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numbered and among
He settled at Pergamum, where he numbered among his pupils Eusebius of Myndus, Maximus of Ephesus, and the emperor Julian.
In the Roman Catholic Church he is numbered among the Doctors of the Church ; in Eastern Orthodoxy and the Eastern Catholic Churches he is revered as one of the Three Holy Hierarchs, along with Basil the Great and John Chrysostom.
The intelligible-intellectual moment also consists of three triads, and the intellectual moment is a hebdomad ( seven elements ), among which is numbered the Demiurge from Plato's Timaeus and also the monad of Time ( which is before temporal things ).
EN 50005 are among applicable standards for relay terminal numbering ; a typical EN 50005-compliant SPDT relay's terminals would be numbered 11, 12, 14, A1 and A2 for the C, NC, NO, and coil connections, respectively.
At the very beginning of Leo I's pontificate, in the years 444 – 447, Turribius, bishop of Astorga in León, sent to Rome a memorandum warning that Priscillianism was by no means dead, reporting that it numbered even bishops among its supporters, and asking the aid of the Roman See.
In recent years this trait has also been observed among many pure mathematicians, where many constructions are defined to be numbered from 0.
Anning's correspondents included Charles Lyell, who wrote her to ask her opinion on how the sea was affecting the coastal cliffs around Lyme, as well as, Adam Sedgwick — one of her earliest customers — who taught geology at the University of Cambridge and who numbered Charles Darwin among his students.
) There is yet one who is numbered among the asas, but whom some call the backbiter of the asas.
Sol and Bil are numbered among the goddesses, but their nature has already been described.
Schmidt with Valéry Giscard d ' Estaing ( 1977 ) Schmidt numbered the assassinated Egyptian president Anwar as-Sadat among his particular friends from the world of politics, and sustains his friendship with ex-president Valéry Giscard d ' Estaing of France.
That service, United Press Movietone, or UPMT, was a pioneer in newsfilm syndication and numbered among its clients major US and foreign networks and local stations, including for many years the early TV operation of ABC News.
Greeks settled heavily along the coast at an early date and several of their settlements, including the first Italian city called Rhegion ( Reggio Calabria ), and the next ones Sybaris, Kroton ( Crotone ), a settlement where the mathematician Pythagoras later resided, and Locri, were numbered among the leading cities of Magna Graecia during the 6th and 5th centuries BC.
The faculty numbered among its illustrious pupils of law Petrarch, who spent four years at Montpellier, and among its lecturers Guillaume de Nogaret, chancellor to Philip the Fair, Guillaume de Grimoard, afterwards pope under the name of Urban V, and Pedro de Luna, antipope as Benedict XIII.
Alma received a revelation that " whosoever will not repent of his sins the same shall not be numbered among my people " ( Mosiah 26: 32 ).
Plato, in The Republic, numbered Simonides with Bias and Pittacus among the wise and blessed, even putting into the mouth of Socrates the words " it is not easy to disbelieve Simonides, for he is a wise man and divinely inspired ," but in his dialogue Protagoras, Plato numbered Simonides with Homer and Hesiod as precursors of the sophist.
Once again, Queen Juliana's weakness for the preternatural had landed her back in the headlines: she had invited to the palace a crackpot from California who numbered among his friends men from Mars, Venus and other solar-system suburbs.
In the usual scheme Banba is numbered among the Tuatha Dé Danann, who lived in Ireland much later.
Grosseteste numbered among his most intimate friends the Franciscan teacher, Adam Marsh.
Of the several attempts at defining the essence of symbolism, perhaps none was more influential than Paul Verlaine's 1884 publication of a series of essays on Tristan Corbière, Arthur Rimbaud, Stéphane Mallarmé, Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, Gérard de Nerval, and " Pauvre Lelian " (" Poor Lelian ", an anagram of Paul Verlaine's own name ), each of whom Verlaine numbered among the poètes maudits, " accursed poets.
He is equated with the wind god Vāyu, Anila being understood as the name normally used for Vāyu when numbered among the Vasus.
* Wellington: The Years of the Sword and Wellington: Pillar Of The State, a two-volume biography of the first Duke of Wellington, who numbered among her husband's relatives.
There was also a brief usurper king, not always numbered among the monarchs, called Hormizd V in 593.

