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Meredith's and line
It was Williams, Jr. who literally had the last word on ABC's last broadcast, with his rendition of Don Meredith's famous line, " Turn Out the Lights, The Party's Over ", shown as the broadcast ended.

Meredith's and before
On the night before the Ole Miss riot of 1962 protesting Meredith's entry to the university, Barnett gave his famous fifteen-word " I Love Mississippi " speech at the University of Mississippi football game in Jackson.
In a speech before more than six thousand students and faculty, Kennedy discussed racial reconciliation and answered questions, including those about his role in Meredith's enrollment.
After throwing up on color commentator Don Meredith's cowboy boots shortly before halftime, Cosell left the stadium and took a taxi back to New York City.
Meredith's broadcasting career was also not without a few incidents of minor controversy ; including referring to then-President Richard Nixon as " Tricky Dick ", announcing that he was " mile-high " before a game in Denver, and turning the name of Cleveland Browns receiver Fair Hooker into a double entendre.
The first African-American woman ever to argue a case before the U. S. Supreme Court, in Meredith v. Fair she successfully won James Meredith's effort to be the first black student to attend the University of Mississippi in 1962.
Evidence is produced that supports Tom's story and refutes Meredith's testimony before a court mediator.

Meredith's and him
Meredith used it as primarily a summer house and as a home for his wife and children ; Meredith's duties as head of the bar in Philadelphia prevented him from living at Wheatland on a permanent basis.

Meredith's and .
That turned out to be Don Meredith's final game as a Cowboy.
This was Meredith's last broadcast with NBC, as he returned to ABC to rejoin the Monday Night Football crew for the 1977 season, where he had been a commentator from 1970 – 73.
Meredith's entry is regarded as a pivotal moment in the history of civil rights in the United States.
According to first-person accounts chronicled in Nadine Cohodas's book The Band Played Dixie ( 1997 ), students living in Meredith's dorm bounced basketballs on the floor just above his room through all hours of the night.
In 2002, officials marked the 40th anniversary of Meredith's historic admission to the University of Mississippi with a year-long series of events.
Even Meredith's initial efforts required great courage.
The protesters swarmed the campus in a violent effort to prevent Meredith's enrollment and enforce segregationist laws of Mississippi at the time.
According to first person accounts chronicled in Nadine Cohodas's book The Band Played Dixie, students living in Meredith's dorm bounced basketballs on the floor just above his room through all hours of the night.
" That year 13 % of the student body was African American, and Meredith's son Joseph graduated as the top doctoral student at the school of business.
In the century's first decade, poetry still had a large audience ; volumes of verse published in that time included Thomas Hardy's The Dynasts, Christina Rossetti's posthumous Poetical Works, Ernest Dowson's Poems, George Meredith's Last Poems, Robert Service's Ballads of a Cheechako and John Masefield's Ballads and Poems.
In 1966, James Meredith's march passed through Grenada.
He was involved with James Meredith's efforts to enroll in the University of Mississippi in the early 1960s.
Meredith's former business partner at Montreal, Strachan Bethune, was the grandson of Martha ( Henry ) Hallowell.
Poirot and Battle race to Anne Meredith's cottage, fearing that she might strike again.
After Sir William Meredith's death in 1923, Mulock was nominated for the primarily ceremonial role of Chancellor.
In 1962, he actively opposed James Meredith's efforts to desegregate his alma mater, the University of Mississippi.
On March 18, 1966, former United States Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, who frequently conversed by telephone with Barnett during the Meredith crisis in attempts to secure peacefully Meredith's enrollment at Ole Miss, visited the campus.
He first worked as a book illustrator with London publishers, illustrating such works as George Meredith's Jump to Glory Jane ( 1892 ), Jonas Lie's Weird Tales ( 1892 ), Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market ( 1893 ), Jane Barlow's The End of Elfintown ( 1894 ) and his sister's Werewolf ( 1896 ) in an intricate Art Nouveau style.
Carmichael joined Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Floyd McKissick, Cleveland Sellers and others to continue Meredith's march.

fingers and stopped
The violinist produces sound by drawing a bow across one or more strings ( which may be stopped by the fingers of the other hand to produce a full range of pitches ), by plucking the strings ( with either hand ), or by a variety of other techniques.
After an initial period of over two years in which he could move and even write with the fingers of the new hand, Hallam voluntarily stopped taking his immunosuppressive drugs.
The strings are stopped by touching them with the back of the fingers ( the knuckles or nails ), as there is no fingerboard to press the strings against.
The 12 holes are stopped by means of fingers and thumbs and by the ball of the hand or the fleshy underpart of the joints of the fingers.

