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Millie and high
While still a junior high school student, Summers and Mildred L. " Milly " Watson ( later Millie Pace ) ( born February 26, 1922 in Los Angeles, California ; died August 2, 1976 in Orange County, California ), a local girl, performed together in churches in Pasadena, California, and later made religious recordings with Milly's older brother, Marvin, for which she wrote some songs.
For example, if Ratix has a high affinity toward Millie, then if Millie falls in battle, Ratix will become angry, until either Millie is revived or the battle ends.
* Rye Neck High School was second runner-up for USA Weekend's 2007 " Showstopper Contest " for best high school musical, with their performance of Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Millie and school
The Academic Bridging Program is named in honour of Millie Rotman Shime, a University of Toronto graduate and Toronto secondary school teacher of History and English, whose life exemplified the best that any great university may expect of its alumni.
Marín was born in Curepto, in the Maule region to peasant Heraclio Marín and school teacher Adriana Millie, later moving with her family to Sarmiento, and then to Talagante.
The strip centered on Ozy ( an arctic fox ) and Millie ( a red fox ) as they and their friends dealt with everyday elementary school issues and more surreal situations.

Millie and from
Millie was named after the character Millie Helper from The Dick Van Dyke Show.
Having been cast aside and ignored by both Rosemary and Hal, Millie sulks off and starts drinking from a whiskey flask hidden in Howard's jacket.
Robinson Jr. and Edna Mae also claimed that they were kept away from Robinson by Millie during the last years of his life.
The album spawned several singles, including the dark " Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa ", a tale of a young girl who could no longer take the sexual abuse from her father, and the lead single " Ring Ring Ring ( Ha Ha Hey )", a story about the people who used De La's recent fame to try to launch their own careers.
He received 14 Academy Award nominations and was nominated at least once per decade from the 1950s until the 2000s, but his only win was for Thoroughly Modern Millie for Best Original Music Score.
To demonstrate passionate singing, his producer Rudy Perez showed him " Una Voz en el Alma ", one of Corretjer's music videos from the previous album that he had produced for Millie.
According to Crane, Bill Bliss had told Millicent Trent that, after the shot rang out, and while Bliss was having a drink, Leonore Lemmon came downstairs and said, “ Tell them I was down here, tell them I was down here !” In an interview with Carl Glass, Crane expanded on this: " It needed to be said and that is the way I heard it from Millie as it was told to her by Bill Bliss.
Her father, the late Manny Rotman, who received his Bachelor ’ s Degree from Woodsworth College in 1985 at age 76, wished to commemorate Millie ’ s memory by helping others who shared her passion for learning.
This hairstyle is frequently portrayed in the media as belonging to young women from the lower social classes, particularly the Chav subculture ( Ned in Scotland, Millie in Northern Ireland ).
The original owner of the dial is Robert " Robby " Reed, a smart teenager from Littleville, Colorado who lived with his grandfather " Gramps " Reed and their housekeeper Miss Millie.
Attesting to its quiet popularity, Patsy Walker ( along with Millie the Model and Kid Colt, Outlaw ) was among the very few titles published continuously by Marvel from the 1940s Golden Age of Comic Books, through Marvel's 1950s iteration as Atlas Comics, and into the 1960s Silver Age of Comic Books.
There, a few of the local Fellpool ( cat-like people ) youth, Roddick, Millie, and Dorne, are part of the village's local " Defense Force ", which defends the village from minor threats such thieves and robbers.
As such, Ilia and Roddick have a delay from when they enter the time gate, and after the trip through time, they find themselves separated from Ronyx and Millie.
He can cast both healing and destructive spells, but has less of a variety in his spell selection than either Ronyx or Millie and suffers from having a low attack power.
The 2007 production of " Thoroughly Modern Millie " was selected as a Regional Finalist from more than 1, 300 productions.
* Millie Burtonburger from Kid vs. Kat
" with " Millie Perkins died recently "; a letter from Perkins herself resulted in a January 1979 retraction by Kleiner, although the columnist maintained: " almost everyone in Hollywood believes that died.
A comic artist from an early age, Simpson's first published comic strip – early web comic Ozy and Millie – began running regularly in 1998.
Cleopatra Jones is accompanied by a rhythm-and-blues soundtrack featuring Joe Simon singing “ Theme from Cleopatra Jones ” and Millie Jackson singing “ Love Doctor ” and “ It Hurts So Good .” Instrumentals on the soundtrack include “ Goin ’ to the Chase ,” " Wrecking Yard " and “ Go Chase Cleo .” " Oriental-style " music combined with jazz, bass and strings creates an exotic tone.
( Millie )", a tribute to Stevens ' mother who had recently died from cancer, was also released.
Can Rick sweet-talk Alice and sabotage Kaz to keep Millie from taking that deal?
Her parents, Barnet and Millie Billig, were refugees from Russia, escaping from anti-Jewish pogroms.

Millie and had
George married Bell's daughter Florence in 1884, and they had two children, Millie ( 1887 – 1949 ) and Stanley.
The Bush dog, Millie, came down with Graves ' disease, too, although there are reports that she had a different auto-immune disease, lupus.
De La Hoya asked for the name of the singer in the video, and the producer replied that she was a singer and actress named Millie Corretjer, who had previously worked with him.
Now I will never forget this incident .... We were at al-Malikiyya, the other frontier base and word came through about 6 o ' clock in the morning that one of our patrols had been blown up and Millie Law dead officer had been killed.
His roles in films such as Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines ( 1965 ), King Rat ( 1965 ), The Chase ( 1966 ), Thoroughly Modern Millie ( 1967 ), Isadora ( 1968 ) and Performance ( 1970 ) ( alongside Mick Jagger ), as well as his relationship with actress Sarah Miles, had made him a media personality.
* Vieira had a brief stint in the Broadway show Thoroughly Modern Millie in 2003, appearing in various scenes.
Born in the White House, she was the daughter of Millie, who had belonged to President George H. W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush.
When Jimmy asks what all the missing girls had in common, Millie mentions they all were orphans.
George and Millie had been seeing each other for three or four years, when Millie lost interest and asked him not to see her anymore.
Cartoonist Dan DeCarlo, who had spent most of the 1950s drawing teen and career-girl humor comics such as Millie the Model for Atlas Comics, that decade's forerunner of Marvel Comics, began freelancing as well for Archie Comics.
The Ethel & Millie had just arrived on the scene as the Nelson sank, and her captain Skipper Charles Manning called for Nelson's lifeboat to come alongside.
The Evening Herald reported that shortly before midnight, Millie Figgis had answered a knock at the door.
By 1978 Perkins was sufficiently far off the Hollywood radar that the Screen Actors Guild had her on their inactive list and that September the Hollywood column " Ask Dick Kleiner " responded to the query: " What ever happened to Millie Perkins?
* Birthplace of singer Millie who had a hit in 1964 with My Boy Lollipop.
While in the past Dor is accompanied by a ( not normally ) giant spider named Jumper, who had been drawn into the tapestry with him, and meets his current governess Millie the ghost, a short time before her unfortunate demise.
By 1967, Millie, Norma and Bertha had decided to devote all of their time to raising their families.
As Gashade's dimwitted friend, Hutchins was cast in the same burst of inspiration that Hellman had when he also thought of Warren Oates and Millie Perkins for the other lead roles in the film.

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