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One and boarding
President Clinton speaks with Colonel ( United States ) | Col. Paul J. Fletcher | Paul Fletcher, United States Air Force | USAF, before boarding Air Force One, November 4, 1999.
One source reports that before boarding the spacecraft, Komarov feared for his life, but he flew anyway in order to spare Gagarin the same fate.
One evening a new lodger — artist Alfred Pendlebury ( Stanley Holloway ) — arrives at the boarding house where Holland lives in Lavender Hill.
One of the boarding houses has been demolished to make way for a new music building, which houses the Wathen Hall.
One of the current boarding houses at Christ's Hospital is named after him.
One day Anne and Jean-Louis meet at the Deauville boarding school after Anne misses the last train back to Paris.
* Melvill House — One of the 5 girls ' boarding houses.
That cachet, Alterman wrote, " was perhaps best illustrated when the dashing, young President Kennedy had been photographed boarding Air Force One holding a copy ".
One passenger, an infant, dies almost immediately after boarding.
One of the last remaining textile mill boarding houses in Lowell, Massachusetts, on right ; part of the Lowell National Historical Park
One of the eight boarding houses at the Horsham campus is now named Peele after George Peele and as a commemoration to the work of the Peele family with the ancient foundation of the Christ's Hospital school.
The pilots of the space interceptors and the submersible " Sky One " jet interceptor slide down boarding chutes into their craft.
His " No One Called Jones " routine involves his reading a class roll of students at what we can assume is an exclusive English boarding school.
One of the most controversial was the late 19th tp early 20th century decision to educate native children in separate boarding schools, with an emphasis on assimilation that prohibited them from using their indigenous languages, practices, and cultures.
" Book One: The Romantic Egotist "— the novel centers on Amory Blaine, a young Midwesterner who, convinced that he has an exceptionally promising future, attends boarding school and later Princeton University.
The Freshwater Bay school ceased to play a central role, and became a boarding house nicknamed " Appy One " in 1892 ( and in 1975 a museum ).
One of the restaurants, Wok & Roll, occupies what was once Mary Surratt's boarding housethe meeting place for John Wilkes Booth and his conspirators in Abraham Lincoln's assassination.
One platform is for Skyliner, City Liner, and Evening Liner boarding, while the other platform is for regular commuter trains.
One of these, Bandon Grammar School, is a fee paying Church of Ireland-ethos boarding school.
Students are assigned affiliation with a boarding house in the third term of Middle Two ( grade 8 ) or prior to entry into Upper One ( grade 9 ).
One of the members of the group had a bad feeling about boarding the flight, which saved all their lives.
One evening she makes a big potful of spaghetti and goes down to eat it in the public TV room at her boarding house.
One could use boarding action cards to enhance the attacks or to just absorb damage.
One of the last remaining textile mill boarding houses in Lowell, Massachusetts on right.

One and house
One day I tired of following the Hetman's advice of `` shadowing '' and of the `` ring-around-the-rosie '' approach to a report that Enrico Caruso had pinched a lady's hip while visiting the Central Park monkey house.
One assessor checked boats only, another trailers and tractors, one mentioned house trailers, and two others referred to trailers without specifying the type.
One of us has a pool set in a wooded area very near the house.
One house was without power for about half an hour, a Narragansett Electric Co. spokesman said.
One of the most fascinating and intriguing aspects of Ancestral Puebloan infrastructure is at Chaco Canyon and is the Chaco Road, a system of roads radiating out from many great house sites such as Pueblo Bonito, Chetro Ketl and Una Vida, and leading towards small outlier sites and natural features within and beyond the canyon limits.
One was intended to be a show house, but on being completed in 1904 was put up for sale, and as no buyers came forward, Gaudí, at Güell's suggestion, bought it with his savings and moved in with his family and his father in 1906.
One story is that The Rolling Stones went to stay at Korner's house late one night, in the early 1960s, after a performance.
One of the theaters to show it regularly at midnight was New York's Waverly ( also now closed ), where Rocky Horror had played for a house record ninety-five weeks.
If in spite of all his advice someone persisted in making idols, he would have them punished by the Patingatis ( Parava headsman ) by exile .... One day when he heard that idols had been worshipped in the house of a Christian, he ordered the hut to be burnt down as a warning to others.
One of these trees ( the " Old Tree ") lived until the 19th century, and may be seen, as a dry stump, near the assembly house.
One night in September 1939 they took him to a large house owned by " Old Dorothy " Clutterbuck, a wealthy local woman, where he was made to strip naked and taken through an initiation ceremony.
One of the most controversial things about this project is that Mrs. Farnsworth stay no more than a week in the house and clasified the work as inhabitable and actually demand the architect.
One, titled The Beast of the Black Bog Tarn, was set in a ( miniature ) haunted house.
One explanation is that the Quarto may have been cut in the printing house to meet a fixed number of pages.
The One causes things to exist by donating unity, and the particular manner in which a thing is one is its form ( a dog and a house are one in different manners, for example ).
Lockheed Martin and the University of Southern California ( USC ) reached an agreement to house the D-Wave One Adiabatic Quantum Computer at the newly formed USC Lockheed Martin Quantum Computing Center, part of USC's Information Sciences Institute campus in Marina del Rey.
One was called " a charnel house boiling wholesale in vaseline " by an early 20th century visitor.
One reason that the slot machine is so profitable to a casino is that the player must play the high house edge and high payout wagers along with the low house edge and low payout wagers.
" One tool does it all " is a motto of some importance for workers who cannot practically carry every specialized tool to the location of every work task ; such as a carpenter who does not necessarily work in a shop all day and needs to do jobs in a customer's house.
One day, as Paul Westerberg, a janitor in U. S. Senator's David Durenberger's office, was walking home from work, he heard a band playing in the Stinson's house.
One type of institution for the mentally ill is a community-based halfway house.
One evening in the autumn of 1531, Anne was dining at a manor house on the river Thames and was almost seized by a crowd of angry women.
One Scottish writer described his Highland countrymen this way: They greatly excel the Lowlanders in all the exercises that require agility ; they are incredibly abstemious, and patient of hunger and fatigue ; so steeled against the weather, that in traveling, even when the ground is covered with snow, they never look for a house, or any other shelter but their plaid, in which they wrap themselves up, and go to sleep under the cope of heaven.
Since 1974, and separated from auspices of the Naval Observatory, Number One Observatory Circle, a house situated in the grounds of the observatory ( formerly the residence of its superintendent, and later the home of the Chief of Naval Operations ), has been the official residence of the Vice President of the United States.

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