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Maxwell and Fyfe
In response to Raeder's defence of pre-emptive war against Norway, the British prosecutor David Maxwell Fyfe read out the minutes of a meeting between Raeder and Hitler on 26 March 1940, which read: " British landing in Norway is not considered imminent-Raeder suggests action by us at the next new moon-to which Hitler agrees.
" When confronted with the minutes of the 26 March 1940 meeting by Maxwell Fyfe, Raeder had no response.
When Maxwell Fyfe charged that Raeder was guilty of violating both the Treaty of Versailles and the Anglo-German Naval Agreement and commented: " For 20 years, from 1918 to 1938, you and the German Navy had been involved in a course of complete, cold and deliberate deception of your treaty obligations ... Do you deny this was so ?".
The American historian Norman Goda wrote that Maxwell Fyfe and the American prosecutor Telford Taylor tore Raeder to pieces on the stand for his statements.
This in turn led him to be questioned by Maxwell Fyfe about his speech on Heroes ' Day on 12 March 1939 praising Hitler "... for the clear and unmerciful declaration of war against Bolshevism and International Jewry, whose drive for destruction of peoples we have felt quite enough in our racial body ".
" Raeder's claims to have been an apolitical officer who objected to the Nazis involved him in many testy exchanges with Maxwell Fyfe.
Maxwell Fyfe charged that Raeder had been part of the effort to cover up that it was an U-boat that sank the Athenia and to falsely accuse the British of sinking the Athenia.
Raeder claimed that he had been " very indignant " about his government's claim that Britain had sunk the Athenia, which led Maxwell Fyfe to remark that he had done nothing to express that " indignation ", just as he claimed to have been angry about the false charges of homosexuality against Werner von Fritsch, where he had also done nothing after Fritsch had been cleared.
When questioned by Maxwell Fyfe about the Libau massacres, Raeder claimed that he no idea about what had happened, and maintained that he would have stopped the massacres had he known.
Home Secretary David Maxwell Fyfe, after reading the Home Office psychiatric reports, refused to request clemency from the Queen, despite a petition signed by over 200 of his fellow MPs.
* 1950: Sir David Maxwell Fyfe, MP
Sir David Maxwell Fyfe KC, defending, called many witnesses to attest to Haigh ’ s mental state, including Dr Henry Yellowlees who claimed Haigh had a paranoid constitution, adding: " The absolute callous, cheerful, bland and almost friendly indifference of the accused to the crimes which he freely admits having committed is unique in my experience.
David Patrick Maxwell Fyfe, 1st Earl of Kilmuir GCVO, PC, KC, ( 29 May 1900 – 27 January 1967 ), known as Sir David Maxwell Fyfe from 1942 to 1954 and as The Viscount Kilmuir from 1954 to 1962, was a British Conservative politician, lawyer and judge who combined an industrious and precocious legal career with political ambitions that took him to the offices of Solicitor General, Attorney General, Home Secretary and Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain.
Maxwell Fyfe was finally elected to parliament in Liverpool West Derby in a by-election in July 1935.
Maxwell Fyfe, along with Patrick Spens, Derrick Gunston and others, backed the National Government over the Hoare-Laval Pact, and he supported Neville Chamberlain over the Munich Agreement.
However, after the German occupation of Czechoslovakia in March 1939, Maxwell Fyfe joined the Territorial Army and, at the outbreak of World War II in September, he was deployed to the Judge Advocate-General's department.
In May 1941 Maxwell Fyfe became deputy to R. A. Butler's chairmanship of a Conservative Party committee to analyse forthcoming post-war problems, taking over from Butler in July 1943.
Sir David Maxwell Fyfe ( centre ) and an unknown prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials
In March 1942, Sir Winston Churchill, on the advice of Brendan Bracken, appointed Maxwell Fyfe Solicitor-General.
" Whether Maxwell Fyfe believed such executions were the best method of dealing with the Nazis may be doubted, in view of his later work at the Nuremberg Trials ; at the time, however, as a member of the government he had little choice but to follow the lead of the Prime Minister, Churchill, who repeatedly urged that summary justice be visited upon on the Nazi leaders.
When the war ended and the coalition was dissolved in May 1945, Maxwell Fyfe was briefly Attorney-General in Churchill's caretaker government.