fingers and over
We take leave of Pumblechook as he gloats over Pip's loss of fortune, extending his hand `` with a magnificently forgiving air '' and exhibiting `` the same fat five fingers '', one of which he identifies with `` the finger of Providence '' and shakes at Pip in a canting imputation of the latter's `` ingratitoode '' and his own generosity as Pip's `` earliest benefactor ''.
In the final lap of the 2001 Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 500, Harvick beat Jeff Gordon by. 006 seconds, the same margin that Earnhardt had won over Bobby Labonte at the same race a year prior, and the images of Earnhardt's longtime gas man, Danny " Chocolate " Myers, crying after the victory, Harvick's tire-smoking burnout on the frontstretch with three fingers held aloft outside the driver's window, and the Fox television call by Mike Joy, Larry McReynolds, and Darrell Waltrip, concluding with " Gordon got loose, but he ( Harvick ) is gonna get him though, it's Harvick!
Some players use the more nimble tips of the fingers to play fast-moving solo passages or to pluck lightly for quiet tunes. The use of amplification allows the player to have more control over the tone of the instrument, because amplifiers have equalization controls that allow the bassist to accentuate certain frequencies ( often the bass frequencies ) while de-accentuating some frequencies ( often the high frequencies, so that there is less finger noise ).
To align the user's fingers with the hidden buttons, the cartridges had cutouts in their bottom ( over the keypad ).
* A square represents a closed fist, with the knuckles of the flexed fingers bent 90 ° so that the fingers touch the palm and the thumb lies over the fingers.
Trackballs are generally either thumb-operated, with a ball about an inch in diameter or smaller moved by one digit ( almost always the thumb ) and the buttons clicked by others, or finger-operated, with a ball over two inches in diameter operated by the middle fingers and the buttons by the thumb and little finger.
Some questioned whether the country was overstretched, and in 1905 the British foreign minister said that the " empire resembles a huge, gouty giant with its fingers and toes extended all over the globe, which cannot be approached without eliciting a scream.
Gypsies drove steel or iron needles into a corpse's heart and placed bits of steel in the mouth, over the eyes, ears and between the fingers at the time of burial.
* Overhand method-create a bight, by twisting the hand over at the wrist and sticking your hand in the hole, pinch the working end with your fingers and pull through the loop.
In this sense the callioflute provides some improvements over the calliope in the sense that the callioflute enables a musician to attain subtle changes in pitch, timbre, volume, and tone, by the way in which the water jets are obstructed with the fingers.
* If two people join their opposite hands and one slides his index and thumb over two joined fingers he will feel the other finger like it was one of his.
Tinel's sign ( pain and / or paresthesias of the median-innervated fingers with percussion over the median nerve ) is less sensitive, but slightly more specific than Phalen ’ s sign.
In stiffer material the first two steps can be accomplished in a single motion by twisting the working part with the fingers until a loop forms and flops over the standing part.
Here, the eyes are open, the chin is on the chest, elbows are tight into the sides and the hands are over the ends of the reserve parachute with fingers spread.
Readers would trace their fingers over the text, comprehending slowly but in a traditional fashion which Haüy could appreciate.
The instrument is played by placing the fingers in direct contact with the sound-producing hydraulic fluid, thus giving the musician a high degree of control over the musical expression in the sound.
A topspinner is released over the top of the fingers in such a way that it spins forward in the air towards the batsman in flight.
When the sharper becomes banker he leans negligently over the table, and in this position his fingers are as close as possible to the prepared cards, termed portees.
The pallium, in its present Western form, is a narrow band, " three fingers broad ", woven of white lamb's wool from sheep raised by Trappist monks, with a loop in the centre resting on the shoulders over the chasuble and two dependent lappets, before and behind ; so that when seen from front or back the ornament resembles the letter Y.
Over time, this design evolved into individual extensions over the bottom of the slots in the skirt, known as " fingers ".
Because it has no glove over the fingers, it is typically uncomfortable for the archer to use giriko powder.
In folk music, forró, cajun music and rock music a triangle is often hooked over the hand so that one side can be damped by the fingers to vary the tone.

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