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Notable and guests
Notable guests at the inauguration included the country's former King, Zahir Shah, three former U. S. presidents, and U. S. Vice President Dick Cheney.
Notable wedding guests included Julian Rumsey ( mayor of Chicago and Dole's first cousin ) and Levi Leiter ( first partner with Marshall Field ).
Notable guests on the program include Janet Afary, Jim Stanford, Jill Hennessy from Law & Order and Fernando Vegas Torrealba of the Venezuelan Supreme Tribunal of Justice.
Notable guests in recent years have included: The Lord Waddington ( 1998 ), The Lord Williams of Mostyn ( 1999 ), Dr Rory O ' Hanlon ( 1999 / 2005 ), Senator Liam T. Cosgrave ( 2002 ), HM The King of Norway ( 2002 ), The Lord Steel of Aikwood ( 2002 ), The Rt Hon.
Notable guests of the time included Martin van Buren and Henry Clay.
Notable guests included actor Wil Wheaton, Jay " Tron Guy " Maynard, game designer Steve Jackson, and Linux activist Eric S. Raymond.
Notable guests at the Crown Towers, Crown Metropol and Crown Promenade Hotels have included Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Kim Kardashian, Rachel Griffiths, One Direction, Kerry Packer, Tiger Woods and Neil Murray and many other high profile celebrities and politicians.
Notable guests have included Peter Sellers, Tom Cruise, John Cleese and Stanley Kubrick.
Notable guests to the estate over the years have included author Edith Wharton, novelist Henry James, H. R. H.
Notable repeat guests included:
Notable guests include Daniel Tosh and Recycled Percussion.
Notable guests included Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De, and Kim Il-Sung.
Notable guests included Hans Blix, Pelé, Paulo Coelho, Liv Ullmann, Ronan Keating, Donald Trump, Robbie Williams, Leona Naess, Joe Cocker, Solomon Burke, Nicole Kidman, Desmond Tutu, Meat Loaf, Anastacia, the Pet Shop Boys, Marianne Faithfull, Jan Guillou, Isabella Rossellini, Kevin Warwick, Carola Häggkvist, Isabel Allende and Wyclef Jean, Barry Farber, Melanie Chisholm, Mika, Al Gore, Will Smith, Jada Smith.
Notable guests on the show included Céline Dion, Leonard Cohen and hockey legend Don Cherry.
Notable guests have included Thomas Edison, L. Frank Baum, Charlie Chaplin, Vincent Price, Babe Ruth, Veronica Covance, and Reggie White.
Notable guests have included Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation, author and activist George Weigel, political commentator Laura Ingraham, conservative political commentator Pat Buchanan, and the late columnist and commentator Robert Novak, a Jewish convert to Catholicism.
Notable guests have included Winston Churchill, Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales ( albeit 19 years apart ), Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, Hugh Hefner, Owe Lundberg, Frank Sinatra, the Marchese and Marchesa Chiaramonte-Ragusa.
Notable overnight guests include Princess Margaret for the investiture of Prince Charles in 1969.
Notable guests were the bands Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Coldplay, U2, Oasis, Metallica, and Manowar, martial-arts star Jackie Chan, 50 Cent, Eminem, D12, Mark Wahlberg, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Paris Hilton, and Kylie Minogue.
Notable guests included Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell.
Notable guests appearing on Booknotes to discuss their published writings have included Hillary Clinton, Pat Buchanan, Colin Powell, Frank McCourt and David Crosby.
Notable guests, including Tommy Hilfiger, arrived for the grand opening on April 20, 2007.
Notable guests included Tiki Barber and Mark Messier.
" Notable guests include investigative reporter Mae Brussell, Abbie Hoffman commenting on the Chicago Seven trial, a planning session for the Central Park Be-In, and the first radio appearance of Phoebe Snow.

Notable and on
Notable reservations include those by Iceland, Japan and Norway on various baleen whale species and those on Falconiformes by Saudi Arabia.
Notable examples include Mike Oldfield's " Guilty " ( 1979 ) Blondie's " Heart of Glass " ( 1978 ), Cher's " Hell on Wheels " and " Take Me Home " ( both 1979 ), Barry Manilow ’ s " Copacabana " ( 1978 ), David Bowie's " John I'm Only Dancing ( Again )" ( 1975 ), Rod Stewart's " Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?
Notable disco hits based on movie and television themes included a medley from Star Wars, " Star Wars Theme / Cantina Band " ( 1977 ) by Meco, and " Twilight Zone / Twilight Tone " ( 1979 ) by The Manhattan Transfer.
