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Page "learned" ¶ 530
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

One and cannot
One cannot speak anymore of being, one must speak only of the mess.
One cannot read the records of scientists, officials and travelers who have penetrated to the minds of the most savage races without realizing that each individual met with is a person.
One cannot but wonder whether these doubts about the success of Khrushchev's agricultural policy have not at least something to do with one of the big surprises provided by this Congress -- the obsessive harping on the crimes and misdeeds of the `` anti-party group '' -- Molotov, Malenkov, Kaganovich and others -- including the eighty-year-old Marshal Voroshilov.
One cannot help wondering whether Molotov and the rest of the `` anti-party group '' are not being used as China's whipping-boys by Khrushchev and his faithful followers.
One cannot make a very satisfactory guess about the micrometeorite flux in space.
One of the greatest Homerists of our time, Frederick M. Combellack, argues that when it is assumed The Iliad and The Odyssey are oral poems, the postulated single redactor called Homer cannot be either credited with or denied originality in choice of phrasing.
One has to talk confidentially with some of the directors of vocational high schools to realize that a boy cannot just say, `` I want to be a plumber '', and then, by doing good work, find a job.
One cannot possibly understand the teaching of the saints unless one has a pure mind and is trying to imitate their life.
Many examples are familiar in everyday speech even today, " One cannot be a judge in one's own cause " ( see Dr. Bonham's Case ), rights are reciprocal to obligations, and the like.
( One cannot critique promoting Western values if one believes that said values are absolutely correct.
One common approach is to treat clitics as words that are prosodically deficient: they cannot appear without a host, and they can only form an accentual unit in combination with their host.
One of the roles of computational complexity theory is to determine the practical limits on what computers can and cannot do.
One cannot speak of the location of any particle such as a photon between the time it is emitted and the time it is detected simply because in order to say that something is located somewhere at a certain time one has to detect it.
" One cannot substitute words referring to pleasure, needs or anything else in place of " good.
One of its disadvantages is that it cannot determine a planet's true mass, but can only set a lower limit on that mass.
One of the cardinal principles of his method was the recognition that any given symptom may appear in virtually any one of these disorders ; e. g., there is almost no single symptom occurring in dementia praecox which cannot sometimes be found in manic-depression.
In " The Meaning of Relativity ," Einstein wrote, " One can give good reasons why reality cannot at all be represented by a continuous field.
One term begins every two years, on February 1 of even-numbered years, and members serving a full term cannot be renominated for a second term.
One is that conventional astronomers, studying stars, planets, and galaxies, might serendipitously observe some phenomenon that cannot be explained without positing an intelligent civilization as the source.
One of the most common is that some claims made by a fundamentalist group cannot be proven, and are irrational, demonstrably false, or contrary to scientific evidence.
One downside, however, is that complexes may not separate cleanly or predictably, since they cannot move through the polyacrylamide gel as quickly as individual, denatured proteins.
One cannot say of someone now deceased that he " has eaten " or " has been eating "; the present auxiliary implies that he is in some way present ( alive ), even if the action denoted is completed ( perfect ) or partially completed ( progressive perfect ).
One cannot overstate its centrality in all chemistry, especially because of its necessary targeting in organic synthesis, and its roles in enzyme catalysis and inhibition, and in the formation of biological structures, both via its hydrogen bonding capability.
One cannot grow rice plants by seeding with household rice.

One and assume
One can assume that some of the brightest boys are out of town.
One way to explain much of the confusion concerning Ammonius is to assume that there were two people called Ammonius: Ammonius Saccas who taught Plotinus, and an Ammonius the Christian who wrote biblical texts.
One could assume the new term was coined and adopted by Athenian democrats.
One must also assume something about the domains of the functions involved before the equation is fully defined.
One way to reconcile the two theories is to assume the existence of a luminiferous aether through which the light propagates.
One further simplifying approximation is to assume that the flow is irrotational, i. e. that the flow does not rotate around itself.
It is naturally impossible in most cases to make sure that some important factor has not been omitted [...] One must not assume that the oracle is omniscient.
Thus Zeno can be interpreted as saying that to assume there is plurality is even more absurd than assuming there is only " the One ".
One can therefore assume that Bayreuth was awarded its town charter between 1200 and 1230.
One can only assume that the island of Madagascar played an important role in trade, particularly that of spice trade ( especially the cinnamon ) and timber between Southeast Asia and Middle East, directly or through the African coast and Madagascar.
One can only assume that it was used while the Maildir format was under development.
( One can only assume that this was done in the first place to make the jeans less expensive, because less indigo is needed to dye the fabric.
One might assume that Wulfstan, given his political eminence, headed the Northumbrian party which elected Eirik.
One of the most widespread is the belief that any law of nature should be the same at all times ; and scientific investigations generally assume that laws of nature are the same regardless of the person measuring them.
One might assume that she turned into a horse because her father was a centaur, and because she had long, auburn hair.
( One must assume that many of the 24 students enrolled in the Bigelow school resided on farms outside of the village.
One of the men suggested that the puny, seventeen year-old volunteer should assume command and order a withdrawal from the field ; but although Lamarck accepted command, he insisted they remain where they had been posted until relieved.
One possible explanation, given by Richard Gregory, states that the Müller-Lyer illusion occurs because the visual system processes that judge depth and distance assume in general that the " angles in " configuration corresponds to an object which is closer, and the " angles out " configuration corresponds to an object which is far away.
" One might assume, in the face of such a visual display, that the Nice is a mediocre group that compensates for musical failings with a pop-rock version of the theater of violence.
One could reasonably assume a carbocation to have sp < sup > 3 </ sup > hybridization with an empty sp < sup > 3 </ sup > orbital giving positive charge.
One approach to simplification is to assume that the data of interest lie on an embedded non-linear manifold within the higher-dimensional space.
One could assume that this training resulted in her behavior when the little boy fell into her enclosure.
One can sort reader-response theorists into three groups: those who focus upon the individual reader's experience (" individualists "); those who conduct psychological experiments on a defined set of readers (" experimenters "); and those who assume a fairly uniform response by all readers (" uniformists ").
Jack is unable to stop Air Force One from being shot out of the sky with a stolen Stealth Fighter jet, leading Vice President Charles Logan to assume office.

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