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from Brown Corpus
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On and Wednesday
On Wednesday morning, November 2, 1859, the Providence Daily Journal stated that although Brown justly deserved the extreme penalty, no man, however criminal, ought to suffer the penalty without a fair trial.
On the third Wednesday in March each year ( near the spring equinox ), three quarters of Dutch schoolchildren aged 10 / 11 and Dutch celebrities plant trees.
On Rosenmontag, or the Monday before Ash Wednesday, crowds of people line the streets, wearing masks.
On Wednesday, 7 March 2012, a private funeral service was held at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Indiantown, Florida.
On Wednesday, 26 April, the guns at Trinity College and Helga shelled Liberty Hall, and the Trinity College guns then began firing at rebel positions, first at Boland's Mill and then in O ' Connell Street.
On Wednesday, June 17, 2009 the park celebrated its 500th consecutive Red Sox sellout.
On what came to be referred to as " Ash Wednesday ", at British headquarters, rear echelon units, and the British Embassy, the British frantically burned confidential papers in anticipation of the entry of Axis troops into the city.
On January 17, 1966, the duo released the album Sounds of Silence, which – helped by the title track's success – hit No. 21, while Wednesday Morning, 3 A. M. was re-released and reached No. 30.
On May 20, 2004, it was announced that Enterprise had been renewed for a fourth season, but that the show would move from Wednesday to Friday nights.
On Wednesday, however, The Village Voice ran reports of the riots, written by Howard Smith and Lucian Truscott, that included unflattering descriptions of the events and its participants: " forces of faggotry ," " limp wrists " and " Sunday fag follies ".
On Wednesday, December 10, 2003, the Supreme Court issued a ruling that upheld the key provisions of McCain-Feingold ; the vote on the court was 5 to 4.
On Monday and Wednesday of the Fourth Week, a Veneration of the Cross takes place at the First Hour ( repeating a portion of the service from the All-Night Vigil of the previous Sunday ).
On the following Wednesday, 14 April, the AFL Commission met, deliberated, and ultimately handed down its penalty to Hird.
On Wednesday, August 13, Tate was interred in the Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City, California, with her son, Paul Richard Polanski ( named posthumously for Polanski's and Tate's fathers ), in her arms.
On Wednesday 15 November, the historic decision was taken to commit the government to a 14. 3 % devaluation.
On Wednesday, 3, 000 students from Munich University rioted and marched to the Feldherrnhalle to lay wreaths.
On Wednesday nights, he reads to the homeless in a local soup kitchen and seems to have a soft spot for kids.
On Monday, February 20, 2012, the Carolina Hurricanes signed Tim Gleason to a four-year $ 16m extension and on Wednesday February 22, 2012 they also signed Tuomo Ruutu to a four-year $ 19m extension.
On Wednesday 24 April, while Mary was on the road from Linlithgow Palace to Edinburgh, Bothwell suddenly appeared with 800 men.
On Wednesday, May 5, 2010, the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) confirmed that the bacteria found at the Johnson & Johnson plant that made the recalled Children's Tylenol was Burkholderia cepacia, a bacteria often resistant to common antibiotics.
On Wednesday, 19 November 2008, QPR named former Portugal midfielder Paulo Sousa as their new first team coach.
" On December 12, 2008, he returned to his role as Geek in Review editor, with his editorials being published every second Wednesday of the month.
On Wednesday, February 10, 2010, Sycamore and the surrounding areas were hit by a 3. 8 magnitude earthquake that was felt 134 miles away in Madison, Wisconsin.
On Wednesday, 26 September, he departed but not before planting an elm on Spencer ’ s farm.

On and evening
On the evening of December 27th, Esther noticed my pallid look and rasping voice.
On the evening that they were to sail, Lewis himself gave a party, but he was too indisposed to appear at it.
On Thursday evening we may go out of town together by some stage or mail about the distance of ten or twelve miles.
* On the second Saturday in August, people can wander through the Night Market in the balmy Summer evening.
On the Reckoning of Time ( De temporum ratione ) included an introduction to the traditional ancient and medieval view of the cosmos, including an explanation of how the spherical earth influenced the changing length of daylight, of how the seasonal motion of the Sun and Moon influenced the changing appearance of the New Moon at evening twilight, and a quantitative relation between the changes of the Tides at a given place and the daily motion of the moon.
On Friday 6 August 2010 Woburn held a fundraising evening with extra activities and later opening times.
On the evening of 22 June, Nelson's fleet passed the French in the darkness, overtaking the slow invasion convoy without realising how close they were to their target.
On the evening of October 6, 1949, Ivinskaya was arrested at her apartment by the KGB.
On the evening of 29 February, Baratieri met with his brigadiers Matteo Albertone, Giuseppe Arimondi, Vittorio Dabormida, and Giuseppe Ellena, concerning their next steps.
On the bench as honorary coach for the evening was Dr. Robert Grubbs, 2005 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.
On that evening, children watch the sky anxiously hoping to be the first to cry out, " The star has come!
On the evening of 27 October 1953, Thomas attended his 39th birthday party but felt unwell and returned to his hotel after an hour.
On the evening of 22 February they were told that they were to be transferred to the main city penitentiary, where they would be safer.
On the evening of 20 January 1950, Potts visited Orwell and slipped away on finding him asleep.
On Thursday, December 12, 1799, Washington spent several hours inspecting his plantation on horseback, in snow, hail and freezing rain — later that evening eating his supper without changing from his wet clothes.
On one evening when she is coming home from the mill, Scarlett is accosted by two men who attempt to rob her, but she escapes with the help of Big Sam, the former negro foreman from Tara.
On the evening of 27 February 1933, a fire was set in the Reichstag building.
On the evening of 28 April, the BBC broadcast a Reuters news report about Himmler's attempted negotiations with the western Allies.
On 9 November, the evening vom Rath died of his wounds, Goebbels was at the Bürgerbräu Keller in Munich with Hitler, celebrating the anniversary of the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch with a large crowd of veteran Nazis.
On the evening of 24 January 1964, the failure of the Kenyan Prime Minister to appear on television, where 11th Kenya Rifles junior soldiers had been expecting a televised speech and hoping for a pay rise announcement, caused the men to mutiny.
On the evening of 23 January 1963, Philby vanished from Beirut, failing to meet his wife for a dinner party at the home of Glen Balfour-Paul, First Secretary at the British Embassy.
On 5 April 1986, Libyan agents bombed " La Belle " nightclub in West Berlin, killing three people and injuring 229 people who were spending the evening there.
On New Year's Day 2007, and again on New Year's Eve, UK television station Channel 4 dedicated an entire evening to the Monty Python phenomenon during which an hour-long documentary was broadcast called The Secret Life of Brian about the making of The Life of Brian and the controversy that was caused by its release.
On 3 February 2011 Dixit spent an evening with 75 orphanage kids of farmers at an ashram in Trimbakeshwar and participated in the birthday of two children: Hrishikesh and Rani.

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