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Most and communities
Most reconstructions of social communities by archaeologists rely on the principle that social interaction is conditioned by physical distance.
Most linguists remains committed to the hypothesis of medieval ( 11th to 12th century ) immigration, to explain the presence of small German-speaking communities in the north of Italy.
Most of the rest of the population belong to other Afro-Asiatic-speaking communities of the Cushitic branch.
Most Protestant communities, including Reformed, Evangelical, Methodist, the Church of Sweden, and Anglicans practice open communion in the sense of not limiting it to members of their own Church alone, but some of them require that the communicant be a baptized person or a member of a partner church.
Although the Chinese and Indian communities could maintain their own Chinese and Tamil-language primary schools, all their students were required to learn Malay, and to study an agreed “ Malayan curriculum .” Most importantly, the entry exam to the University of Malaya ( which moved from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in 1963 ) would be conducted in Malay, even though most teaching at the university was in English until the 1970s.
Most tourist activity is centered on the island's northern coast, including the communities of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Port Antonio, as well as in Negril on the island's western tip.
Most non-Muslims left the city to India in the 1950s, after independence, but there are still small communities of Parsis, Goan Catholics and Anglo-Indians in the city.
Most indigenous communities in the United States also maintain traditional songs and ceremonies, some of which are shared and practiced exclusively within the community.
Most of the members are in the United States, but there are communities in other countries, including Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Trinidad and Tobago.
Most railways are operated by RENFE ; narrow gauge lines are operated by FEVE and other carriers in individual autonomous communities.
Most intentional communities attempting to create an economic utopia were formed in response to the harsh economic conditions of the 19th century.
Most of these clubs started with a single club in a single city, but then replicated themselves by organizing similar clubs in other communities.
Most of them were settled in rural communities, but also the towns ' population increased, most notably in Schwerin from 65, 000 ( 1939 ) to 99, 518 ( January 1947 ), in Wismar from 29, 463 to 44, 173, and in Greifswald from 29, 488 to 43, 897.
Most major religious festivals of the main communities are included in the list of national holidays.
Most Chasidic communities are rife with tales of miracles that follow a yechidut, a spiritual audience with a tzadik: barren women become pregnant, cancer tumors shrink, wayward children become pious.
Most of the major airlines, whose profits were virtually guaranteed, favored the rigid system, but passengers forced to pay escalating fares were against it and were joined by communities that subsidized air service at ever-higher rates.
Most political power is organised around the need to represent the main cultural ( and political ) communities.
Most forms of ecotourism are owned by foreign investors and corporations that provide few benefits to local communities.
Most of these remained in their established immigrant communities, but by the second or third generation, many families were able to relocate to better housing in the suburbs after World War II.
Slash fiction was the subject of several notable academic studies in the early 1990s, as part of the cultural studies movement within the humanities: Most of these, as is characteristic of cultural studies, approach slash fiction from an ethnographic perspective and talk primarily about the writers of slash fiction and the communities that form around slash fiction.
Most Caldwell Parish residents live in the country even beyond the three rural communities in the parish.
Blount County Road 13 ( Most of the through traffic from Nectar uses Tabernacle Road instead ) runs northwestward to connect to Alabama Highway 160 between the Hayden and Nectar communities.
Most of Harvest, along with nearby communities such as Tanner was destroyed.
Most mainstream kibbutzim also disdained the Orthodox Judaism of their parents, but they wanted their new communities to have Jewish characteristics nonetheless.

Most and across
Most of the sights lie in the old section across the Golden Horn from the modern hotels.
Most other anthropologists, however, oppose Wrangham, stating that archeological evidence suggests that cooking fires began in earnest only c. 250, 000 years ago, when ancient hearths, earth ovens, burnt animal bones, and flint appear across Europe and the Middle East.
Most productions have a script supervisor on hand whose job is to pay attention to and attempt to maintain continuity across the chaotic and typically non-linear production shoot.
Most of the country lies within the wide band of desert that stretches eastwards from Africa's Atlantic Coast across the continent and into southwest Asia.
Most stands have retractable spikes, shown here extended, to reduce slipping across on the floor
Most of this information is now collected, processed and stored on electronic computers and transmitted across networks to other computers.
Most FSILGs are located across the river in the Back Bay owing to MIT's history there, and there is also a cluster of fraternities on MIT's West Campus.
Most APCs and IFVs are fully tracked, or are all-wheel drive vehicles ( 6 × 6 or 8 × 8 ), for mobility across rough ground.
Most of these rivers are born in the Cordillera Central, Puerto Rico's principal mountain range located across the center of the island.
Most explanations have focused on the blade-like, backward pointed crest of male P. longiceps, however, and ignored the wide range of variation across age and sex.
Most British commentators claim it is false the riots were due to a breakdown of multiculturalism alone and instead is more likely to have been caused by other factors such as disillusioned youth, high unemployment and a growing attraction to ' gangsta ' culture by a sizeable proportion of the youth, across all ethnicities, of The United Kingdom.
Most major rivers rise in the mountains rimming or dissecting the Meseta Central and flow westward across the plateau through Portugal to empty into the Atlantic Ocean.
Most of his reputation declined with that of Socialist Realism, but his children's tale character Buratino retains his strong legacy with the younger audience of Russia and across the former Soviet space, appearing as popular reading, a movie, and a variety of derivative forms.
Most reviews have been positive, with BBC Music declaring that "... synths are brutally manhandled and pushed to their limits across the eight tracks ".
Most of the battle scenes were filmed using five Panavision cameras simultaneously — from ground level, from 100 foot towers, from a helicopter, and from an overhead railway built right across the location.
Most journals are highly specialized, although some of the oldest journals such as Nature publish articles and scientific papers across a wide range of scientific fields.
Most tornadoes have wind speeds less than, are about across, and travel a few miles ( several kilometers ) before dissipating.
Most tornadoes take on the appearance of a narrow funnel, a few hundred yards ( meters ) across, with a small cloud of debris near the ground.
Most multimeters inherently measure voltage, and pass a current to be measured through a shunt resistance, measuring the voltage developed across it.
Most modern biological theories apply across taxonomic groups and the number of professional scientists who identify themselves as " ornithologists " has therefore declined.
Most scientific journals are now highly specialized, and Nature is among the few journals ( the other weekly journals Science and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences are also prominent examples ) that still publish original research articles across a wide range of scientific fields.
Most markets are not so tied to the politics of volatile regions-even natural gas tends to be more stable, as it is not traded across oceans by tanker as extensively.
Most speakers of dialects and minority languages speak Central Thai as well, since it is the language used in schools and universities all across the kingdom.
Most scholars believe this culture is not derived from the Changbinian, but was brought across the Strait by the ancestors of today's Taiwanese aborigines, speaking early Austronesian languages.

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