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Page "romance" ¶ 297
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

No and action
No sooner did they hear of Dan's injury than both Gran and Matilda went into immediate action.
No action has been taken, however, on such major problems as ending the fee system, penal reform, modification of the county unit system and in outright banning of fireworks sales.
No figures were submitted with the report and no action was taken on it by the town.
The gentle Channing, revered by all Bostonians, orthodox or Unitarian, wrote to a friend in Louisville that among its many virtues Boston did not abound in a tolerant spirit, that the yoke of opinion crushed individuality of judgment and action: `` No city in the world is governed so little by a police, and so much by mutual inspections and what is called public sentiment.
* Kornfelt, M .: " On the destructive action of cavitation ," Journal of applied Physics No. 15, 1944.
' They said, ' No. ' I said, ' Well, then it's not going to get much action then, is it?
The rifle Ruger brought out, named simply "# 1 ", ( Ruger No. 1 ) uses a falling block action, and is available in a wide selection of calibers from. 22 Hornet to. 458 Winchester Magnum.
No action the traveler takes to affect or change history can ever succeed, as some form of " bad luck " or coincidence always prevents the outcome.
Collaborations with Bill Sharpe of Shakatak helped little, though two singles the duo recorded, " Change Your Mind ", did see chart action, reaching No. 17 and " No More Lies " reaching No. 35 in 1988 in Britain.
No distinctions based on race, religion or sex are allowed under the 1958 French Constitution .< http :// thisnation. com / library / france. html > Since the 1980s, a French version of affirmative action based on neighborhood is in place for primary and secondary education.
This Glasgow scientist seems to have been the first to suggest the usage of a manometric gas flame for optical transmission, demonstrated at a meeting of the Glasgow Philosophical Society ; " The History of selenium and its action in the Bell Photophone, with description of recently designed form ", Proceedings of the Philosophical Society of Glasgow No. 13, 1881, * * * Moser, J.
* Patent No. 170, 645 ( November 30, 1875 ): Steinway's " regulation action pilot " – also known as the capstan screw, which lifts the parts that drive the hammer toward the string.
No further action appears to have been taken since that time.
No such action was taken for the so-called Indian Territory, so that area was not treated as a legal territory.
" No action was taken on the resolution.
No theater could be conceived that would be adequate in space or speed of action to carry across to an audience what was conveyed in this film.
In the case of the No. 4 Lee-Enfield bolt, the bolt heads themselves are replaceable separate from the bolt and are marked 0, 1, 2, or 3, with each bolt head in sequence being nominally 0. 003 " longer than the bolt head numbered one less, for easily taking up any action stretching that may have occurred.
Ruger No. 1 single-shot falling-block rifle with action open
Examples of firearms using the falling block action are the Sharps rifle and Ruger No. 1.
No action was taken until after the statute of limitations had expired, at which time the charges were rendered moot.
" No further action was recommended at that time.
In London people dressed as ghosts marched on the Parliament of the United Kingdom and succeeded in projecting " No war on Iraq " on the Palace of Westminster, and took part in direct action against those corporations whom they perceived as likely to benefit from the war in Iraq.

No and could
No girl would go this far to fool a man so she could kill him.
No man could have reached his spot nor held it without being ruthless, and Hague had made a virtue of ruthlessness all of his life.
No more could he defend himself against them.
No cow thief could count on a jury of his sympathetic peers to free him any longer.
`` No, I remembered reading about you in the papers and that you lived here, and when it happened all I could think of was '' -- This time she stopped the rush of words herself.
No matter what troubles might betide him, this most American of artists knew in his heart he could not function properly outside his native land.
No more startling contrast to a system of sullen satellites could be imagined.
No psychiatrist could tell me that the experience in a war can not have its effect in the ensuing years.
No fold could be accidental, each turn of the drapery had to serve organically, to cover the Madonna's slender legs and feet so that they would give substantive support to Christ's body, to intensify her inner turmoil.
No matter how devoted a man was, no matter how fully he gave his life to the Lord, he could never extinguish that one spark of pride that gave him definition as an individual.
No man ever had a better opinion of himself and indeed, with one so favored, flattery could hardly seem overdone.
No one could be more devoted than he to the American Congress as an institution and more aware of its historical significance in the political history of the world, and I shall never forget his moving talks, delivered in simple yet eloquent words, upon the meaning of our jobs as Representatives in the operation of representative government and their importance in the context of today's assault upon popular government.
No matter how determined or wealthy boating lovers of the Southwest had been, for example, they could never have created anything approaching the fifty square-mile Lake Texoma, located between Texas and Oklahoma, which resulted when the Corp of Army Engineers dammed the Red River.
No house was ever built that could not have been built better for less if the work had been better planned and the work better scheduled.
No one could dislike them, I thought.
No sympathy or admiration for Brown could be found in the Providence Daily Post, for the editor claimed that there were a score of men in the state prison who were a thousand times more deserving of sympathy.
No, they could kill him just as easy right now.
No doubt the underlying idea was to show that for all the elegance and artistry that have distinguished its presentations thus far, it too could give a circus if it pleased.
No orchestra, however, could be expected to follow a singer through quite as many adventures with pitch as Miss Pons encountered last night.
No, the fish could eat their bodies for all the Sturch cared.
No doubt the Angels could do that kind of thing as fast as any computer.
No office appointed by lot could be held twice by the same individual.
No official lists of ANAC numbers are published as telephone companies believe overuse of these numbers could make them more likely to be busy when needed by installers.
* No sound support aside from a command that could be used to click the speaker, though one could also an ASCII bell character to sound the system alert beep.

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