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Occasionally and video
Occasionally, video is shot in a widescreen format and encoded into 4: 3 video incorporating letterboxing into the 4: 3 image.
Occasionally, special shows were produced that focus on particular aspects of film or home video.
Occasionally, older performance video clips of country music stars ( sometimes going beyond the 1980s ) are aired during this block.
Occasionally he also accompanied the band on their Dark Passion Play tour and features on the music video for the single " The Islander ".
Occasionally, non-electronic but still classic music videos were aired for the sake of nostalgia within the electronic genre, such as Ofra Haza's music video for " Im Nin ' Alu ," which was sampled by several electronic artists in the early 1990s.

Occasionally and hardware
Occasionally, a game can also be reviewed here if it requires the hardware in question to play it.
Occasionally, the hardware device will be " not recommended with an asterisk " ( e. g. the device is not worth its current price, or not recommended if you currently own an older model ).
Occasionally, there is a hardware component as well.

Occasionally and was
Occasionally new enterprise was discouraged by the almost certain prospect of legal complications.
Occasionally, if a Censor was unable to carry out one of his tasks, an Aedile would perform the task instead.
On June 19, 2007, Garfield was given the greatest birthday present: “ I ’ M OFF MY DIET !” Occasionally the strip celebrates Halloween as well with scary-themed jokes, such as mask gags.
Occasionally he was shown clothed in the archaic costume of a priest.
Occasionally, devaluation was used, 60 % in total between 1975 and 1990, allowing the currency to more closely follow the depreciating US dollar than the rising German mark.
Occasionally, this leads to bizarre acts of violence, such as in the case of Big Lurch, a former rapper who claimed his room mate was the devil and ate part of her lung.
Occasionally, these women were prosecuted by Inquisition officials for suspicious behavior such as lighting candles to honor the Sabbath or refusing to eat pork when it was offered to them.
Occasionally inspired, he was always efficient ; he made the refrain run on time.
Occasionally ragtime was scored for ensembles, ( particularly dance bands and brass bands ) similar to those of James Reese Europe, or as songs like those written by Irving Berlin.
Occasionally, the term is applied to music, such as the Berlin Trilogy of David Bowie, linked together by their musical sound and lyrical themes, and the fact that part of them was recorded in Berlin, Germany.
Occasionally the photographer took pictures of the family at the funeral as well, as this was one of the few times that people would all be together.
Occasionally, McGarrett's Five-O team was assisted by other officers as needed: medical examiner Doc Bergman ( played by Al Eben ), forensic specialist Che Fong ( played by Harry Endo ) and a secretary.
Occasionally a foundling was anonymously left on a Shaker doorstep.
Occasionally, Hans Christian Andersen was invited to call and tell the children stories before bedtime.
Occasionally arches would fall down when the frame was removed if construction or planning had been incorrect.
Occasionally, the Acre was also referred to as " the bloody Third Ward " after it was designated one of the city's three political wards in 1876.
Occasionally, uncontrolled feature creep can lead to products far beyond the scope of what was originally intended.
Occasionally over the years, Shooter was required to fill in as penciller on various books he wrote and / or oversaw as editor.
Occasionally, German troops engaged in massacres, such as the destruction of Oradour-sur-Glane, where an entire village was razed and the population murdered because of persistent resistance in the vicinity.
Occasionally he took another post, as a teacher, for instance, at the universities of Montpellier and Toulouse in southern France, but it was as a preacher that Anthony revealed his supreme gift.
Occasionally the red cross of Burgundy was placed on the white section of the flag.
Occasionally videos were made in a non-representational form, in which the musical artist was not shown.
Occasionally he was depicted as a youth holding the flail of the pharaoh, wearing a menat necklace.

Occasionally and also
Occasionally western broccoli is also referred to as sai lan fa ( in Cantonese ) in order not to confuse the two styles of broccoli.
Occasionally both names for the same battle entered the popular culture, such as the battle of Antietam, which is also referred to as the battle of Sharpsburg.
Occasionally, they also grab the neck and head, pulling the animal down to the ground.
Occasionally, simple and witty statements, though not poetic per se, may also be considered epigrams.
Occasionally, manufacturing defects in nails or shoes may also cause a misdriven nail that quicks a horse.
Occasionally the ' C ' string may also be tuned up to D.
Occasionally pork bones are also used, but they are not boiled as long as they are for tonkotsu ramen, so the soup remains light and clear.
Occasionally baritone voice is also used ( e. g., SATBarB ), often sung by the higher basses.
Occasionally, instead of saying that a property holds almost everywhere, it is said that the property holds for almost all elements ( though the term almost all also has other meanings ).
Occasionally parting clouds suggesting the action of the " mighty wind ", rays of light, and / or the Dove, are also depicted.
" Occasionally the term used in Eastern churches, " the Divine Liturgy ", is also employed.
Occasionally historic sites outside the country proper, but associated with the United States ( such as the American Embassy in Tangiers ) are also listed.
Occasionally historic sites outside the country's borders, but associated with the United States, such as the American Embassy in Tangiers, also are listed.
Occasionally, the term electronic money is also used to refer to the provider itself.
* Occasionally, they are also used off label to treat clinical depression, more particularly, non-typical depression and treatment-resistant depression.
Occasionally sails may also be found on land vehicles.
Occasionally, the term " gas permeable " is used to describe RGP lenses, but this is potentially misleading, as soft lenses are also gas permeable in that they allow oxygen to move through the lens to the ocular surface.
Occasionally, pre-recorded music is also used.
Occasionally, new first-run episodes of either series will be featured in the block, though new episodes may also sometimes air in their original Friday night time slots.
Occasionally, it is also called Sang Dwiwarna ( The bicolor ).
Occasionally upper wing feathers of juveniles are also white, or birds lack white on the wing entirely.
Occasionally Heligoland is also included in this group.
Occasionally, a patient may also need to have their knees raised.

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