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Older and have
( Older models have another 4-bead wire for quarter-kopeks, which were minted until 1916.
His poems have been parodied many times, including with the books When We Were Rather Older and Now We Are Sixty.
Older ( pre-2003 ) Bluetooth dongles, however, have limited capabilities, offering only the Bluetooth Enumerator and a less-powerful Bluetooth Radio incarnation.
Older remains from the Upper Late Palaeolithic era ( 12, 000 – 13, 000 years ago ) have been found.
Older remains from the Upper Late Palaeolithic era ( 12, 000 – 13, 000 years ago ) have been found.
Older cyanine dye based CD-Rs, as well as all the hybrid dyes based on cyanine, were very sensitive to UV-rays and could have become unreadable after only a few days if they were exposed to direct sunlight.
Older buildings often have smaller doors.
Older ICT technologies, such as radio and television, have for over forty years been used for open and distance learning, although print remains the cheapest, most accessible and therefore most dominant delivery mechanism in both developed and developing countries.
Older adults who were more active were found to have had less episodes of forgetting compared to those older adults who were less active.
* Older ammunition may have mercury-based primers.
Older engines have retroactively been renamed to fit this scheme, with the Doom engine as Id Tech 1.
Older volcanic edifices have mostly eroded away due to glaciation.
Older materials can be dated using zircon, apatite, titanite, epidote and garnet which have a variable amount of uranium content.
Older children and teenagers usually have the maturity required to care for a rabbit.
Studies looking at the origin of the Sinhalese have been contradictory. Older studies suggest a predominantly Sri Lankan Tamil contribution followed by a significant Bengali contribution with no North Western Indian contribution, while more modern studies point towards a predominantly Bengali contribution and a minor Tamil and North Western Indian ( Gujarati & Punjabi ) contribution.
Older motherboards must have a WAKEUP-LINK header onboard connected to the network card via a special 3-pin cable ; however, systems supporting the PCI 2. 2 standard and with a PCI 2. 2 compliant network adapter card do not usually require a Wake-on-LAN cable as the required standby power is relayed through the PCI bus.
Older programming languages, such as Fortran or Cobol have array subscripts starting with one, because they were meant as high-level programming languages, and as such they had to have a correspondence to the usual ordinal numbers.
Older batteries tend to have reduced storage capacity, and so will both discharge faster than new batteries and also charge to their maximum capacity more rapidly than new batteries.
Older track facilities may have nonstandard track lengths, such as 440 yards ( 402. 3 m ) ( common in the United States ).
Older men tend to have higher thresholds than younger women, but it is not a hard and fast rule, and other factors, for example drugs, affect seizure threshold.
Older adults have widely varying physical health.
Older instruments may have used oil diffusion pumps for high vacuum regions.
Older species have a camphoraceous smell and a brownish color, and lack the pungent taste.
* The first bearer of the name can be referred to as Senior, Daddy or have " Big ", or " Older " placed in front of his given name, as in " Big Pete ", or " Older Pete ".

Older and names
He used Greek names: Eocene, Miocene, Older Pliocene and Newer Pliocene.
Older reference works tend to favour the spelling " Caractacus ", but modern scholars agree, based on historical linguistics and source criticism, that the original Brythonic form was * Caratācos, pronounced, which gives the attested names Caradog in Welsh, Karadeg in Breton and Carthach in Irish.
Older place names containing the element sten / stein were usually hill forts.
" Older bottlings often bear these names.
Older names for Emden are Amuthon, Embda, Emda, and Embden.
Older names include Woodcray and Luckley Green.
Older sources may place some emberizids in the Fringillidae, and the common names of some emberizids still refer to them as finches.
Older names for a pornographic movie include " adult film ", " stag film ", and " blue movie ".
Older names are the Upland Plover and Bartram's Sandpiper.
Older Serbian names for this town were Palanka ( Паланка ), Stara Palanka ( Стара Паланка ), Nova Palanka ( Нова Паланка ) and Nemačka Palanka ( Немачка Паланка ).
Older Germanic names include Christus-Krone (" Christ's crown "), Christus-Strauss (" Christ's bouquet "), Dorn-Krone (" crown of thorns "), Jesus-Lijden (" Jesus ' passion "), Marter (" passion ") or Muttergottes-Stern (" Mother of God's star ").
Older names include coal oil, stove oil and range oil.
Older catalogues either assigned an arbitrary number to each object, or used a simple systematic naming scheme such as combining constellation names with Greek letters.
" Older names for the town in Chinese include Zhāngyuán ( 張垣 ), used in the Republican era, and Zhāngjiābǎo ( 張家堡 ).
His familiarity with the names of old Glamorgan led him to produce another great work, on Welsh genealogy, " Limbus Patrum Morganiae et Glamorganiae ( trans: The Border / Fringe / Hem of the Fathers, perhaps in the sense of " remnants of the ancient chieftains "): Being the Genealogies of the Older Families of the Lordships of Morgan and Glamorgan ".
Older variants of LOP were quite predictable and installed Browser Helper Objects and startup entries with known names.
Older European names for the island are Traitors island or Keppel island.
Older names are: strata publica ( 795 ), platea montium ( 819 ) and montana platea ( 1002 ).

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