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Ocasio and Heavyweight
Attempting to become the first Hispanic to win the world Heavyweight championship, Ocasio was badly outclassed and lost to Holmes by a knockout in seven rounds.
* March 14-Larry Holmes retains his WBC world Heavyweight title with a seventh round knockout of future WBA world Cruiserweight champion Ossie Ocasio in Las Vegas.

Ocasio and division
After he knocked out Camel in 8 in a rematch, countryman Ossie Ocasio won the WBA world title, becoming the second pair of Puerto Ricans to share world titles in the same division at the same time, after Alfredo Escalera and Samuel Serrano had achieved the feat in the 1970s at Jr. Lightweight.
In 1982 the World Boxing Association recognized Ossie Ocasio as their first cruiserweight champion when he defeated South African Robbie Williams ( although at that time the WBA called the division " junior heavyweight ").

Ocasio and before
One last comeback in 1992 resulted in a dreary points loss to ex-contender Carl Williams, but it was hard hitting Hispanic prospect Alex Garcia who convinced the usually durable Ocasio to retire-he decked Ocasio several times before knocking him out in the 8th.

Ocasio and with
In August 2012, Los Chicos released their tell all book named " Los Chicos ~ Mil Recuerdos Sus Historias " written by Joana Acevedo Ocasio with the help of original group members Tony Ocasio, Rey Diaz and Migue Santa.

Ocasio and for
The crowd jeered Ocasio for his negative style, but it was the intelligent strategy to use on a short bomber like Qawi.
The only fellow Puerto Ricans to challenge for the heavyweight championship are Ossie Ocasio, Fres Oquendo and John Ruiz, who later became the only Latino to hold a version of the heavyweight championship.
Ossie Ocasio and Fres Oquendo also challenged for the world's heavyweight championship, both are also from Puerto Rico.
As alderman, Ocasio fought for the construction of the new Ames School ; helped bring a YMCA to the 26th ward ; and worked for the construction of the Humboldt Park Public Library.
Ocasio also led a $ 16 million rehab for Humboldt Park which included renovating the boat house and lagoon.

Ocasio and outpointing
In a rematch, Ocasio underlined his superiority by again outpointing a this time in-shape Young, in Puerto Rico.

Ocasio and .
Los Chicos ' most popular members were Chayanne ( now an international super-star ), Migue Santa ( now an helicopter pilot ), Tony Ocasio and Rey Díaz.
Members of the Borough Council are Council President Herbert Littles, Karen Chew, Russell Hirn, Margo Ocasio, Bill Ross and Waltha Webb.
In his first two title defenses, Holmes easily knocked out Alfredo Evangelista and Ossie Ocasio.
Osvaldo Ocasio, ( born August 12, 1955 ), better known as Ossie Ocasio and nicknamed Jaws, is a Puerto Rican who was a boxer and world Cruiserweight champion.
In 1978 on the undercard of the Larry Holmes / Ken Norton title fight Ocasio scored a major upset when he outpointed the highly regarded Jimmy Young, who'd outpointed George Foreman only a while back.
However a rematch saw Ocasio surprisingly knocked out in 1 round.
Ocasio became a world champion by beating Williams by a 15 round unanimous decision.
Ocasio made three successful defenses, winning 15 round decisions over Young Joe Louis and Randy Stephens, and knocking out John Odhiambo in the 15th round in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.
Ocasio, during his championship run, was able to buy a house in Trujillo Alto, where he maintained a large farm.
Ocasio then travelled to Australia, where he was outpointed by the erratic Mike Hunter.
Although Ring En Español covered every boxing event worldwide, it concentrated more than anything else on Hispanic boxers, helping boxers like Wilfred Benítez, Wilfredo Gómez, Julio César Chávez, Eusebio Pedroza, Roberto Durán, Santos Laciar, Antonio Cervantes, Pipino Cuevas, Ossie Ocasio, Lupe Pintor, Rafael " Bazooka " Limón, Edwin Rosario, Héctor Camacho and many others become household names.
Poor condition let him be outpointed to prospect Ossie Ocasio.

campaigned and division
He campaigned against Napoléon and distinguished himself at the Battle of Kulm at the head of his cuirassier division.
During his entire period of command of the division, Custer encountered considerable friction and near mutiny from the volunteer cavalry regiments who had campaigned along the Gulf coast.
Following the end of the war, Jack Lawson was granted temporary leave to contest the Seaham division of Durham in the 1918 general election ; he campaigned against war reparations and won only a third of the votes against a coalition candidate.
Hays was unhappy at losing division command but was happy to serve once more under Birney, with whom he had campaigned in III Corps.

