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Moreover and whereas
Moreover, in the United States, collective bargaining is most commonly undertaken by unions directly with employers, whereas in Austria, Denmark, Germany, or Sweden, unions most often negotiate with employers associations.
Moreover, crystallography can solve structures of arbitrarily large molecules, whereas solution-state NMR is restricted to relatively small ones ( less than 70 kDa ).
* Moreover, if only one item is possessed, the rule against distribution of the joint possessive introduces ambiguity ( unless the context happens to resolve it ): read in light of a rule requiring distribution, the sentence " Jason and Sue's dog died after being hit by a bus " makes clear that the dog belonged to Sue alone and that Jason survived or was not involved, whereas a rule prohibiting distribution forces ambiguity as to both whether Jason ( co -) owned the dog and whether he was killed.
Moreover, whereas a person fasting ( in Ramadan or otherwise ) would normally be considered to have broken his or her fast by ejaculating on purpose ( during either masturbation or intercourse ), nocturnal emission is not such a cause.
Moreover, the merchants in the town felt relatively secure from Mayan attacks and were unwilling to contribute toward the protection of mahogany camps, whereas the landowners felt that they should not be required to pay taxes on lands given inadequate protection.
Moreover in some civil law countries ( e. g.: Italy, Spain ) delicts are most serious crimes, similar to felonies in common law countries, whereas in other states ( e. g.: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark ), they are crimes of intermediate seriousness ( less serious than those termed crimes ).
Moreover, past tyrants had tended ( and needed ) to be strong and able leaders, whereas the rulers appointed by the Persians were simply the representatives of the Persians.
Moreover, these remaining innate vocalizations are generated by restricted neuronal pathways, whereas language is generated by a highly distributed system involving numerous regions of the human brain.
Moreover, strength reduction potentially replaces a costly operation such as multiplication with a less costly operation such as addition, and the results in savings can be highly machine-dependent, non-portable across machines, whereas memoization is a more machine-independent, cross-platform strategy.
Moreover, packet loss only provides a single bit of information about the congestion level, whereas delay is a continuous quantity and in principle provides more information about the network.
Moreover, the poets could and did publish themselves, whereas greater resources were needed to publish fiction.
Moreover, they assert that what really matters for assigning ownership is whether or not property was acquired or exchanged legally ( see Robert Nozick ), which is known as the historical entitlement theory, whereas Marxists assert that there are no property rights in the means of production.
Moreover, a study done by Carol Martin ( 1989 ) found that boys 4. 5 years of age expressed significantly more dislike for a girl depicted as a “ tomboy ” than a boy depicted as a “ sissy ”; whereas boys 8. 5 years of age express more dislike for a boy depicted as a “ sissy ”.
Moreover alternating current could produce strong muscle contractions regardless of the condition of the muscle, whereas DC-induced contractions were strong if the muscle was strong, and weak if the muscle was weak.
Moreover, Leonardo Bruni ( 1370-1444 ) asserted, based on Tacitus's pronouncements in the introduction to the Histories, that republican government made better men, whereas monarchy was inimical to human virtue ( see Tacitean studies ).
Moreover, several parameters can be communicated per device in a Fieldbus network whereas only one parameter can be transmitted on a 4-20 mA connection.
Moreover, article 17 states that newly independent states may join multilateral treaties to which their former colonizers were a party without the consent of the other parties in most circumstances, whereas article 9 states that all other new states may only join multilateral treaties to which their predecessor states were a part with the consent of the other parties.
Moreover, new connections to rural communities will be created ; King City is connected to the existing system, whereas Stouffville will connect to the new pipe.
Moreover, the Pentagon Papers were historical, whereas the hydrogen bomb was a current military weapon.
Moreover the writer of Bewnans Meriasek, the life of St. Meriasek ( or Meriadoc ) of Camborne, writing in Cornish, understood the hobby horse as feminine in gender, whereas Penglaze is masculine, potentially undermining its status as an example of Cornish language.
Moreover, playing so blatantly for a draw may place a psychological burden on White: " White has already ceded the advantage of the first move, and he knows it, whereas Black is challenged to find ways to seize the initiative.
Moreover, the expenditure on Roebling's Suspension Bridge was $ 400, 000, whereas a tubular bridge of equivalent length and load-bearing capability would have cost $ 4 million.
" Moreover, they are growing less quickly now and are rarely older than six years, whereas they can reach forty.
Moreover, whereas the classical text tends to enforce a particular model of integrating the codes, the modern plural text does not.

