of Jesus | Virgin Mary and infant Jesus in the centre, and John's consort Piroska of Hungary | Empress Irene on the right.
St. Mary of the Angels in Chicago | St. Mary of the Angels, one of Chicago's " Polish Cathedral style | Polish Cathedrals ".
The Wedding of Stephen Beckingham and Mary Cox by William Hogarth, c. 1729 ( Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City | N. Y. ).
File: Church06. jpg | Saint Mary Church, Masarra, Cairo, Egypt
File: Mary and Shenouda Coulsdon 045. jpg | Saint Mary & Saint Shenouda Church, Coulsdon, United Kingdom
File: St Mary and St Abraham Coptic Orthodox Church-geograph. org. uk-98611. jpg | Saint Mary and Saint Abraam Church, Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom
File: HeatonMoorRd4496. JPG | Saint Mary & Saint Mina Church, Heaton Moor, United Kingdom

| and Shearing
File: Tom Roberts-Shearing the Rams. jpg | Tom Roberts, Shearing the Rams, 1888-1890
Image: Tom Roberts-Shearing the Rams. jpg | Tom Roberts, Shearing the Rams, 1888-1890
Simple shear | Shearing is volume invariant
| Don Shearing, her 32-year-old second husband
Shearing a Merino in Lismore, Victoria | Lismore, Victoria ( Australia ) | Victoria, Australia

| and 53-year-old
| Roger Johnston, her 53-year-old husband
| her 53-year-old husband

| and Californian
Image: Sealion052006. JPG | Californian sea lion
Image: Bateaugoelette. jpg | US topsail schooner Californian
Headlines of Gray Davis ' defeat in UC Berkeley | UC Berkeley's newspaper, the Daily Californian.
File: Californian Golden Poppy Flower. jpg |
File: Hillman Minx Californian. jpg | Hillman Minx Californian
File: Seth Kinman Reclining. jpg | 1864 photo of Californian Seth Kinman displaying an Indian scalp ( front left ).
Quail chick 02. jpg | Californian quail chick
Image: Sunkist Californian Oranges ol344. jpg | Fruit crate label for Sunkist California Oranges
| A Californian 52-year-old woman gave birth to a son conceived by IVF using oocyte ( s ) donation in 1990.
| Wendy Wasserstein, Californian dramaturge, gave birth to her daughter Lucy in September 1999, after IVF treatment with oocytes donation fertilized by the sperm of an anonymous donor.
Replica of 1847 " Baltimore Clipper " Californian ( schooner ) | Californian built in 1984

| and woman
File: Cristo e la cananea di Alessandro Allori detail. jpg | Christ and Canaanite woman by Alessandro Allori.
File: Carved ivory depicting a woman at a window. jpg | Carved ivory object from the Nimrud Ivories, Phoenician, Nimrud, 9th-8th century BC ( the Nimrud Ivories are widely considered to be one of the Ancient Near East's greatest discoveries )
Some Trans woman | MTF crossdressers seek a more subtle feminine image
Free people of color | Free woman of color with quadroon daughter ; late 18th century collage painting, New Orleans.
Handscroll detail of a China | Chinese percussionist playing a drum for a dancing woman, from a 12th century remake of Gu Hongzhong's 10th century originals, Song Dynasty.
Image: Jessica Miller & Ian Moram Throw Jump-2006 Skate Canada. jpg | A pair team after the woman has been thrown: Jessica Miller rotates in the air.
Image: Nathalie Pechalat & Fabian Bourzat Spin-2006 Skate America. jpg | A dance spin with the woman in a camel position and the man in a sit position.
Taliban Mutaween # Other groups | religious police beating a woman in Kabul, which was filmed by RAWA on August 26, 2001.
File: Mongolia020. jpg | Married woman in ancient national dress.
Mai 1806. jpg | In this 1806 French print, the woman with the Menorah represents the Jews being emancipated by Napoleon Bonaparte
File: Pierre-Auguste Renoir 146. jpg | Dance at Bougival, 1882 – 1883, ( woman at left is painter Suzanne Valadon ), Boston Museum of Fine Arts
Édouard-Henri Avril's depiction of a Woman on top ( sex position ) | woman on top position, a position that is more likely to stimulate the clitoris.
An Iranian woman playing a frame drum, from a painting on the walls of Chehel-sotoon palace, Isfahan ( city ) | Isfahan, 17th century, Iran.
File: Khotan-melikawat-chicas-d02. jpg | Young woman at the ruins of Melikawat
File: Khotan-fabrica-seda-d02. jpg | Uyghur woman at a silk factory, Khotan
File: Khotan-melikawat-chicas-d03. jpg | Young Uyghur woman, c. 2005
File: Bundesarchiv Bild 183-09249-0013, Berlin, alte Frau sammelt Abfälle. jpg | An elderly woman gathers vegetable waste tossed from a vegetable seller's wagon for her lunch, 1923.
File: Lesser Ury Dame im Café. jpg | Sketch of a woman in a café by Lesser Ury for a Berlin newspaper, 1925.
< imagemap > File: 1st millennium montage. png | From left, clockwise: Depiction of Jesus, the central figure in Christianity ; The Colosseum, a landmark of the once mighty Roman Empire ; Gunpowder is invented during the latter part of the millennium, in China ; Chess, a new board game, takes on popularity across the globe ; The Roman Empire falls, and then reappears ushering in the Early Middle Ages ; The skeletal remains of a young woman, known as the " ring lady ", killed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79 ; Attila the Hun, leader of the Hunnic Empire, which takes most of western Europe.
Ati ( tribe ) | Ati woman, the Philippines, 2007.
A woman in Konya, Turkey works at a # Haute lisse and basse lisse looms | vertical loom
Image: Falla pintor y gorda. jpg | Falla with painter and fat woman.
Hippie woman giving a Peace symbol # The_V_sign | peace sign, Los Angeles, 1969
File: Breakfast making in adivasi village, Umaria district, India. jpg | A tribal woman prepares breakfast in Bandhavgarh
Image: HappyPensioneer. jpg | Older woman in post-menopause

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