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Most and often
Most avant-garde creators, true to their interest in the self-sufficiency of pure movement, have tended to dress their dancers in simple lines and solid colors ( often black ) and to give them a bare cyclorama for a setting.
`` Most often '', she says, `` it's the monogamous relationship that is dishonest ''.
Most alphabetic scripts of India and Eastern Asia are descended from the Brahmi script, which is often believed to be a descendant of Aramaic.
Most often, she is lovingly affectionate or teasing with her prejudices.
Most modern AFVs are superficially similar in design to their World War II counterparts, with significantly better armour, weapons, engines and suspension-however with an increase in the capacity of transport aircraft allowing AFVs to be practically transported by air, many armies are replacing some or all of their traditional heavy vehicles with lighter airmobile versions, often with wheels instead of tracks.
Most often the other technique is some form of chromatography.
Most storms in the interior of Alaska originate in the Gulf of Alaska, south of the state, though these storms often have limited precipitation due to a rain shadow effect caused by the Alaska Range.
Most often however the European numbering system for the international E-road network is used.
Most of the space in the brain is taken up by axons, which are often bundled together in what are called nerve fiber tracts.
Most often she appears as an ugly, frightening hag, but she can also appear as a stunningly beautiful woman of any age that suits her.
Most have highly-developed senses, especially vision and hearing, and often a highly acute sense of smell in many species, such as in the Canoidea.
Most victims die six months after initial symptoms appear, often of pneumonia due to impaired coughing reflexes.
Most Chinese emperors used a mix of Legalism and Confucianism as their ruling doctrine, often with the latter embellishing the former.
Most CL implementations do offer tail-call optimization, although often only when the programmer uses an optimization directive.
" Most meals would have consisted of rice, in the south, or wheat or other grain products in the north, accompanied with green vegetables, with protein often coming from foods like peanuts and soy.
Most notably, the Commonwealth of Nations, an association primarily of former members of the British Empire, is often referred to as simply " the Commonwealth ".
Most scholars disagree with this account because Saint Jerome often made statements more entertaining than factual.
* Most Reformation and post-Reformation churches use the term Catholic ( often with a lower-case c ) to refer to the belief that all Christians are part of one Church regardless of denominational divisions ; e. g., Chapter XXV of the Westminster Confession of Faith refers to the " catholic or universal Church ".
Most American club caddies earn between $ 35 and $ 100 per bag, though newer caddies will often earn less than more experienced caddies.
Most often and familiarly, defendants are persons: either natural persons ( actual human beings ) or legal persons ( persona ficta ) under the legal fiction of treating organizations as persons.
Most drummers have a single main ride, near their right hand, most often 20 " but 16 "- 24 " are not uncommon.
Most Arab nations still give credence to Egypt playing that role, though its effects are often limited.
Most epitaphs are brief records of the family, and perhaps the career, of the deceased, often with an expression of love or respect-" beloved father of ..."-but others are more ambitious.
Most side effects are mild and " dose-related " and can often be avoided or minimized by the use of the smallest effective amount.

Most and term
Most notably, Mohammed Bacar was elected for a 5-year term as president of Anjouan.
Most of these conspiracies took place before Claudius ' term as Censor, and may have induced him to review the Senatorial rolls.
Most often, the unqualified term Fourier transform refers to the transform of functions of a continuous real argument, and it produces a continuous function of frequency, known as a frequency distribution.
Most of Carías's first term in office was devoted to efforts to avoid financial collapse, improve the military, engage in a limited program of road building, and lay the foundations for prolonging his own hold on power.
Most likely, the rise of the term Hesychasm reflects the coming to the fore of this practice as something concrete and specific that can be discussed.
IKEA launched a UK-wide " Home is the Most Important Place in the World " advertising campaign in September 2007 using estate agent signs with the term " Not For Sale " written on them as part of the wider campaign.
Most West African musicians prefer the term ' jali ' to ' griot ', which is the French word.
Most international clinical documents use the term mental " disorder ", while " illness " is also common.
Most often the term monomer refers to the organic molecules which form synthetic polymers, such as, for example, vinyl chloride, which is used to produce the polymer polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ).
Most of the European economists who wrote between 1500 and 1750 are today generally considered mercantilists ; this term was initially used solely by critics, such as Mirabeau and Smith, but was quickly adopted by historians.
Most of these ranges have endorheic valleys between them, which belies the image portrayed by the term Great Basin.
Most continental European countries still maintain the term to designate departments, colleges, position titles, and journals.
Most of these terminals comprise the Strong Republic Nautical Highway, a nautical system conceptualized under the term of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo where land vehicles can use the roll-on / roll-off ( Ro-Ro ) ship service to traverse the different islands of the country at minimal costs.
Most operators ( what other languages term functions ) take their arguments from the stack, and place their results onto the stack.
Most states maintained a weak executive without veto or appointment powers, elected annually by the legislature to a single term only, sharing power with an executive council, and countered by a strong legislature.
Most recently the term persistent organic pollutant ( POP ) has come to describe a group of chemicals such as PBDEs and PFCs among others.
Most modern theorists agree that both are important with aggregate behavior being primarily determined by traits and situational factors being the primary predictor of behavior in the short term.
Most of the novels from this period are recognized by critics as forming an offshoot from the Future History series, and referred to by the term World as Myth.
Most commonly, paleogeographers employ the term supercontinent to refer to a single landmass consisting of all the modern continents.
Most states use the term " terrorism " for non state actors only.
Worden shows that the term first appeared in print in a book by Charles I called His Majesties Most Gracious Declaration.
Most soldiers serve a single term, especially draftees.
Most English Canadians do not use that term.

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