Maxwell and brought
She brought with her a large retinue of Scottish gentlemen, including the Earls of Huntly, Cassillis, Sutherland, Marischal, and Wigtown, plus Lords Home and Maxwell, and the Bishops of Caithness and Galloway.
In 1921 Maxwell failed and Walter P. Chrysler, formerly of General Motors, was brought in to reorganize it and, in 1925, the Chrysler Corporation was formed.
At this moment the body of Maxwell, cut almost to pieces with dahs by two relatives of the man he had shot, is brought back to the town.
Maxwell Bodenheim, an American poet and novelist, was known as the King of Greenwich Village Bohemians during the 1920s and his writing brought him international fame during the Jazz Age.
It brought him to the notice of James Clerk Maxwell, and in 1878 Macfarlane was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
The 1980's brought him back to TV again, starring as FBI Agent Bill Maxwell on The Greatest American Hero.
Maxwell had long been something of a public figure before what he refers to as " The Case of the Missing Letter ... a Nixonian drama in four acts: preemption, suppression, and cover-up followed by denial " 2004, 1, brought him to far wider attention.
Zimbalist brought in playwright S. N. Behrman and then playwright Maxwell Anderson to write drafts.
Composer Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, presently Master of the Queen's Music, was brought up in Swinton after his family moved from Salford when he was four.
) According to papers from the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal which were collected by Sir William Edward Maxwell and republished in 1886, one Dr. D. W. Montgomerie said that the rock was brought to light by some Bengal sailors employed by Captain Flint, R. N., the first Master Attendant:
The plot line that brought the cast from the store to the manor was considered remarkably topical, since it aired just a few months after the death of British publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell, who was revealed to have borrowed heavily against his own employees ' pensions.
As Artistic Director, he brought in such directors such as Tadeusz Bradecki, Derek Goldby, Denise Coffey, Jackie Maxwell and Neil Munro.
At the turn of the 1970s he worked with Peter Maxwell Davies and brought the Red Buddha Theatre company from Japan to Europe, acting as their director, producer and composer, writing and performing in the multi-media event " The Man From The East ", with Morris Pert's Come To The Edge providing the musical backing.

Maxwell and up
On May 19, a deputy sheriff's posse of eight men left Maxwell City and rode thirty-five miles up the Vermejo where they were joined by Juan Jose Martinez.
With curiosity and elan, he explored every inch of glen, beach and burn, once stranding himself for hours on a ledge high up a sheer seventy-foot cliff and waiting with calm faith to be rescued by Maxwell, who nearly lost his life in doing so.
Speaking to her biographer, Parks noted, " You might just say Maxwell opened my eyes up.
The Wild Irish: A Novel of Elizabeth I & the Pirate O ' Malley, by Robin Maxwell, tells Ní Mháille's story from birth up until a few years before her death.
By 1593, John, 8th Lord Maxwell was repairing the castle again, building up the gatehouse for defence against the Johnstones of Annandale, with whom the Maxwells were feuding.
He took up a post as music adviser at the nearby Bath Academy of Art and invited young composers to his house, including Harrison Birtwistle, Peter Maxwell Davies, Alexander Goehr.
Maxwell sold the ranch to the Maxwell Land Grant and Railroad Company, which gave up and handed it on to a Dutch development company, which decided to parcel it out to ranchers.
In a short period of time, however, Maxwell over-extended and wound up deeply in debt with over half of their production unsold in the post World War I recession in 1920.
As well as the Freak, Rita's chief adversary is Kath Maxwell ( Kate Hood ), a middle-class woman and friend of Bob Moran, who retaliates against Rita for her brutal initiation into prison life because of her crime – the mercy killing of her terminally ill daughter – and toughens up, becoming a serious rival for the top dog role with her new hard attitude and monopoly on contraband rackets in the prison.
As a senior he helped lead his school to a national title in 1976, picking up the Heisman Trophy, the Maxwell Award, the Walter Camp Award for Player of the Year, and the United Press International ( UPI ) Player of the Year award along the way as he led the nation in rushing with 1, 948 yards.
NBA players that once suited up for the 49ers include Boston Celtics great Cedric Maxwell, DeMarco Johnson, 2001 NBA Draft lottery pick Rodney White, and Eddie Basden.
The route chosen to take the Union Canal to the site of the wheel involved building a completely new section of canal, leading from the original terminus at Port Maxwell to link up with a new basin to the south of the wheel.
It ended up being the first Cartoon Network movie-length pilot to be broadcast, but not picked up until, " Underfist: Halloween Bash " which was created by Maxwell Atoms, who created " Billy and Mandy " and " Evil Con Carne ".
Eventually he returned to his original employer, and worked his way up in the media business within Robert Maxwell ’ s stable of publications.
In fact, while on the faculty at UCLA, Maxwell McCombs picked up Cohen ’ s book containing this quote at a local bookstore.
If a Dp-brane is embedded in a spacetime of d spatial dimensions, the brane carries ( in addition to its Maxwell field ) a set of d-p massless scalars ( particles which do not have polarizations like the photons making up light ).
Maxwell grew up in Toronto, Canada, where he attended Victoria Park Secondary School ( now Victoria Park Collegiate Institute ), and he was a member of the Victoria Park Track Club ( not associated with the school ).
Maxwell came up with the idea of an energy bar after dropping out of a marathon at the mark, at about the segment of the event known among runners as " The Wall ", where experts say the body ceases burning carbohydrates and begins burning muscle tissue instead.
Maxwell ended up with a company with 300 employees and $ 150 million in annual sales by 2000, when the company was purchased by Nestlé for $ 375 million.
Mutual friend Tony Maxwell picked up the drum duties.
Robert Culp reprises his role of Bill Maxwell and takes the unconscious nerd on several adventures ( most notably using the nerd ( and his invulnerable costume ) as a shield to fend off bullets or as a bludgeon to beat up bad guys ), ending with the aliens reclaiming the suit and leaving the nerd barely conscious and naked.

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