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Page "lore" ¶ 1196
from Brown Corpus
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Moreover and prudence
Moreover, not only was Baius ' name not mentioned, but for obvious reasons of prudence in those days, so near the Reformation, the text itself was not to be made public.

Moreover and alone
* Moreover, if only one item is possessed, the rule against distribution of the joint possessive introduces ambiguity ( unless the context happens to resolve it ): read in light of a rule requiring distribution, the sentence " Jason and Sue's dog died after being hit by a bus " makes clear that the dog belonged to Sue alone and that Jason survived or was not involved, whereas a rule prohibiting distribution forces ambiguity as to both whether Jason ( co -) owned the dog and whether he was killed.
Moreover, it continues to expand as the premier method for identifying persons, with tens of thousands of people added to fingerprint repositories daily in America alone — far more than other forensic databases.
A report from the British House of Lords said, “ There is no definitive list of comitology committees, their functions, activities and membership ”; however, since the European Commission started to maintain a list, it states that “ A list of ‘ comitology ’ committees [...] is published as an Annex to the Annual reports on the work of these Committees [...] as well as in the Register of Comitology .” Moreover, the strongest criticism pertained to the fact that the elected European Parliament ( EP ) had no right to block implementing measures: only the comitology committees could do so, and if they did, the proposal was referred to Council alone, even when the initial delegation of powers was through an act adopted jointly by both Parliament and Council under the co-decision procedure.
Moreover, it is not guaranteed that volatile reads and writes will be seen in the same order by other processors or cores due to caching, cache coherence protocol and relaxed memory ordering, meaning volatile variables alone may not even work as inter-thread flags or mutexes.
Moreover, Dougherty rightly points out that the data in the US Department of Defense source were casualties, not deaths alone ... We wanted to show that the three sources all similarly pointed to an escalating conflict.
Moreover, those who abandon Salaah are warned of dire consequences, while only those who humbly submit themselves to Allah alone are said to have ease in offering it.
Moreover, Ramadan is a month of giving charity and sharing meals to break the fast together, the latter offering more reward than if eating alone.

Moreover and would
Moreover, he had spent six months on the Galapagos islands, among the great turtles that Captain Cook had found there, and now and then he would disappear into some small island of the West Indies.
Moreover, the salubrious effects would not be exclusively political, but at least partially, and perhaps primarily social.
Moreover, even getting this across would be difficult.
Individuals who survived to this, the latest and highest stage of evolutionary progress would be “ those in whom the power of self-preservation is the greatest — are the select of their generation .” Moreover, Spencer perceived governmental authority as borrowed from the people to perform the transitory aims of establishing social cohesion, insurance of rights, and security.
Moreover, his parents were still alive in Alexandria in 358, which would also place the date of his birth later rather than earlier.
Moreover, this disposition – concave in relation to the Allied army – gave Marlborough the opportunity to form a more compact line, drawn up in a shorter front between the ‘ horns ’ of the French crescent ; when the Allied blow came it would be more concentrated and carry more weight.
Moreover, it is unlikely that the pope would send such a banner, given the fact that they already had one, namely the banner of the Knights Hospitaller ( Danish: " Johanitterne ").
Moreover, because the properties were security for his unpaid debt to the Queen in the Court of Wards, he had had to enter into a bond with the purchaser, guaranteeing that he would indemnify them if the Queen were to make a claim against the lands to collect on the debt.
Moreover, the airstrip at Timehri Airport would have been extended, and the entire Airport refurbished to accommodate an increasing number of passengers.
Moreover, Cleveland believed that altering Gould's franchise would violate the Contract Clause of the federal Constitution.
Moreover, many members of the Dáil, notably Arthur Griffith did not approve of IRA violence and would have preferred a campaign of passive resistance to British rule.
Moreover, he believed that in the long-term this process would necessarily enrich and empower the capitalist class and impoverish the proletariat.
Moreover, the customary criticism of Coleridge as a cerebral poet would seem to be borne out by those poems such as This Lime-tree Bower my Prison or The Pains of Sleep, which tend more towards a direct statement than an imaginative presentation of personal dilemma.
Moreover, although a lawsuit commenced within the time allowed by a limitations period is valid no matter how long it takes for the action to proceed to trial, laches can sometimes be applied even in a situation where a lawsuit has been commenced and any delays would otherwise be reasonable.
Moreover, any engagements near the sixth berm would threaten to spill over into Mauritania and jeopardize the rail link.
Moreover, foodservice establishments of this class would always have long term contracts with famous performers ( such as national treasure class performers ) to perform onsite, though not on a daily basis.
Moreover, it would allow entirely new operating systems to be " built up " on a common core, aiding OS research.
Moreover, an expected British blockade in the event of war would create massive shortages for Germany in a number of key raw materials.
Moreover, the mistake being made is not very closely related to what would ordinarily be considered either moral or metaphysical naturalism.
Moreover to assume any more attributes, to then say God is merciful, but before the creation of mercy, he wouldn't have been merciful, and before the creation of the concept of negation ( meaning to assume something as not ), no one would have any concept of what is not.
It would be in the forum or thereabouts that one would expect to find a medicus .” Moreover, he says that characters that oppose one another always have to exit in opposite directions.
Moreover, in the first century A. D., the Greco-Jewish philosopher Philo of Alexandria — who was himself probably a practitioner of pankration — makes a statement that could be an allusion to preliminary contests in which an athlete would participate and then collect his strength before coming forward fresh in the major competition.
Moreover, these ill effects would persist long after spring training had come to an end.

Moreover and indicate
Moreover, parity does not indicate which bit contained the error, even when it can detect it.
Moreover, the genetic results indicate that the Kalmyk migration involved substantial numbers of individuals, and that Kalmyks have not experienced detectable admixture with Russians.
" Moreover, S. Boyd Eaton and colleagues have indicated that " comparative genetic data provide compelling evidence against the contention that long exposure to agricultural and industrial circumstances has distanced us, genetically, from our Stone Age ancestors " however they mention exceptions such as increased lactose and gluten tolerance, which improve ability to digest dairy and grains, while other studies indicate that human adaptive evolution has accelerated since the Paleolithic.
Moreover, Benjy's caretaker changes to indicate the time period: Luster in the present, T. P.
Moreover, the general term " bacillus " does not necessarily indicate the Gram-positive staining common to class Bacilli.
Moreover, wayside signals may also be equipped with identification plates that directly or indirectly indicate who controls that signal and that stretch of the line.
Moreover, it was deemed more important and informative to indicate how the trains actually operated rather than how the letters were manipulated.
Moreover, the one-way valves in the heart, like those in the veins, indicate that, following the pulmonary circulation, the blood goes out to all parts of the body through the arteries and returns by way of the veins.
Moreover, the quality of these paintings and the size of the tomb indicate that it is a royal tomb of Koguryo — a theory advocated recently by Hwi-joon Ahn and Youngsook Pak.
Moreover there were two wooden jacks standing on the horizon surface, having one a bell and the other a drum in front of it, the bell being struck automatically to indicate the hours, and the drum being beaten automatically to indicate the quarters.
Moreover, the clock will indicate the precise time at which the event of the particle ’ s emission took place.
Moreover, even more stringent constraints, placed by study of certain isotopic abundances in the Oklo natural nuclear fission reactor, seem to indicate no variation is present.
Moreover, the extracts from the radio communications between the MiG-29 pilots and the military control tower indicate that they acted from a superior position and showed malice and scorn toward the human dignity of the victims.
Moreover, some of those lanterns don't indicate any cemetery and their architecture has strong oriental influences.

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