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Most and physical
Most psychologists and neuroscientists have not accepted these arguments — nevertheless it is clear that the relationship between a physical entity such as light and a perceptual quality such as color is extraordinarily complex and indirect, as demonstrated by a variety of optical illusions such as neon color spreading.
Most reconstructions of social communities by archaeologists rely on the principle that social interaction is conditioned by physical distance.
Most physicists who have examined the matter concur that experiments, such as those of Alain Aspect and his group, have confirmed that physical probabilities, as predicted by quantum
Most physicists today believe that quantum mechanics is correct, and that the EPR paradox is a " paradox " only because classical intuitions do not correspond to physical reality.
Most gemstones are hard, but some soft minerals are used in jewelry because of their luster or other physical properties that have aesthetic value.
Most major IC / BPS clinics now evaluate the pelvic floor and / or refer patients directly to a physical therapist for a prompt treatment of pelvic floor muscle tension or weakness.
Most libertarian socialists believe that when power is exercised, as exemplified by the economic, social, or physical dominance of one individual over another, the burden of proof is always on the authoritarian to justify their action as legitimate when taken against its effect of narrowing the scope of human freedom.
Most nominalists have held that only physical particulars in space and time are real, and that universals exist only post res, that is, subsequent to particular things.
Most physical quantities include a unit, but not all-some are dimensionless.
Most journals cover a specific field and publish the research within that field, however unlike human geographers, physical geographers tend to publish in inter-disciplinary journals rather than predominantly geography journal ; the research is normally expressed in the form of a scientific paper.
Most U. S. states have physical therapy practice acts that recognize both Physical Therapists ( PT ) and Physical Therapist Assistants ( PTA ), and some jurisdictions also recognize Physical Therapy Technicians ( PT Techs ) or Aides.
Most physical rehabilitation technicians complete their college diploma at Collège Montmorency, Dawson College, or Cégep Marie-Victorin, all situated in and around the Montreal area.
Most horses reach full physical maturity at about age five, and ponies are at their peak of athleticism and training at around age 6 or 7.
Most countries have laws regarding trespassing and property rights also determine the right of physical privacy.
Most observed physical phenomena can be described well by quantum mechanics or general relativity, without needing both.
Most of the physical properties of superconductors vary from material to material, such as the heat capacity and the critical temperature, critical field, and critical current density at which superconductivity is destroyed.
Most delays, physical or social reduce the stability of the world system and increase the likelihood of the overshoot mode "
Most of what is known about the physical properties of Tau Ceti has been determined through spectroscopic measurements.
Most buildings are in the Romanesque style, although some dormitories, engineering buildings, and physical sciences labs are of various Modernist styles ( especially two large Brutalist dormitories at the campus ' northern edge ) that sharply contrast with the predominantly red-brick campus.
Most sports and physical activities are practiced wearing special clothing, for practical, comfort or safety reasons.
Most were named after an area's principal river or other physical features.
Most societies began developing herblores, lists of herbs which were good for treating various physical and mental ailments.
Most colocation centres have high levels of physical security, and may be guarded continuously.
Most movie theaters are now equipped for digital cinema projection, removing the need to create and transport a physical film print.

Most and properties
Most known properties – such as anion formation – are in line with other halogens.
Most subsequent abeyances ( only a few dozen cases ) were settled after a few years, in favour of the holder of the family properties ; there were two periods in which long-abeyant peerages ( in some cases peerages of doubtful reality ) were brought back: between 1838 and 1841 and between 1909 and 1921.
Most wealthy Cubans lost their rural properties, and many of them joined the urban middle class.
Most biocatalysts are protein-based, i. e. enzymes, but other classes of biomolecules also exhibit catalytic properties including ribozymes, and synthetic deoxyribozymes.
Most of Forth's unique properties result from this principle.
Most common glass has other ingredients added to change its properties.
Most extraterrestrial helium is found in a plasma state, with properties quite different from those of atomic helium.
The independence of Pakistan in 1947 saw the settlement of the what is now the largest ethnic community in the city, the Muhajirs who migrated from India in search of a Muslim homeland and settled in Pakistan, that's why the culture of Karachi is very similar to any Indian Muslim dominant city and the city's first language is Urdu because of these Muhajir unlike other parts of the country Most properties vacated by Hindus were granted to Urdu-speaking Muslim migrants who had migrated from India, Known as Muhajirs, their descendants now form the majority of Karachi's residents, these Mohajirs of Urdu, Gujrati, Marathi, Konkani Muslims from India and Bengali origin are around 13 million.
Most practical lasers contain additional elements that affect properties of the emitted light such as the polarization, the wavelength, and the shape of the beam.
Most visitors are day-trippers, although there are 23 holiday properties and a camp site for staying visitors, mostly also around the south of the island.
Note: A number of other plants have been suggested by biblical scholars, e. g., Most notably Ginseng which looks similar to the mandrake root and has fertility enhancing properties, for which it was picked by Reuben in the Bible.
Most of these polysaccharides exhibit interesting and very useful visco-elastic properties when dissolved in water at very low levels.
Most artists today use modern synthetic pigments, which are less toxic but have similar color properties to the older pigments.
Most scientists agree on the effect of the following environmental properties:
Most important, Spartan women had economic power because they controlled their own properties, and those of their husbands.
Most rubber in everyday use is vulcanized to a point where it shares properties of both ; i. e., if it is heated and cooled, it is degraded but not destroyed.
Most real objects have some mixture of diffuse and specular reflective properties.
Most modern formulations of opium tincture do not contain the alkaloid narcotine ( also known as noscapine ), which has antitussive properties.
Most commercial units are provided with a conversion factor, or can be calibrated by a fluid of known properties.
Most of what was then known about electricity and magnetism, however, could be explained on the basis that charge is a continuous variable ; in much the same way that many of the properties of light can be explained by treating it as a continuous wave rather than as a stream of photons.
Most precision tests of the properties of antihydrogen can be done only if the antihydrogen is trapped, meaning held in place for a long time.

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