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Meanwhile and was
Meanwhile I myself was not yet saved.
Meanwhile, in Moscow, Khrushchev was adding his bit to the march of world law by promising to build a bomb with a wallop equal to 100 million tons of TNT, to knock sense into the heads of those backward oafs who can't see the justice of surrendering West Berlin to communism.
Meanwhile, it was learned the State Highway Department is very near being ready to issue the first $30 million worth of highway reconstruction bonds.
Meanwhile, Douglas was selected as the candidate of the Northern Democrats, with Herschel Vespasian Johnson as the vice-presidential candidate.
Meanwhile, with the independence of Brazil in 1822, the slave trade was abolished in 1836, and in 1844 Angola's ports were opened to foreign shipping.
Meanwhile his father died and his mother was cast into poverty in Corsica, still having four children to support.
Meanwhile, Zhelyu Zhelev, a communist-era dissident from the new democratic party-Union of Democratic Forces, was elected President by the Assembly in 1990, and in 1992 won Bulgaria's first presidential elections and served as president until 1997.
Meanwhile it was a disappointing night for the SNP, they failed to gain any seats and lost a seat to the Conservatives by just 79 votes.
Meanwhile, the Dutch assault on Ramillies was gaining pace.
" Meanwhile, Overkirk took the port of Ostend on 4 July thus opening a direct route to the English Channel for communication and supply, but the Allies were making scant progress against Dendermonde whose governor, the Marquis de Valée, was stubbornly resisting.
Meanwhile, on the Upper Rhine, Villars had been forced onto the defensive as battalion after battalion had been sent north to bolster collapsing French forces in Flanders ; there was now no possibility of his undertaking the re-capture of Landau.
Meanwhile, the British MI6 and the American CIA commenced an operation to ensure that Doctor Zhivago was correctly submitted to the Nobel Committee, which requires that nominations for the Nobel Prize for Literature must be submitted in their original language.
Meanwhile, under the direction of Benedict XIV ( pope 1740 – 1758 ), a special congregation collected much material for an official revision, but nothing was published.
Meanwhile, Live Through This was an immense commercial and critical success, receiving rave reviews from major music periodicals and going certified gold.
Meanwhile, individual FARC members initially joined the UP leadership in representation of the guerrilla command, though most of the guerrilla's chiefs and militiamen did not demobilize nor disarm, as that was not a requirement of the process at that point in time.
Meanwhile, Paul Brown Stadium was built for the 2000 season using private and public money.
Meanwhile, a human spaceship that was sent out to space long ago when the planetary winter began crashes in some foreign planet and the local civilization buries all evidence of the accident.
Meanwhile, Nadir Khan made sure his return to Afghanistan was impossible by engaging in a propaganda war.
Meanwhile in Hungary a small-scale revolt had broken out in May and was fast gaining momentum.
Meanwhile, Newson ’ s malting business expanded and five more children were born, Alice ( 1842 ), Millicent ( 1847 ), who was to become a leader in the constitutional campaign for women's suffrage, Sam ( 1850 ), Josephine ( 1853 ) and George ( 1854 ).
Meanwhile, IBM began to worry that it was losing control of the industry it had created.
Meanwhile, the king was having trouble sleeping, and had some histories read to him.
Meanwhile, Draper was forced to move to Europe to earn a living.
Meanwhile, Debussy was having one of his first major successes with in 1902, leading a few years later to ‘ who-was-precursor-to-whom ’ debates between the two composers, in which Maurice Ravel would also get involved.
Meanwhile, the Hanseatic League was gaining in power, threatening Scandinavian commerce.

Meanwhile and struggling
Meanwhile in Paris, Louis XVI was struggling with the National Assembly, which was committed to radical reforms and had enacted the Constitution of 1791.
Meanwhile Maloney was struggling with the limited budget available given the need for action and special effects.
Meanwhile, the Charnwood Forest Branch was still struggling to attract any trade.
Meanwhile, angels and devils are struggling over Conrad's soul.
Meanwhile, as agents from Berlin, Washington and Paris battle diplomatically for influence over North Africa's most influential port, its nominal ruler ( the young Khedive ) is sent on holiday by the Governor General Koenig Pasha — whose cryptic notes Raf is left struggling to understand.
Meanwhile, Mitch Benson ( Thomas Gibson ), the Chief of Operations at Midwest Electric, is struggling to keep power going to the residents because the six-week heat wave is straining the system and residents are refusing to follow power conservation requests.
Meanwhile, Harold Bly, owner of the mining company that keeps the struggling town afloat and looked on as the head authority of the town, kicks his wife, Maggie, onto the streets.
Meanwhile, Sara, now in her early twenties, is still struggling with the poor choices her mother has made.
Meanwhile, Denver residents are struggling to collect their families and then leave town, despite rioters and gridlock.