numbered and Twelve
If the President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is asked to become a counselor in the First Presidency, the President of the Quorum retains that title but is not numbered among the Twelve, and the most senior Apostle who is not in the First Presidency is named Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
Twelve motor carriages ( DMBSO ), numbered 51 – 62, and sixteen trailers ( TSO ), numbered 71 – 86, were built.
Padma Translation Committee's rendering of an embedded quotation of one of the famed " Twelve Vajra Laughs " ( drawn from the Pile of Jewels Tantra ; Wylie: Rin-po-che spungs-pa ' rgyud which is numbered as one of the seventeen tantras ) cited in the Nelug Dzö one of Longchenpa's " Seven Treasures " ( Wylie: mDzod bdun ) is clearly an example of the technical twilight language of Atiyoga and the pedigree of the skillful doctrine of the mindstream:
Twelve locomotives were built, numbered 0031-0042.

numbered and Apostles
Josephus does not provide a number for Theudas ' followers, but the Acts of the Apostles, if it is referring to the same Theudas ( see below ), reports that they numbered about 400.

numbered and unless
The Hong Kong Transport Department ( HKTD ) allows and licenses the operation of two types of public light buses – ( 1 ) green minibuses that have route numbers, stop at designated stops ( many routes have hail and ride sections along which passengers can board and exit anywhere unless it's a no-stopping zone ) and which have their fares, service and frequency regulated by the HKTD ; and ( 2 ) red minibuses that may or may not have regular routes, may or may not be numbered, may or may not have fixed stops and whose fares and service levels are not regulated by HKTD.
Farm to Market and Ranch to Market roads are numbered as a single set of roads ; that is, there should not be an FM and an RM with the same route number, unless it crosses US 281.
The regular session of the General Assembly is 60 days long during even numbered years and 30 days long during odd numbered years, unless extended by a two-thirds vote of both houses.
The regular session of the General Assembly is 60 days long during even numbered years and 30 days long during odd numbered years, unless extended by a two-thirds vote of both houses.

numbered and is
The main requirement is to be sure the boat is numbered according to the regulations of the state in which the boat will be principally used.
These will be numbered in the direction opposite to the flow of the process stream, so that stage R is the T stage from the end.
The array on the game board is arranged with lettered rows ( A through I ) and numbered columns ( 1 through 12 ).
The year 1 BC / BCE is numbered 0, the year 2 BC is numbered1, and in general the year n BC / BCE is numbered "−( n − 1 )" ( a negative number equal to 1 − n ).
Although these two trios are sometimes numbered as " No. 5 " and " No. 6 ", the numbering of Beethoven's twelve piano trios is not standardized, and in other sources the two Op.
Although the " Archduke Trio " is sometimes numbered as " No. 7 ", the numbering of Beethoven's twelve piano trios is not standardized, and in other sources the Op.
The word battle is a loanword in English from the Old French bataille, first attested in 1297, from Late Latin battualia, meaning " exercise of soldiers and gladiators in fighting and fencing ", from Late Latin ( taken from Germanic ) battuere " beat ", from which the English word battery is also derived via Middle English batri, and comes from the staged battles in the Colosseum in Rome that may have numbered 10, 000 individuals.
The horrified king eventually summons Daniel who is able to read the writing and offer the following interpretation: Mene, Mene-God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end.
By convention, the bicyclic β-lactams are numbered starting with the position occupied by sulfur in the penams and cephems, regardless of which atom it is in a given class.
By now the rebel forces were said to have numbered 230, 000, however, this number should be treated with scepticism — Dio's account is known only from a late epitome, and ancient sources commonly exaggerate enemy numbers.
A lunar calendar is one in which days are numbered within each lunar phase cycle.
Each numbered year is designated either H for Hijra or AH for the Latin anno Hegirae ( in the year of the Hijra ).
It is common to display the Gregorian calendar in separate monthly grids of seven columns ( from Monday to Sunday, or Sunday to Saturday depending on which day is considered to start the week-this varies according to country ) and five to six rows ( or rarely, four rows when the month of February contains 28 days beginning on the first day of the week ), with the day of the month numbered in each cell, beginning with 1.

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