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Much and northern
Much of the northern colonists depended upon the ability either of themselves to hunt, or for others from which they could purchase game.
Much of northern and central India was united in the 4th century CE, and remained so for two centuries, under the Gupta Empire.
Much of the northern part of the inner bailey was built by the 14th-century noble John of Gaunt between 1372 and 1380.
Much of the northern part of the state is within the Great Basin, a mild desert that experiences hot temperatures in the summer and cold temperatures in the winter.
Much of northern and central Wales went over to Owain.
Much of the gaming materials and other writings focus particularly on these Five Empires which control much of the world's northern continent ( only about an eighth of the planet's surface has published maps ).
Much of the Southern cotton was transshipped through the northern ports.
Much of northern Italy was overrun, as well as the central spine of the peninsula, making a shambles of the imperial administration.
Much of the northern half of the Cascades, from Rainier north, have been preserved by US national or British Columbia provincial parks ( such as E. C.
Much of the route is a limited-access freeway, including the entire portion in Monmouth County and the northern end through New Brunswick and Piscataway.
Much of central and northern Sonoma County is in the watershed of the Russian River and its tributaries.
Much of his work draws on his Leeds background and while he is celebrated for his acute observations of a particular type of northern speech (" It'll take more than Dairy Box to banish memories of Pearl Harbour "), the range and daring of his work is often undervalued – his television play The Old Crowd includes shots of the director and technical crew, while his stage play The Lady in the Van includes two characters named Alan Bennett.
Much of the area of the northern and western parts of the county is either public ( Monongahela National Forest ), coal land, or private forest, owned by companies such as MeadWestvaco and CSX.
Much of its mountainous area is reserved as national forest, wilderness, state parks and other public areas ; these encompass most of the northern portion of the White Mountains, including all the named summits of the Presidential Range ( though one, Mt.
Much of Ohio County is farmland and the eastern and northern parts have rolling hills.
Much of its northern boundary is defined by the Kansas River, which flows through Lawrence and provides hydropower at the Bowersock Dam.
Much of the land in the county is given over to agriculture, especially on the open prairie in the northern and western parts ; the county's farmland is among the most productive in the state.
Much of the northern part of the county begins to rise toward the foothills, and most of it is in the Coosa River watershed.
Much of the northern portion became part of Saguache County in 1866, and the western portions were folded into Hinsdale and Rio Grande counties in 1874.
Much Guarani myth and legend was compiled by the Universidad Nacional de Misiones in northern Argentina and published as Myths and Legends: A journey around the Guarani lands, Anthology in 1870 ( translated into English language in 1906 ).
Much of the topography is uneven, with the northern portion mountainous.
Much of Peru is forested, with a large portion of the northern third of town covered by a wildlife management area, and much of the southern third covered by the Peru and Middlefield State Forests.
Much of the northern portion is considered to be part of the Greater Lansing urban area.
* Tioga State Forest – Much of eastern and northern Gaines Township is covered by the Tioga State Forest.
Much of Lancing's northern boundary with the village of Coombes runs along the Ladywell Stream, a tributary of the River Adur which runs from the South Downs near to Lancing College.

Much and central
Much like its predecessor Cheers, Frasier used an ensemble cast with storylines involving the central group of characters.
Much of the western, southern, and central mountains are open woodland ; supporting pine forest interspersed with some oak, scrub, and grassy clearings.
Much subsequent controversy about Rousseau's work has hinged on disagreements concerning his claims that citizens constrained to obey the general will are thereby rendered free: The notion of the general will is wholly central to Rousseau's theory of political legitimacy.
Much of central and western Mongolia, including Ulaanbaatar, is antipodal to southern Patagonia.
Much of the metaphysical speculation in From Hell can be attributed to Moore's embrace of gnosticism, which takes a more central role in his other work, most notably his comic series Promethea.
Much of the central section of Oakland is part of the Oakland Historic District, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.
Much of the central business district was destroyed during the 2006 Nuku ' alofa riots, but it is being rebuilt.
Much of the land had been the site of the NSW Railways central marshalling yards and freight consolidation centre.
Much of Picnics lasting appeal seems to derive from its well-drawn supporting characters and subplots, the authentic location settings in central Kansas and the time-capsule depiction of life in 1955 small-town America.
Much of the central area, including the palace, was reduced to rubble by Allied bombing during World War II but was rebuilt after the war.
Much of the central and southern part of town is covered by Monroe State Forest, which extends into neighboring Florida.
Much of the success of local businesses is due to the central location in Cincinnati, and close proximity to interstates 71 and 75, using Ohio State Route 562, locally known as the Norwood Lateral.
Much of the population ( 38 % estimated ) of the municipality still live in rural areas, the rest live in almost equally populated small towns, without any densely populated central city in the municipality.
* Tioga State Forest – Much of western and central Morris Township is covered by the Tioga State Forest.
Much of the central city is occupied by offices of various federal, state, county, and municipal government entities.
Much of the architecture of central Chester looks medieval and some of it is.
Much of central Asia and southern Russia was won over to Islam through the missionary work of the ṭarīqahs, and the majority of Indonesia's population, where a Muslim army never set foot, was converted to Islam by the perseverance of both Muslim traders and Sufi missionaries.
Much new-make whisky is shipped in tanker trucks to central warehouses where local tap water is used to dilute it before casking, and again at bottling time.
Much of today's Montenegro was under Ottoman control from 1498 to 1699, while coastal Montenegro was under Venetian control and central Montenegro ( Upper Zeta ) was independent.
Much new-make whisky is shipped in tanker trucks to central warehouses where local tap water is used to dilute it before casking, and again at bottling time.

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