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Most and Sunday
Most Christians do not observe a Saturday Shabbat, but instead observe a weekly day of worship on Sunday, which is often called the " Lord's Day ".
* Most Western traditions celebrate All Saints ' Day on November 1 or the Sunday following.
Most episcopal conferences set the first Sunday in Advent ( 27 November ) 2011 as the date when the new translation would come into use.
Most of the town was destroyed by two violent F4 tornadoes during the Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak on April 11, 1965.
Most of these teams compete in the Harrow League or the Hayes and District Sunday Youth League, although some teams compete in other leagues based further away from Ealing itself.
Most shopping centres open from 10am-9pm Monday thru Friday, 9: 30 am-6 pm ( or in some cases 9 pm ) on Saturday and 12 pm-5 pm or 6 pm on Sunday.
Most large out-of-town supermarkets are open between 07: 30 / 08: 00-21: 00 / 22: 00, Monday to Sunday.
) Most stores do not open on Easter Sunday or Christmas Day and have reduced hours on other public and bank holidays.
Most calendars displayed all the days of a Gregorian year as a grid with seven rows or columns for the traditional seven-day week with Sunday first.
Most local bus services are provided by First Group but the Sunday and bank holiday services from Wokingham to Reading are operated by Courtney Coaches.
Most games are played on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, either at The Littlehampton Academy or in the West / East Sussex area.
In 2008 De Villiers was nicknamed " Twakkie " in a public competition held by the South African Sunday Times newspaper-in reference to a local fictional character with a similar moustache from the SABC's " The Most Amazing Show ".
Most Sunday stops are along current and former streetcar routes.
Most famous, and feared, is the terrifying apparition of Henry Butts, hero of the plague of 1630, who hanged himself with his garters in the then Master's Lodge on Easter Sunday, 1632.
Most of the naysaying notices had comments ranging from " far too long " and " shallow, improbable story masquerading as a serious musical " from The Sunday Times to The Guardian's conclusion that, " A musical is only as good as its book, and here one is confronted by an inchoate mess.
The feast is liturgically celebrated on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday or, " where the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ is not a Holy Day of Obligation, it is assigned to the Sunday after the Most Holy Trinity as its proper day ".
From 1849 until 1969 a separate Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ was assigned originally to the first Sunday in July, later to the first day of the month.
Most Samoan Seventh Day Adventists planned to continue to observe Sabbath on the official Sunday after Samoa's crossing the date line in December 2011, but the church in Samatau village decided to adjust and observe Sabbath on the " new " Saturday.
Most Christians adapt by worshiping on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evenings.
Most of the churches have Sunday Schools, but no organized support of missionary or benevolent institutions.
Most of Easter Sunday is a day of recovery from the events of the past week.

Most and afternoons
Most games are played in the afternoons of Saturdays and Sundays, the other games during weekday evenings.
Most grounds and open spaces are open throughout the year but buildings may generally only be visited from Easter to October, sometimes only in the afternoons.
Most summer days are hot, bright and clear with light westerly Maestral wind cooling the island in the afternoons.
Most non-Hasidic Bais Yaakov schools in America teach Judaic studies in the mornings and a college preparatory program of secular studies in the afternoons.
Most afternoons, this bottleneck can skyrocket the " Post Office to Wolf ( Road )" commute time to over an hour ( up from 16 mins with no traffic ).

Most and when
Most women, in this age of freezers, shop for the entire week on week-ends, when prices are lower.
Most drill presses have a quill return spring that raises the spindle automatically when the feed lever is released and holds the quill in the raised position.
Most others have been content to give only the most general attention to the broadest and most obvious features of the phonology when designing orthographies.
Most of this testimony may have been legally admissible as bearing on the corpus delicti of the total Nazi crime but seemed subject to question when not tied to the part in it of the defendant's Department of Jewish Affairs.
The general board declared: `` Most of the Protestant churches hold contraception and periodic continence to be morally right when the motives are right.
Most of the fingers on his left hand were burned off when he fell asleep with a cigarette.
Most species lay their eggs underground and when the larvae hatch, they make their way to adjacent bodies of water.
Most seriously injured was a technician who suffered a fractured kneecap when the GSE cart overturned on him.
Most of the current amateur clubs and leagues in existence have developed since the 1980s, when leagues began to be established in North America, Europe and Asia.
Most legal cases in adversarial systems do not go to trial ; this can lead to great injustice when the defendant has an unskilled or overworked attorney, which is likely to be the case when the defendant is poor.
Most importantly Abdallah gave Abd al-Rahman his ring, the symbol of power, when Abdallah fell ill prior to his death.
Most of the film took place at night and the filmmakers shot most of the film during the summer when the days were longest and the nights were the shortest.
* According to one possible translation, the exorcist or diviner heals Nabonidus and pardons his sins, whereas in Daniel Nebuchadnezzar is cured when he " up eyes to heaven " and " that the Most High is sovereign ".
Most commonly this occurs when copying strings of characters from one buffer to another.
Most of the kinds commonly eaten fresh or dried, those of the genus Phaseolus, come originally from the Americas, being first seen by a European when Christopher Columbus, during his exploration, of what may have been the Bahamas, found them growing in fields.
Most of the original societies were fully terminating, where they would be dissolved when all members had a house: the last of them, First Salisbury, was wound up in March 1980.
Most anthropologists believe that cooking fires began only about 250, 000 years ago, when hearths started appearing.
Most other anthropologists, however, oppose Wrangham, stating that archeological evidence suggests that cooking fires began in earnest only c. 250, 000 years ago, when ancient hearths, earth ovens, burnt animal bones, and flint appear across Europe and the Middle East.
Most CL implementations do offer tail-call optimization, although often only when the programmer uses an optimization directive.
Most bacteria, when consumed, do not survive the acidic conditions of the human stomach.
Most modern laptops provide a method of screen dimming after periods of inactivity or when the battery is in use.
Most of the time, Dallas will wear their blue jerseys when they visit Washington, Philadelphia ( sometimes ), Miami, or one of the handful of other teams that traditionally wear their white jerseys at home during the first half of the season due to the hot climates in their respective cities or other means.
Most biological substrates lose their biological function when denatured.
Most residential interior doors are 2 '- 6 " ( 0. 76 m ) wide except when designed to allow wheelchair access, then 3 '- 0 " ( 0. 91 ).

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