Moreover and Commerce
Moreover, even while they served on the Commerce Court, they also served as an at-large appellate judge and could be assigned by the Chief Justice of the United States to any appellate court to help relieve the workload.
Moreover, he believed that trading according to " cost the limit of price " would promote increasing efficiency in an economy, as he explains in Equitable Commerce:

Moreover and Commission
Moreover, Moscow appeared determined to apply the tripartite veto principle to the executive organs of all international bodies, including the U. N. Secretariat and the International Control Commission for Laos.
Moreover, the Territory's Constitutional Commission has expressed the view that " every effort should be made ", to encourage the use of the name " Virgin Islands ".
Moreover, Chairman Barka headed the Commission on Neo-colonialism, which dealt with the worked to resolve the neo-colonial involvement of colonial powers in decolonised counties ; and said that the U. S., as the leading capitalist country of the world, was, in practise, the principal neo-colonialist political actor.
Moreover, South Cotabato has a total of 199 barangays and two ( 2 ) more are being proposed and still waiting for the approval of the Commission on Elections ( COMELEC ).
Moreover, this has occurred precisely at a time when investments in public-sector infrastructure are seen as an important means of maintaining economic activity during the crisis, as was highlighted in a European Commission communication on PPPs.
A report from the British House of Lords said, “ There is no definitive list of comitology committees, their functions, activities and membership ”; however, since the European Commission started to maintain a list, it states that “ A list of ‘ comitology ’ committees [...] is published as an Annex to the Annual reports on the work of these Committees [...] as well as in the Register of Comitology .” Moreover, the strongest criticism pertained to the fact that the elected European Parliament ( EP ) had no right to block implementing measures: only the comitology committees could do so, and if they did, the proposal was referred to Council alone, even when the initial delegation of powers was through an act adopted jointly by both Parliament and Council under the co-decision procedure.
Moreover in addition to this initial budget of € 640 million, the European Commission has a reserve to respond to crises and unexpected disasters.
Moreover, according to a publication of Foreign and Commonwealth Office titled " Support for British nationals abroad, a Guide ", it mentioned that " If you need consular assistance in one of the few countries where there is no British Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate, you are entitled to ask for help from the Embassy or Consulate of any other European Union Member State.
Moreover, the party reactivated the dormant Military Commission of the Central Committee.

Moreover and variable
Moreover, it has been proposed that their highly variable chorus howls may generate a confounding effect in the receivers by making pack size appear larger.
Moreover, for the general first-order linear inhomogeneous recurrence relation with variable coefficient ( s ),, there is also a nice method to solve it:
Moreover, the variable filter updates the filter coefficients at every time instant
Moreover, if and are distinguishable by values of just one variable which is itself quantified, then it becomes possible to speak of the ratio of the marginal utility of the change in to the size of that change:
Moreover it is sufficient to keep track of just the numerator by adding once every lunation, an integer constant to a variable that is called the accumulator.
Moreover, there is no fully polynomial randomized approximation scheme for # 2SAT unless NP = RP and this even holds when the input is restricted to monotone 2-CNF formulas, i. e., 2-CNF formulas in which each literal is a positive occurrence of a variable.
Moreover, one cannot generally achieve good results by naively analyzing and discretizing each variable independently, since this may obliterate the very interactions that we had hoped to discover.
Moreover, the observed stability of the annual component argues against any hypothesis of a variable Chandler resonance frequency.
Moreover, the constraints are functional: for any given value of a new variable, only one value of the old variable may satisfy the constraint.
Moreover, Swings studied spectroscopy of interstellar space and investigated the rotation of stars, as well as nebulae, novae, and variable stars.

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