Meanwhile and financially
" Meanwhile, in order to help financially support his family alongside his art studies, he took up a job printing engravings.
Meanwhile, back in the increasingly financially challenged Chinese heartland, the Sogdian-Turkic general An Lushan had worked himself into a position of greatest trust with the Tang emperor Xuanzong and his consort Yang Guifei.
Meanwhile, Latham resolves to ruin Amlie financially and run him out of town.
Meanwhile, back in Portland the dry goods store had collapsed financially, bringing the partnership to an end.
Meanwhile, dBASE IV turned out to be a huge disaster on the PC causing Ashton-Tate to struggle financially.

Meanwhile and had
Meanwhile spring had passed well into summer.
Meanwhile, after 24 years in the Senate, Rhode Island's durable Democrat Theodore Francis Greene -- having walked, swum and cerebrated himself to the hearty age of 93 -- left that august body ( voluntarily, because he could surely have been re-elected had he chosen to run again last November ), as the oldest man ever to serve in the Senate.
Meanwhile, he had this miserable cold, and as he leaned against the refrigerator, watching the rain make sandy puddles at his feet, the doctor's prescription for lots of sun seemed like a hollow mockery.
Meanwhile, in 1868, tombs at Ialysus in Rhodes had yielded to Alfred Biliotti many fine painted vases of styles which were called later the third and fourth " Mycenaean "; but these, bought by John Ruskin, and presented to the British Museum, excited less attention than they deserved, being supposed to be of some local Asiatic fabric of uncertain date.
Meanwhile Zadok, of the house of Eleazar, had been made High Priest.
Meanwhile, in the garden, Fredrik and Carl-Magnus reflect on how difficult it is to be annoyed with Desiree, agreeing " It Would Have Been Wonderful " had she not been quite so wonderful.
Meanwhile, the courtesans from the house of Marcus Lycus – who had been recruited as mourners at " Philia "' s ersatz funeral – have escaped, and Lycus sends his eunuchs out to bring them all back, adding to the general pandemonium.
Meanwhile the Allies had once again attacked the Bavarian stronghold at Lutzingen.
:" Meanwhile it happened that Swedish ambassadors had come to the Emperor Louis the Pious, and, amongst other matters which they had been ordered to bring to the attention of the emperor, they informed him that there were many belonging to their nation who desired to embrace the Christian religion, and that their king so far favoured this suggestion that lie would permit God's priests to reside there, provided that they might be deemed worthy of such a favour and that the emperor would send them suitable preachers.
Meanwhile, the French feudatories on the left wing had thoroughly defeated the Imperial forces opposed to them.
Meanwhile, also in 1859, he had been made professor ordinarius of theology and of Biblical paleography, this latter professorship being specially created for him ; and another book of travel, Aus dem heiligen Lande, appeared in 1862.
Meanwhile, the Browns unexpectedly had Cleveland to themselves ; the NFL's Cleveland Rams, who had continually lost money despite winning the 1945 NFL championship, moved to Los Angeles after that season.
Meanwhile, Murbella collapses under the pressure of Bene Gesserit training, giving in to " word weapons " that the Bene Gesserit had planted to undermine her earlier Honored Matre identity.
Meanwhile von Salza had to abandon his hope to establish an Order's State in the Burzenland region of Transylvania, which had led to an éclat with King Andrew II of Hungary.
Meanwhile, Dr. Boylston had inoculated 242 people, with only six resulting in death.
Meanwhile he had his first divorce.
Meanwhile Hewlett Packard ( HP ) had been developing a pocket calculator.
Meanwhile, Francisco Pizarro's brother, Juan Pizarro, had arrested Inca Manco Inca Yupanqui, further complicating Almagro's plans as it heavily increased the dissatisfaction of the Indians submitted to Spanish rule.

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