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My and point
My future lay solely with the hall, yet what did I know about the hall at this point??
He always made it a point to send me champagne whenever he happened to see me in a restaurant ..." ( from Frank Sinatra, My Father by Nancy Sinatra, 1985 ).
The double copula is the use of two successive copulas when only one is necessary, as in My point is, is that .... Use of the double copula is one of the disputes in English grammar.
Munch wrote, " My father was temperamentally nervous and obsessively religious — to the point of psychoneurosis.
At one point Macbeth even compares himself to Antony, saying " under Banquo / My Genius is rebuk'd, as it is said / Mark Antony's was by Caesar.
For example, the characters in Lerner and Loewe's musical My Fair Lady, which is based on George Bernard Shaw's 1914 play Pygmalion, are essentially unchanged from those in Shaw's stage work, because the musical version is quite faithful to the original ( except for the changed ending, which is pessimistic in the play ), even to the point of retaining most of Shaw's dialogue.
He states in a video ( Mikey Gear Tour part II ), " My hope is to just write lots of music and then by the time we get to the point to where we're going to finish the tour I'll have a lot of music written and then people won't have to wait five more years for another album ( laughs ).
" I was disappointed ... My oldest brother Dave, showed me some chords ... But if I were to pinpoint one turning point ... when I was in sixth or seventh grade, I met a man named Nick who worked an electronics store in California, where my family lived for awhile.
Two of the songs featured on the album are solely written by Chuck Dukowski (" My War " and " I Love You ") though he was no longer a member of the band by this point and does not perform on the album.
At some point during his illness Edward wrote a draft document headed " My devise for the Succession ".
When war was declared, Muggeridge went to Maidstone to join up but was sent away at this point – " My generation felt they'd missed the First War, now was the time to make up.
Novelty songs were popular on radio through the 1980s, to the point where it was not uncommon for novelty songs to break into the top 40 ( for instance, Chuck Berry's " My Ding-a-Ling " went all the way to # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1972 ).
My turning point began after 2000.
* In the four-part " Deadpool " miniseries written by Mark Waid in 1994, Deadpool's mask is removed, at which point the character parrots Rorschach by saying, " My face!
At one point, Stacy wrote a song about her drug use, called " Losing My Ground " and when her bandmates Renee and Stefanie heard it, they staged an intervention which eventually helped Stacy get clean from her drug use.
The school color has become a point of pride for students, which is widely illustrated with spirit shirts bearing slogans such as “ Feel My Teal ” and exclusive teal-colored Rainbow Sandals being offered through the university bookstore.
My first experiments on this point self-hypnosis were instituted in the presence of some friends on the 1st May, 1843, and following days.
Tchaikovsky himself insisted to his patroness, Nadezhda von Meck, " My wife, whatever she may be, is not to be blamed for my having driven the situation to the point where marriage became necessary.
He famously declares at one point, " My taxes pay for this dog, so why can't I give him a better home?
Notable Hollywood performances include Marni Nixon in West Side Story for Natalie Wood's character ( she also did dubbings in The King and I ( 1956 film ) and My Fair Lady ), Bill Lee voicing the Christopher Plummer character in The Sound of Music ,, Lindsay Ridgeway for Ashley Peldon's character as Darla Dimple in the animated film Cats Don't Dance, Claudia Brücken providing the singing voice for Erika Heynatz's character as Elsa Lichtmann in L. A. Noire, and Betty Noyes singing for Debbie Reynolds in Singin ' in the Rain, a movie in which playback singing is a major plot point.
" Take My Breath Away " was one of the only songs not written by Berlin's John Crawford that they had performed on any album up to that point.
At one point, the song " I'm My Own Grandpa " is referenced, when Professor Farnsworth says " a lesson in not changing history from Mr. I'm-my-own-grandpa ".
The music played during the fight scene between Werner and Ray, known as either " Runaway Ambulance " or " My Skull / The Gurney ", is also used at a crucial point in Dante's next film, Gremlins 2.
The band was dropped by their label in the mid-90s, at which point Sykes ( the only consistent member in the changing line-ups ) recorded Out of My Tree in 1995 with Blue Murder members Marco Mendoza and Tommy O ' Steen, effectively transforming Blue Murder into an " official " Sykes solo project.

My and is
My God, how long is he going to wait, I thought.
She said, `` My name is Songau and these girls are Ponkob and Piwen.
`` My name is Dandy Brandon, missy.
My definition of this much abused adjective is that a reconstructed rebel is one who is glad that the North won the War.
As he informs Watson, `` My life is spent in one long effort to escape from the commonplaces of existence.
`` My doctors assure me that this increased percentage of risk is not great ''.
My intention, therefore, is not to say that Faulkner's awareness has been confined within the borders of the South, but rather that he has looked at his world as a Southerner and that presumably his outlook is Southern.
My reply is that I associate myself with all those who affirm that Gentile-Jewish relations should contribute to the theory and practice of human dignity.
Thus Burns's `` My love is like a red, red rose '' and Hopkins' `` The thunder-purple sea-beach, plumed purple of Thunder '' although clearly intelligible in content, hardly present ideas of the sort with which we are here concerned.
My other nugget of art and architectural knowledge -- besides remembering that it was Ghiberti who designed the doors of the baptistery in Florence -- is the three styles of Greek columns.
My argument is that there was no Saxon Shore prior to that time even though the forts had been in existence since the time of Carausius.
My last gift to him is complete silence until the book is out and the first heated discussion dies down.
She said, `` My dear, do you know what Kent House is ''??
My sincere wish is that he continues to add to this record he sets here today.
My husband is in great pain.
My unscientific friend does not believe that human stature is measurable in terms of speed, momentum, weightlessness, or distance from earth, but is a matter of the development of the human mind.
My object, rather, is to alert you to an aspect or two of the affair that could have the gravest implications for you, far beyond the legal sanctions society might inflict.
My advice, if you live long enough to continue your vocation, is that the next time you're attracted by the exotic, pass it up -- it's nothing but a headache.
My aim in mentioning this factor obviously is not to give license to `` wild therapy '' but rather to encourage us to use the time-honored clinical casework skills we already possess, and to use them with greater confidence, precision, and professional pride.
My answer is in the negative because I believe that total capital demands during the Sixties will continue to press against available supplies, and interest rates will generally tend to be firm at high levels.

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