Notable jazz bassists from the 1940s to the 1950s included bassist Jimmy Blanton ( 1918 – 1942 ) whose short tenure in the Duke Ellington Swing band ( cut short by his death from tuberculosis ) introduced new melodic and harmonic solo ideas for the instrument ; bassist Ray Brown ( 1926 – 2002 ), known for backing Beboppers Dizzy Gillespie, Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum and Charlie Parker, and forming the Modern Jazz Quartet ; hard bop bassist Ron Carter ( born 1937 ), who has appeared on 3, 500 albums make him one of the most-recorded bassists in jazz history, including LPs by Thelonious Monk and Wes Montgomery and many Blue Note Records artists ; and Paul Chambers ( 1935 – 1969 ), a member of the Miles Davis Quintet ( including the landmark modal jazz recording Kind of Blue ) and many other 1950s and 1960s rhythm sections, was known for his virtuosic improvisations.
Notable American films from the war years include the anti-Nazi Watch on the Rhine ( 1943 ), scripted by Dashiell Hammett ; Shadow of a Doubt ( 1943 ), Hitchcock's direction of a script by Thornton Wilder ; the George M. Cohan biopic, Yankee Doodle Dandy ( 1942 ), starring James Cagney, and the immensely popular Casablanca, with Humphrey Bogart.
It was later included in the King James Bible, something Isaac Newton commented on in An Historical Account of Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture.
Notable stories of this type include " Painwise ", in which a space explorer has been altered to be immune to pain but finds such an existence intolerable, and " A Momentary Taste of Being ", in which the true purpose of humanity, found on a distant planet, renders individual human life entirely pointless.
Notable are the Z11, which was sold to the optics industry and to universities, and the Z22, the first computer with a memory based on magnetic storage.
* For Martin Greenberg's Fantastic Lives: Autobiographical Essays by Notable Science Fiction Writers ( Southern Illinois University Press, 1981 ) she wrote " The Expanding Mind ," a memoir of her youth and the impact of science fiction on the mind of a young girl.
Notable collections include the Lewis Music Library with an emphasis on 20th and 21st-century music and electronic music, the List Visual Arts Center's rotating exhibitions of contemporary art, and the Compton Gallery's cross-disciplinary exhibitions.
Notable translations of the New Testament based on these most recent critical editions include the Revised Standard Version ( 1946, revised in 1971 ), La Bible de Jérusalem ( 1961, revised in 1973 and 2000 ), the Einheitsübersetzung ( 1970, final edition 1979 ), the New American Bible ( 1970, revised in 1986 ), the Traduction Oecuménique de la Bible ( 1988, revised in 2004 ), and the New Revised Standard Version ( 1989 ).
Notable works of this time period include public buildings such as the Royal Swedish Opera and private developments such as the luxury housing developments on Strandvägen.
Notable acts as president included George Washington resigning his commission and the signing of the ratification of the Treaty of Paris on January 14, 1784 ( Ratification Day ) along with Charles Thomson, who served as Secretary.
Notable appearances in recent gigs have included Bernard Sumner of New Order, who sang on the original " Out of Control ", Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, and Tim Burgess.
Notable story arcs of this decade include the 2010 storyline " Second Coming ", which is based on plot threads from " Messiah Complex " and " House of M ", " Age of X ", and " Schism " ( 2011 ), as well as the 2012 event " Avengers vs. X-Men ".
Notable for its exclusion of content Lane found " immoral " and for its anthropological notes on Arab customs by Lane.
Notable examples include Steptoe and Son which became Sanford and Son, Till Death Us Do Part, which became All in the Family on CBS and The Office ( UK TV series ) which was remade into The Office ( U. S. TV series ).
Notable works of the school still extant are the famous archaic female statues found on the Athenian Acropolis in 1885 – 1887, the seated statues of Branchidae, the Nike of Archermus found at Delos, and the objects in ivory and electrum found by D. G.
Notable poets of this period drew on the works and translations of the poet Jaroslav Vrchlický and include, among others, Josef Svatopluk Machar, Antonín Sova, Otokar Březina, and Karel Hlaváček ); prose authors include Vilém Mrštík, Růžena Svobodová, and Josef Karel Šlejhar.
Notable attendees included John Philip Sousa, whose band performed on opening day and several times during the fair.
Notable features of this operating system were its support of demand paging, diskless workstations, multiprocessing, asynchronous I / O, the ability to mount processes ( handlers ) on directories in the file system, and message passing.
Notable populations exist in the suburbs of Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, where they will feed on ornamental plants and other cultivated vegetation.
Notable events in the series include battling the Dark Jedi Xanatos, falling in love with fellow Padawan Siri Tachi, and going on his first independent mission.
Notable cases include the 26-minute film PETA produced in 1984, Unnecessary Fuss, based on 60 hours of researchers ' footage obtained by the ALF during a raid on the University of Pennsylvania's head injury clinic.

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