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Offered and by
Offered traffic ( in erlangs ) is related to the call arrival rate, λ, and the average call-holding time, h, by:
* Specialty Holiday Postmarks Offered by the United States Postal Service
Offered to Oxford by James Murray and the Philological Society, the " New English Dictionary " was a grand academic and patriotic undertaking.
Offered a position ( and $ 10, 000 in gold ) as adjutant general of the army of Benito Juárez of Mexico, who was then in a struggle with the Mexican Emperor Maximilian I ( a satellite ruler of French Emperor Napoleon III ), Custer applied for a one-year leave of absence from the U. S. Army, which was endorsed by Grant and Secretary of War Stanton.
Offered a job by Tyrone Guthrie, he made his first professional appearance in London at the Old Vic on 14 September 1936, playing Ferdinand in Love's Labours Lost.
Offered a seat by 30 constituencies, Plimsoll was an unsuccessful candidate in Sheffield Central in 1885.
The London Interbank Offered Rate is the average interest rate estimated by leading banks in London that they would be charged if borrowing from other banks.
These instruments are often benchmarked to ( i. e. priced by reference to ) the London Interbank Offered Rate ( LIBOR ) for the appropriate term and currency.
Offered the art chores for the launch of The New Teen Titans, written by Wolfman, Pérez ' real incentive was the opportunity to draw Justice League of America ( an ambition of Pérez ' which " seemed like a natural progress from the Avengers ").
Prior to September, 2012, BBA LIBOR ( the London Interbank Offered Rate ) was calculated and published by Thomson Reuters on behalf of the BBA.
Offered the post of U. S. Secretary of the Navy by President John Tyler in 1841, he declined the offer, but worked successfully to gain support for the construction of an advanced steam warship with a battery of very heavy guns.
Offered with a series of petrol engines and initially a single diesel offering, the " X " engines were replaced by the newer " Z " engine generation in 2000.
Offered over 16 months, the Omnium Global Executive MBA Program is an alliance between the Rotman School and the University of St. Gallen ( Switzerland ), supported by well-known post-secondary institutions in Brazil, India, Hong Kong and China — brings participants together in cross-cultural study teams to gain business experience in the world ’ s main economic regions.
Offered a role in film as a prize for winning a magazine beauty competition in 1921, she appeared in several silent films before being offered her first leading role in Das Spielzeug von Paris ( 1925 ) by Hungarian-born director Michael Curtiz, whom she married in 1925 ( they divorced a year later ).
However, due to changes in the eBay feedback system in May 2008, SquareTrade decided to stop resolving eBay feedback disputes from June 2008 .< ref > SquareTrade “ ODR Is No Longer Offered by SquareTrade ” < http :// www. squaretrade. com / pages / odr-discontinued >.</ ref > SquareTrade continues providing services to eBay users, such as warranty services and the trustmark program.
Offered ad hoc engagements at better pay by other managements, many of the players took full advantage of the deputy system.
Offered a chance to join their new order, he refuses, and is sentenced to death by disintegration.
* Environmentally Sensitive Areas Scheme ( closed to new applicants and superseded by the Environmental Stewardship Scheme ): Offered incentives to encourage farmers to adopt agricultural practices which would safeguard and enhance parts of the country of particularly high landscape, wildlife or historic value.
Offered by Shelby for 1989 only, it was his first rear wheel drive vehicle in many years.
Offered employment in the Maharajah's air force, Bandy continued his long tradition of upsetting the powers that be by accepting this controversial appointment.
Offered by Saleen directly to the customer through the SOEC.
Offered in four-door sedan, two-door coupé ( through 1982 ), three-door hatchback ( through 1979 ) and four-door station wagon forms, AMC sought to give its, by this time venerable, compact car an image of luxury, class, and value.
The temple was originally called the Daxianfusi or Great Monastery of Offered Blessings by Zhongzong, until it was renamed Dajianfusi by Empress Wu Zetian in 690.

Offered and later
Offered a scholarship to work on a Master of Arts degree, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to attend the George Peabody College for Teachers, but later dropped out.
Offered for the CP / M operating system, it was ported to DOS and then Microsoft Windows and later the Apple Macintosh.

Offered and cover
Offered an opportunity to be a highly-paid cover girl, Rusty would faithfully remain with her nightclub act if only Danny would ask her.

Offered and for
Offered at $ 34 a ton, Chinese cement is pricing itself out of the market as Thailand is asking as little as $ 20 for the same quality.
Offered a professional contract as a ballplayer, he turned it down, stating that he preferred to play for the love of the game.
Offered only in 12-ounce bottles, the cola's sales were disappointing due largely to the inability of the RC bottling network to get distribution for the product in single-drink channels and it was quickly discontinued with the exceptions of Australia, New Zealand and France.
* TIBOR is the short name for the Tokyo Interbank Offered Rate
Offered a reward at the top, Dorsaz asked for the mule on which Napoleon was riding.
* KAB Scouting ( Kabataang Alay sa Bayan or Children Offered to the Nation ) is for boys 5 to 7 years of age.
Offered two million dollars and no artistic control, Wilson counter-offered to join the tour for five million dollars, eventually settling for a figure of four million.
* London Interbank Offered Rate, futures contracts, in Reuters Instrument Code for the 1-month at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
The Federal funds rate plus a much smaller increment is frequently used for lending to the most creditworthy borrowers today, as is LIBOR, the London Interbank Offered Rate.
SIBOR stands for Singapore Interbank Offered Rate and is a daily reference rate based on the interest rates at which banks offer to lend unsecured funds to other banks in the Singapore wholesale money market ( or interbank market ).
Offered the prestigious post of Director of Information at the recently established Organization of American States ( OAS ), Orfila left for Washington, D. C. in 1953.
Offered for almost half the original price, the HDR-FX7 bridged the gap between the HDR-HC9 and the FX1000.
Offered as a hatchback since 2001 as a 2002 model year vehicle, the only options for the GT were a power moonroof and anti-lock brakes with traction control.
Offered the captaincy of the MCC for the 1907 / 1908 Ashes tour, Foster declined because business commitments were monopolising his attention.
Offered were a standard coupe for $ 725 ($ 775 with rumble seat ), a coupe and a sedan in custom trim for $ 845 each, and a new custom convertible coupe for $ 895.

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