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Moreover and according
Moreover, he included transcriptions of speeches that were delivered by historic figures, although sometimes they were made up by Thucydides himself according to what those people should have said at the moment they delivered them.
Moreover, according to American Terrorist, ultimately he decided that he would make the loudest statement by bombing a federal building.
Moreover, Kant saw a good will as acting in accordance with a moral command, the " Categorical Imperative ": " Act according to those maxims that you could will to be universal law.
Moreover, their amplitudes are related according to
Moreover, according to paleoanthropologist Antonis Bartsiokas of the Anaximandrian Institute of Human Evolution at the Democritus University of Thrace in Voula, Greece, and assistant professor at the Democritus who used a technique called macrophotography to study the skeleton in meticulous detail, the features identified by Musgrave, Prag, and Neave are simply normal anatomical quirks, accentuated by the effects of cremation and a poor reassembly of the remains.
Moreover, according to recent information, the femur of a hominid may have been discovered alongside the cranium but never published.
Moreover, in a kainate-induced mouse epilepsy model, exogenous reelin had prevented GCD, according to one study.
Moreover, he became an established cybernetic culture theoretician with his Internet development analysis stressing the roles of the state ( military and academic ), social movements ( computer hackers and social activists ), and business, in shaping the economic infrastructure according to their ( conflicting ) interests.
Moreover, Herodotus mentions that the Aeolians, according to the Hellenes, were known anciently as " Pelasgians ".
" Moreover, according to Krappe, Balor is related to Janus, Kronos, the Serbian monster " Vy ," the Welsh Ysbaddaden Pennkawr, and other versions of a two-headed god with an evil eye.
Moreover, according to a survey in 2008, there is a downward trend in everyday Valencian users.
Moreover, according to declassified documents released by the National Security Archive ( NSA ) in December 2001, USA gave its agreement to Indonesia for the invasion.
Moreover, In 2010, according to the University Ranking by Academic Performance, the University of Copenhagen is the best university in Denmark and 47th university in the world.
Moreover, the first known written example ( according to the Oxford English Dictionary ) of the use of the term Mickey Finn is in 1915, twelve years after his trial, lending credence to this theory of the origination of the phrase.
Moreover, according to Royce, loyalty is social.
Moreover, according to Socrates, this state of the soul, moral virtue, is the most important good.
Moreover, the Ruzyně fields provide opportunities for further expansion of the airport according to the increasing capacity demand.
Moreover, even Alexander never accused Lucian of having taught Arianism ; rather, he accused Lucian ad invidiam of heretical tendencies which apparently, according to him, were transferred to his pupil, Arius.
Moreover, seeing that the myriad city states of Greece posed a continued threat to the stability of his Empire, according to Herodotus, Darius decided to conquer the whole of Greece.
Moreover, it does not necessarily follow from the presence of EMPTA near ( but outside ) the boundary of Al-Shifa that this was produced in the factory: EMPTA could have been " stored in or transported near al-Shifa, instead of being produced by it ", according to a report by Michael Barletta.
Moreover, according to Luftwaffe records, III ./ KG 100, the Luftwaffe unit armed with the Fritz-X, flew its last mission on 17 September.
C. M Woodhouse, a British Intelligence officer, head of the British military delegation stationed by the Allies in Greece during WWII, wrote that on 18 March, when the Germans were moving unopposed into Bulgaria, KKE advised Greeks to follow the example of " the heroic fraternal people of Bulgaria " Moreover, according to George Papandreou, there were hints of a possible collaboration between KKE and the Germans in forming a government under occupation.
Moreover, it has exactly n eigenvalues ( counted according by their algebraic multiplicity ).
" Moreover that " according to our preferred models of growth and development, growth in stature have been completed by 12 years of age ( 4 years after death ), so that the majority of growth has already occurred.

Moreover and major
Moreover they had suspended the membership of their major affiliate, Lega Nord, for entering into government with the post-fascist National Alliance and the PNV chose to switch to the European People's Party ( EPP ).
Moreover, there are similarities between major groups, although how these similarities are to be interpreted is one of the major debatable issues in the historical linguistics of Indo-European.
Moreover, in the first century A. D., the Greco-Jewish philosopher Philo of Alexandria who was himself probably a practitioner of pankration makes a statement that could be an allusion to preliminary contests in which an athlete would participate and then collect his strength before coming forward fresh in the major competition.
Moreover, to these two major sources of environmental damage must be added large quantities of refuse, toxic materials, and between 173 million and 207 million liters of untreated sewage in sand pits left behind by coalition forces.
Moreover, Themistocles's doctrine of Athenian naval power, and the establishment of Athens as a major power in the Greek world were of enormous consequence during the 5th century BC.
Moreover, in the years since the last major XyWrite release, WordPerfect had cemented its hold on the DOS word processor market.
Moreover, the cathedral often plays a major role in telling the story of the town, through its plaques, inscriptions, tombs, stained glass and paintings.
Moreover, the major difficulty in developing vaccines and anti-viral drugs is due to viral variation.
Moreover, a 2007 clinical study involving alpha-tocopherol concluded that supplementation did not reduce the risk of major cardiovascular events in middle aged and older men.
Moreover, the two main receptors of reelin are able to form clusters that most probably play a major role in the signaling, causing the intracellular adaptor DAB1 to dimerize or oligomerize in its turn.
Moreover, the Dandong chestnut ( belonging to the Japanese chestnut Castanea crenata ) is a major cultivar in Liaoning Province.
Moreover, in Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray ( 1891 ), a major corrupting influence on Dorian is " the yellow book " which Lord Henry sends over to amuse him after the suicide of his first love.
Moreover, these medications were found to be safe and without major side effects.
Moreover, it was the first broad effort to integrate reserve units into a major Air Force combat mission in peacetime on a continuing basis using volunteers.
Moreover, since there is no short-term economic benefit to preventing rare large-scale failures, some observers have expressed concern that there is a tendency to erode the resilience of the network over time, which is only corrected after a major failure occurs.
Moreover, their wedding was the major social event of its time-one of the most lavish of the Gilded Age.
After moving away from premillennialism to amillennialism, Augustine viewed Sabbath rest in the sexta -/ septamillennial scheme as “ symbolically representative of Eternity .” Moreover, the millennium of Revelation 20 became for him “ symbolically representative of Christ ’ s present reign with the saints .” Richard Landes observed the 4th century as a time of major shift for Christian eschatology by noting that it " marked a crucial moment in the history of millenarianism, since during this period Augustine repudiated even the allegorizing variety he himself had previously accepted.
Moreover, relatively low income in the rural area compared to the urban area became a major political issue in the late 1980s, one that no government intervention had been able to fully solve.
Moreover, not only major cities but also small villages were to express the achievement and the nature of the German people.
Moreover, the study of these draft books implies that Beethoven initially had plans for a sonata in three movements, quite different from that which we know: it is only thereafter that the initial theme of the first movement became that of the String Quartet No. 13, and that what should have been used as the theme with the adagio a slow melody in A-flat major was abandoned.
Moreover, Rehhagel's old-fashioned tactics and patronizing of the players caused major antipathy in the Bayern team, especially from Klinsmann, who never missed an opportunity to take shots at Rehhagel.
Moreover, this application of the argument presupposes the accountability of God to the judgement of humanity, an idea most major religions consider to be an enormous conceit that is diametrically opposed to their doctrines.
Moreover, despite assurances that the equation models metabolic efficiency, the term metabolic efficiency ( ME ) appears nowhere in the equation as expounded upon by its major proponents.

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