campaigned and 1976
In 1976, he campaigned for Jimmy Carter, who became a close friend and ally.
Beginning in 1974, Bentsen campaigned for the Democratic Party's 1976 presidential nomination.
But Vere Bird's political exile was to last for only five years and by 1976, he regained the government, having campaigned against independence on the grounds that Antigua was not yet psychologically ready.
As a delegate to the Labour Party Conference in 1976, Home-Robertson moved the resolution which committed the Party to devolution for Scotland, and throughout his career at Westminster he campaigned for the establishment of the Scottish Parliament.
By 1975 Barnard had been hired by Parnelli Jones to work alongside Maurice Philippe designing the team's Formula One racer which campaigned from 1974 to 1976.
* 1980-Lyndon LaRouche campaigned for U. S. President on his own U. S. Labor Party ticket in 1976, but sought the Democratic Party nomination in the next seven elections.
Urban decay in the United States: Presidents Jimmy Carter ( October 5, 1976 ) and Ronald Reagan ( August 5, 1980 ) campaigned before this ruin on Charlotte Street in the South Bronx, New York City

campaigned and putting
All 16 places are currently filled, primarily by councillors who are not members of any political party but who campaigned together with the common manifesto of putting ' Frodsham First '.
He is the justice spokesman for the SSP, and has campaigned for the abolition of prescription charges, including putting a Bill to that effect before parliament.
Together with Thomas Sexton editor of the party's Freeman's Journal, they campaigned against O ’ Brien, ferociously attacking him for putting Land Purchase and Conciliation before Home Rule.
Together with Thomas Sexton editor of the party's Freeman's Journal, all three campaigned against O ’ Brien, fiercely attacking him for putting Land Purchase and Conciliation before Home Rule.
There was also an unfortunate politicisation of the U-Bahn issue: in the 1954 and 1959 city council elections, the conservative Austrian People's Party championed construction of a U-Bahn, but the more powerful Social Democratic Party of Austria campaigned for putting housing first.

campaigned and together
Greenpeace, together with other environmental NGOs, also campaigned for ten years for the EU to ban import of illegal timber.
He opposed Howard's policy on asylum-seekers, campaigned in support of an Australian Republic and attacked what he perceived as a lack of integrity in Australian politics, together with former Labor prime minister Gough Whitlam, finding much common ground with his predecessor.
Stevens had campaigned on a platform of bringing the tribes together under socialist principles.
In the 1840s and 1850s, United States Navy and Royal Navy forces campaigned together against Chinese pirates.
The two campaigned together in support of the 1999 referendum that would have made Australia a republic.
In the 1977 elections they campaigned together under as the CDA.
According to Priscus, Aegidius and Majorian were lieutenants of Aëtius, and campaigned together in northern Gaul.
He campaigned together with Rick van der Ploeg and Willem Vermeend as " the Polderboys " and gave lectures in economics at universities.
However, local authorities and rail enthusiasts joined together and campaigned to save the S & C, pointing out that British Rail was ignoring the S & C's potential for tourism, ignoring the need for a diversionary route to the West Coast main line, and failing to promote through traffic from the Midlands and Yorkshire to Scotland.
Meanwhile, Otanes, together with Artaphernes, campaigned in Ionia ( see below ).
Carloman also campaigned against the Saxons and the two together defeated a rebellion led by Hunoald at the head of the Basques and another led by Alemanni, in which Liutfrid of Alsatia probably died, either fighting for or against the brothers.
In the 1986 referendum on the Single European Act the SF campaigned together with the Social Democrat sand the Social Liberal Party against the European Community.
Ramos and Osmeña, together with Congressman ( later House Speaker ) Jose de Venecia, campaigned for economic reforms and improved national security and unity.
She also campaigned for the creation of local education and citizenship education contracts, the " Initiatives citoyennes " program for teaching children how to live together, the law on " Defense of children's rights and campaign against violence in the schools " ( Loi de juin 1998 relative à la prévention et à la répression des infractions sexuelles ainsi qu ' à la protection des mineurs ), the " Campaign against hazing rituals in higher education " ( Loi de juin 1998 contre le bizutage ), the " Campaign against violence and racketeering " which included implementation of the " SOS Violence " telephone number, and the implementation of mandatory civics instruction in secondary schools.
Summer 1342 he was together with the Raoul I of Brienne, Count of Eu given command of the covering force protecting France from attacks from the north while king Philip VI campaigned in Brittany.
On 13 September 2004 The Olive Tree was transformed in the Federation of The Olive Tree, consisting of same four parties that campaigned together in the European elections that summer.
Although national politicians have shown little inclination to change this policy, and Azerbaijan together with Turkish nationalist groups have campaigned for the closure to remain, there has been increasing local pressure for the border to be re-opened.
" In 2010, reporter Dinesh Raheja stated that " the bitterness between Rajesh and Dimple washed away ", noting that they are seen together at parties and that Dimple campaigned for Khanna's election and also worked in his film Jai Shiv Shankar.
They also campaigned together in Gascony, where they subjugated the local population and instated Genialis as duke.
In 1067 they campaigned together to defeat and kill the king of Ciarraige Luachra.

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