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On and opening
On June 21, 2004, Space Ship One became the first privately funded aircraft to make a spaceflight, opening the possibility of an aviation market capable of leaving the Earth's atmosphere.
On Friday 6 August 2010 Woburn held a fundraising evening with extra activities and later opening times.
On its opening weekend, Braveheart grossed US $ 9, 938, 276 in the United States and $ 75. 6 million in its box office run in the United States and Canada.
On the opening date of Lollapalooza in 1995, Love notoriously got into a physical fight backstage with Kathleen Hanna and punched her in the face.
On 31 May 2010, the Coronation Street opening sequence was given a revamp.
On modern band and orchestral drums, the drumhead is placed over the opening of the drum, which in turn is held onto the shell by a " counterhoop " ( or " rim "), which is then held by means of a number of tuning screws called " tension rods " which screw into lugs placed evenly around the circumference.
On the Cowboys opening possession after 49ers punt, Romo found WR Jesse Holley on a 78 yard pass, which set up the game winning field goal by rookie kicker Dan Bailey.
On 20 November, he appeared in public to dedicate the opening of the circus beside his palace.
On the base of the statue were inscribed the opening words of the Scotland Act: " There Shall Be A Scottish Parliament ", a phrase to which Dewar himself famously said, " I like that!
The opening instrumental " Fire On High ", with its mix of strings and blazing acoustic guitars, saw heavy exposure as background music on CBS Sports Spectacular montages, though most viewers had no idea of the song's origins.
On the Eastern Front, Soviet fighter forces were overwhelmed during the opening phases of Operation Barbarossa.
On August 12, the Marlins only had one player from their opening day line-up, Jose Reyes, in the game's starting line-up.
The opening song, " Cattitude " can be heard on the national tour's website, along with two more, " On the Fence ," and " Going Home !".
" On average, opening a business took 204 days.
On these trips, he sought to engage with Canadians through various ceremonies and events ; he was keenly interested in his role as Chief Scout of Canada, and, in preparation for his kicking of the opening ball in the 1946 Grey Cup final, practised frequently on the grounds of the royal and viceroyal residence, Rideau Hall.
On the season finale on November 17, 2006, the group performed as an opening act for Public Enemy.
On March 4, 1987, Reagan returned to the airwaves in a nationally televised address, taking full responsibility for any actions that he was unaware of, and admitting that " what began as a strategic opening to Iran deteriorated, in its implementation, into trading arms for hostages.
On opening night, he experienced stage fright and stumbled over his line.
On April 15, 2008, she announced that in 2010 the foundation will be opening a museum devoted to Jackie in Lower Manhattan.
On March 12, 2012, Los Angeles Superior Court took opening statements on the case in which former-JPL employee David Coppedge brought suit against the Lab due to workplace discrimination and wrongful termination.
On the opening ceremony, in Taylor ’ s presence, the SCSL revealed their charge against Taylor which they had kept secret since March, and also issued an international arrest warrant for Taylor.
On the opening day, Bradman wildly hooked at Bill Bowes ' first ball ( a non-bodyline ball ) and was dismissed for a golden duck, leaving the entire stadium in shock.
On the fourth floor, he set up an X-shaped trading desk — designed to maximize his contact with traders and salesmen — from which he worked very long hours, invariably starting his day before 5 am Pacific ( 8 am Eastern, prior to the opening of the markets in New York ).

On and night
On the way out Mr. Sakellariadis detoured up a special hill from which one may obtain a matchless view of the Acropolis lighted by night.
On Christmas night, they had had a disagreement about it.
On the remainder of the clear channels, the dominant ( class 1 ) -- B stations are protected as described above, and the relatively small number of secondary ( class 2 ) ) stations permitted to operate on these channels at night are required to operate directionally and/or with reduced power so as to protect the class 1, stations.
On January 19, 1862, the ill-prepared Confederates, after a night march in the rain, attacked the Union force with some initial success.
On April 14, 1865, President Lincoln was shot and mortally wounded by John Wilkes Booth, a Confederate sympathizer, who conspired to coordinate assassinations of others, including Johnson, Ulysses S. Grant and Secretary of State William H. Seward that same night.
On September 10, 2001, Mohamed Atta picked up Omari from the Milner Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts, and the two drove their rented Nissan to a Comfort Inn in South Portland, Maine, where they spent the night in room 232.
On a particularly dark and wet night Philip attempted a surprise attack but was thwarted by the appearance of a bright light in the sky.
On a highly emotional night at Wembley, Charlton scored twice in a 4 – 1 win after extra time against Benfica and, as United captain, lifted the trophy.
On the night of 14 May 1934, Mandelstam was arrested at his home based on a warrant signed by NKVD boss Genrikh Yagoda.
On July 10, the Cossacks fell into a panic, believing that their commanders had run off in the night, leaving them to their fate.
On the night of 29 February and the early morning of 1 March three Italian brigades advanced separately towards Adwa over narrow mountain tracks, while a fourth remained camped.
On March 21, 2005, Lenny Kravitz performed there in front of 300, 000 people, on a Monday night.
On the night of Christmas Eve, so important is the appearance of the first star in remembrance of the Star of Bethlehem, that it has been given an affectionate name of " the little star " or Gwiazdka ( the female counterpart of St. Nicholas ).
On October 4, 2011, military and police squads used force late at night to disperse hundreds of angry Coptic demonstrators and their supporters who were attempting to stage a sit-in outside the Maspero TV headquarters in downtown Cairo to protest attacks on a Christian church in Upper Egypt.
On the last night of the celebrations leading up to the holidays, the tree was taken to the Town Hall Square where the members of the brotherhood danced around it.
On death, the soul of the person he brought before " Lord of Dharma " are these account are read out as recoded in this quote: " Day and night are the two nurses, in whose lap all the world is at play.
On his last night in London he had another, in the company of fellow poet Louis MacNeice.
On the night of 15 November, Rear-Admiral Hugo Meurer, the representative of Admiral Franz von Hipper, met Admiral Beatty aboard Beatty's flagship,.
On the night of 30 April, the Beltane Fire Festival takes place on Edinburgh's Calton Hill.
On the more sinister side, famous criminals from Edinburgh's history include Deacon Brodie, pillar of society by day and burglar by night, who is said to have influenced Robert Louis Stevenson's story, the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the murderers Burke and Hare who provided fresh corpses for anatomical dissection by the famous surgeon Robert Knox and Major Weir a notorious warlock.
On the night of 26 July 1683, Eugene left Paris and headed east.
On the night 9 May / 10 May 1940, Kelly was torpedoed amidships by a German E-boat S 31 of the Dutch coast and Mountbatten subsequently commanded the 5th Destroyer Flotilla from the destroyer HMS Javelin.
On election night party leader Westerwelle said his party would work to ensure that civil liberties were respected and that Germany got an " equitable tax system and better education opportunities.
On the last night of the meeting, Premier Nikita Khrushchev condemns Joseph Stalin's crimes in a secret speech.

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